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News: all updates for our software and apps (Newsletter)


[CLZ News] Our new CLZ Scanner app is live!

February 27th, 2023

This is the Feb 2023 edition of the CLZ Newsletter, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.

This month, we were finally able to complete a project that a large part of the CLZ team had been working on for several months:
Our completely new, build from scratch, CLZ Scanner barcode scanner app!
The app itself is now available in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store and support for the CLZ Scanner app is already live in the Connect web-based software.

Sadly though, last week’s email to all Connect subscribers, happily announcing the CLZ Scanner, with instructions for “getting started”, has been the most misunderstood email I have written in many years…
That is, judging from the responses I have received. I have seen confusion, I have seen frustration, I have seen complaints, I have seen anger… one guy even threatened me of reporting my company to TrustPilot for being “harsh on seniors and people with medical issues”…
All that because we made a new and better barcode scanner app to replace CLZ Barry 🙁

I am still not entirely sure where I went wrong, but I will try to explain CLZ Scanner better in this newsletter and in future CLZ Scanner reminder emails. In any case, my apologies for all the confusion and frustration I caused!

In other news: CLZ is now on Instagram! I hired a 5-man full-time social media team to manage this new social channel, so here we go!
Just kidding of course, this is just a nice side-project for our comic content guys Taco and Justin 🙂 Let’s see where they takes us!

  • New in Feb 2023::
    • Our new “CLZ Scanner” app is live!
    • CLZ Comics is now on Instagram!
  • What’s cooking?
    • More slab-related fields for all comic products
    • Translations for the Connect web-based software
    • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
    • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the first 2023 CLZ Newsletter.
Remember that in last month’s newsletter I had no releases to report on, because of the quiet December month? Well, we’re back on track, with 6 big releases in January. Two for the Collector desktop software, 2 for the Connect web-based software and 2 for the CLZ mobile apps!

And we have some interesting projects going on that will result in even bigger releases soon (check under What’s cooking below):

  • Released in Jan 2023:
    • Book Collector 23.0 / CLZ Books 8.0 / Book Connect: 7 new data fields!
    • Comic Collector 23.3: Improved Pull List and new “Discover” mode!
    • CLZ Comics 8.2 / Comic Connnect: New report after Updating Key Info
  • What’s cooking?
    • More slab-related fields for all comic products
    • New “CLZ Scanner” app, to replace CLZ Barry
    • Translations for the Connect web-based software
    • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
    • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts

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[CLZ News] What’s coming up in 2023?

December 30th, 2022

It’s Dec 30, so this is CLZ Alwin with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2022. But first: A happy 2023 from the entire CLZ Team: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Justin, Taco, Sytske and me, Alwin!

December has been a quiet month, with no releases at all! Most of the CLZ team has been taking vacation days this month (just 5 of us working today 🙂 ). On top of that, our focus has been on several BIG projects that should result in releases early 2023.

So this is the perfect opportunity to make this newsletter into a “What’s coming in 2023” overview:

  • New “CLZ Scanner” app, to replace CLZ Barry
  • Translations for the Connect web-based software
  • Big updates for all book products with new fields
  • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
  • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts
  • More slab fields for comic products

And much more of course, the above is just what’s at the top of our list now.

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This is Alwin, with the CLZ News for November 2022.
After months of working on comic related updates only (for our CovrPrice partnership), the CLZ team has finally been freed up to work on our other products again, phew!!
Which instantly resulted in two big 23.0 updates for the Windows editions of Movie and Game Collector (and in the meantime, both have already been updated to v23.1 too!).

Of course, the work on our comic tools has not stopped, with important updates for Comic Collector, Comic Connect and CLZ Comics.

All releases this month:

  • Movie Collector 23.0: Report screen after Update IMDb Ratings
  • Game Collector 23.0: New: Updated Values report and more value data from PriceCharting
  • Movie / Game Collector 23.1.1: trailer videos now appear as clickable thumbnails
  • Game / Comic Connect: Improved “Update Values” Report
  • Comic Collector 23.2: Re-Link Core Variant
  • CLZ Comics 8.1.3: Improved Update Values report screen
  • What’s cooking: new “CLZ Scanner” app / translations for Connect

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CLZ Alwin, with a summary of CLZ’s busiest month ever, Oct 2022!
The month started with the CLZ team going to Paris to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. Then when back in Amsterdam, instantly rolling into our biggest launch ever: the integration of comic values from CovrPrice into our comic apps and software.
And then finally, dealing with all the questions about it, fixing some issues (pun intended) and releasing the first improvements based on your suggestions!

But I am happy to report that the launch was a huge success, with thousands of users signing up for CovrPrice and linking their CP and CLZ accounts! Users love seeing the values for their comics and getting an idea of the total value of their collection.

We will of course keep improving the CovrPrice features, but we can now finally free up part of the team for other, non-comic projects. We’ve got some cool stuff coming up!

The topics today:

  • The CLZ team in Paris, check out the pics!
  • Now live: Get comic values from CovrPrice in your CLZ app or software
  • Two improvements for the CovrPrice integration
  • Fixed: barcode scanning on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Coming up: CLZ Scanner app to replace CLZ Barry

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20th or 22nd anniversary: Team CLZ in Paris

October 4th, 2022

As promised some photos of our 20th anniversary trip to Paris that we took on the 22nd anniversary because of reasons 🙂

We did a lot of walking, eating, drinking, and generally having loads of FUN!

Day 1: Travel, 2CV tour, walking around and a big river boat dinner

We got up real early and grabbed a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris:

In Paris we met up with our tour guide and we drove around the city in old Citroën Deux Chevaux cars, after which we had lunch and walked about the city a bit.

We see you Eiffel tower! We will be visiting you soon too!

Did you know they love collecting in Paris too?

After that, we enjoyed some free time on our own, and finished the day with dinner on a big river cruise boat, right under the Eiffel tower.

Day 2: Guided tour of the city, Eiffel Tower, Tuk-Tuk and Buddha Bar

After a great breakfast of croissants and pastries, we walked around the city on a guided tour with lots of interesting tidbits of information about the history of Paris.

And of course an LCS (“Local” comicbook store) had to be visited!

We then stopped briefly for a great lunch, with a glass of wine. Or two glasses. Salmon and mashed sweet potatoes:

Then, we headed over to the Eiffel tower to visit… all the way to the top!

Lots of influencing going on here.

Under the Eiffel tower

And now, to the top! It takes 2 elevator rides to get all the way to the top and the view is amazing!

They even serve beer half way up the Eiffel tower:

After that we “tuk-tukked” our way back to the hotel. A great (and FUN) way to sneak right through traffic and get somewhere quickly during Paris’ constant rush hour

Catching up and having a couple of pre-dinner drinks at the hotel before leaving for the evening program:

That night, we enjoyed amazing dinner and drinks in the Buddha Bar, they even themed the menu to our CLZ 20 Years logo!

Day 3: Walks, “Canard & Champagne”, influencing and more!

Near our hotel is where our walk started, going past these zebra columns, a place much coveted by influencers:

Here’s Rowdy, listening to our tour guide (who is not in the picture)

And here’s Rowdy, listening to our tour guide (who is in the picture)

And here’s Rowdy, the influenced becomes the influencer:

One of Paris’ oldest book stores:

We then had lunch at “Canard & Champagne” where they serve… canard (duck), and champagne!

Started with an egg:

And the very tasty duck and delicious champagne followed:

Martin followed lunch up with some influencing:

Some macarons were bought somewhere in LaFayette shopping mall:

And finally, just before leaving Paris to train back to Amsterdam, Stijn played the piano a bit at Gare du Nord train station:

This is CLZ Alwin, trying to write this newsletter in the midst of all the pre-launch chaos at the office. There’s only 5 days to go until the biggest launch in CLZ history: The partnership with CovrPrice, for integration of comic values into our comics apps and software. Going live on October 4! Read the latest news below.

But before launch, we are going to to celebrate our 22nd anniversary, in Paris!

The topics today:

  • CLZ team going to Paris to celebrate our 22nd anniversary!
  • Coming up on Oct 4: CovrPrice values integrated in comic software and apps

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It’s August 31, so I know you saw this coming: the August 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. A bit of a quiet month, with many CLZ team members enjoying their well-deserved vacations. But still, a nice set of releases, strangely enough all about our comic database apps and software.
Also, in today’s newsletter, the latest news about our upcoming partnership with CovrPrice (ETA late September!).

The topics today:

  • CLZ Comics 7.10 / Comic Connect: Re-Link Core Variant / Improved Card View
  • CLZ Comics 7.11: Configurable Update from Core
  • The latest news about the CLZ / CovrPrice partnership

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CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for July 2022.

A large part of the CLZ team is currently preparing for the upcoming collaboration with CovrPrice for comic values. The developers are working on the apps, the software and our server side code, while the content managers are getting our Core for comics fully linked up with the CovrPrice database. We are planning to do a more detailed update on this project soon.

Still, with all that going on, we have been able to do quite a few other projects, mainly for the mobile and web-based software. These are our July 2022 releases:

  • For the CLZ mobile apps:
    • CLZ Games 7.5: More value data from PriceCharting
    • CLZ Comics v7.9: Filter your Series list by Completed status
    • Coming up, CLZ Comics 7.10: ReLink Core Variant / Improved Card View
  • For the Connect web-based software:
    • New collection view “Vertical Cards”
    • Game Connect: More value data from PriceCharting
    • Comic Connect: Bigger cover images in Add Comics screen
    • Comic Connect: Improved Pull List and new “Discover” mode!

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Last day of June, so here’s my June 2022 edition of the CLZ News.
This month, big news about our new collaboration with CovrPrice.com for comic values. Also, the first of many Connect updates and finally, 2 big updates for the CLZ mobile apps for movies and comics.

These are the topics for today:

  • CLZ is going to work with CovrPrice for comic values! ETA: Sept 2022
  • CLZ Comics v7.8: Improved Pull List and new “Discover” mode!
  • CLZ Movies v7.5: New report screen after Updating IMDb Ratings/Votes
  • Connect: Lots of new features and tweaks in one go!
  • Coming up for the Connect web-based software

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CLZ Alwin here, with the May 2022 edition of the CLZ News.
This month, more updates for the mobile apps (as always) and 5 big maintenance builds for the Windows software. I know it has been a bit quiet on the Connect end, but that is caused by the big translation project we are doing there. We will be swinging back to big feature updates for Connect soon!

The releases for May 2022:

  • CLZ mobile apps: new Card View in main screen (and more)
  • CLZ Comics: List View is back in the Add Comics screen
  • 5 maintenance builds for all 5 Collector programs for Windows

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This is CLZ Alwin, bringing you the CLZ News for April 2022!

Strangely enough, only ONE new release this month (CLZ Comics 7.6). Well, not that strange really, as part of the team is working on big back-end projects and the rest on upcoming May releases.

So today’s newsletter is all about “What’s Cooking at the CLZ HQ?”:

  • Now live:
    • CLZ Comics 7.6: Bigger cover images in Add Comics screen
  • What’s Cooking?
    • A new partner for comic values!
    • New “Card View” for all CLZ mobile apps
    • Faster searches with our new search engine servers
    • Multiple languages for the Connect web-based software!

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It is the last day of March, so just in time for the March 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
We are really enjoying being back at the CLZ HQ, three of us full-time, the rest of the team for 2 days a week. It is so nice to be able to have live brainstorm sessions again, about new functionality, user interface designs, etc… Video meetings are okay, but nothing beats live face to face sessions!

And the extra efficiency is already showing, because we are cranking out good updates like never before; 5 updates for the Collector desktop programs (v22 live now!), 5 for the Connect web-based software (Pre-fill updates), and 2 x 5 updates for the CLZ mobile apps!

The topics today:

  • All v22 for Windows updates are now live: Configurable Pre-fill and more!
  • Also live for Connect: the new Configurable Pre-fill screen.
  • All CLZ mobile apps: Progress Bars and Cancel buttons!
  • All CLZ mobile apps: Support for Back Cover images
  • Sneak Preview for CLZ Comics: bigger images in Add Comics screen

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the Feb 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. And I am writing this one from the CLZ HQ, not from home! Yes, the improving covid situation in the Netherlands means we are back at the office!

The return to our HQ did not exactly go as planned though… On Monday Feb 21, we arrived at the office to find part of the ceiling had collapsed. The storms over Amsterdam had dislodged some of the roof tiles, causing lots of rainwater on top of the ceiling.
The result, one dead Mac (an old one, phew), 2 dead keyboards, 2 dead magic mice, and some DVDs with water damage. Luckily our main computers were safe and dry.

More pictures of the mess can be found on our blog here. In the meantime, the roof tiles have been fixed. We still have a hole in the ceiling though.

But, even with the bad start, it is great to be back at the office! For now, Sytske, AJ and I are here full-time. The rest of the team is joining us at the office 2 or 3 days each week, working from home on the other days.

As for our projects, it’s been all about the user-configurable Pre-fill screens the past 2 months. But with that feature now being released for all products, we’re getting ready to move on to other cool stuff.

The topics today:

  • Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields!
  • Music Collector 22: Configurable Pre-fill & Update from Core + WebP support
  • CLZ Comics 7.3: Mark Multiple Series as Completed in one go!
  • All CLZ apps: Sort by Date Added, Date Modified
  • Coming up for the CLZ mobile apps: Progress Bars and Back Covers!

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CLZ Alwin here, with the Jan 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. This month, more huge updates for our comic cataloging tools and finally, the first update is live with the user configurable Pre-fill screen (CLZ Books)!. Plus, in other news, a nice surprise from our loyal customer M. Night Shyamalan!

The topics today:

  • Coolness: M. Night Shyamalan mentions CLZ Movies in an interview!
  • For all comic tools: Minor/Major Key distinction + Key Categories
  • CLZ Books: Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields!

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It’s the last day of the year, so this is CLZ Alwin with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2021. But first: A happy, healthy and safe 2022 from the entire CLZ Team: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, Joel, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Sytske and me, Alwin!
Let’s hope that in 2022, we will finally get rid of this Covid tragedy!

Today’s newsletter topics:

It has been a bit of a slow month, with few releases. Most of the team has been taking their well deserved days off from work this month. But… in January we will be ramping up immediately, with big releases coming up, see the news below:

  • CLZ Books / CLZ Movies / CLZ Games 7.0 : New features and lots of improvements
  • Coming up for ALL products: User-configurable Pre-fill screens
  • Coming up for comics: Minor/Major Key distinction + Key Categories

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CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for November 2021.
Syts and I are currently dealing with the busiest week of the year: the Black Friday craziness. Processing over 200 support tickets everyday, and answering lots of questions in our Facebook groups. Providing renewal advice, correcting wrong purchases, helping with problems, etc…

So let’s start with a quick reminder of the CLZ Black Friday Sale 2021:

CLZ BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 33% discount on all subscriptions

The deal is very simple: 33% discount on the “Pay Yearly” options for everything CLZ, so for the Collector desktop programs, the Connect web-based software and the CLZ mobile apps.

To take advantage: »» LOGIN to the BLACK FRIDAY page here ««

This Black Friday sale will end on Cyber Monday, November 29, 23:59 EST, so only 3 days left!

Today’s newsletter topics:

As you know, the entire CLZ team has been working on a comic related project in the last few months. Which has resulted in 3 major releases for our comic cataloging tools this month, the main attraction being automatic key comic info from Core (first appearances, cameo appearances, major event, iconic covers, etc..).

In the meantime, the team has already moved on to give our other products some well deserved attention. First, big v7 releases for the other 4 CLZ mobile apps, v22 releases for the other 4 Windows programs and… many updates for the Connect web-based software.

These are the November 2021 releases:

  • Huge updates for all comic cataloging tools (CLZ Comics, Comic Connect and Comic Collector), with automatic key comic info from Core, many new fields, etc..
  • CLZ Music 7.0 : New features and lots of improvements
  • Connect: new Progress Bars for all “slower” actions
  • Connect: new Add from Core settings: select which fields to download from Core

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It’s Halloween! So it must be time for the Oct 2021 edition of the CLZ Newsletter!
October was a quiet month in terms of releases. But the CLZ team has not been sitting still, on the contrary:

At the moment, the entire team is working together on ONE big project, including all developers and all content managers. This is a rare opportunity, but we always enjoy working this way, as it is both fun and efficient.

This time, the big shared project is all about comics and it will result in BIG updates for all flavors of our comic cataloging tools: CLZ Comics 7.0, Comic Collector 22.0 and of course a big update for Comic Connect too (web developers are too cool for version numbers).
Read on for a sneak preview of the new features and improvements.

The topics today:

  • 5 updates for Windows with an improved Submit to Core system
  • 5 CLZ updates for Android to fully support system font sizes
  • Sneak Preview: huge updates for all comic cataloging tools

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The big project we are all working on now: lots of new features, new fields and improvements for our comic cataloging tools. Of course all based on your feedback!

Here’s what will be new:

  • NEW: Automatic key comic information from Core!
    When adding/updating comics from Core, it will now automatically fill in your “Is Key” and “Key Reason” fields. First appearances, deaths, cameo appearances, etc…
    BTW: don’t worry, we won’t go the “speculation route”, like the other app “that should not be named”, you know the one 🙂

  • Many new fields:
    Is Completed for series, a new Collection Status called “Sold”, Date Sold, Price Sold, Last Bag/Board Date and Slab Certification Number.

  • CLZ Comics: Improved List View entries, showing more info
    List entries will now include the Quantity (when <> 1), an Is Key icon and a Slabbed icon. Collection Status is now shown using a colored band on the right. You can now opt to show Cover Dates instead of Release Dates.
    Also, in Series List your completed series are hi-lited with a colored band on the right.

  • Add Comics screen
    New setting to “Hide Variants” when searching by Series.
    CLZ Comics only:

    • when scanning barcodes, different beeps for found vs not found.
    • tap thumbnail for bigger image

  • Improved “Missing Comics” tool
    New setting for showing/hiding “On Order” comics. When shown, hi-lited with a star (*). New setting for showing/hidding “Unreleased comics”.

  • CLZ Comics: now also use camera barcode scanner to …
    • search your own collection
    • fill in the Barcode field in the Edit Comic screen

ETA: within 3 weeks!

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No more automatic comic values from GoCollect

October 29th, 2021

This is CLZ Alwin and I am afraid I have some bad news for all users of our comic cataloging tools today:

Our agreement with GoCollect has ended, so in today’s updates all GoCollect-related features have been removed:

  • CLZ Comics 6.9 for iOS and Android (now live)
  • Comic Connect (changes now live)
  • Comic Collector 21.7 (coming up next week)

Which means no more automatic comic values when you add comics and no more daily updates for values.

We fully understand this is a shock and a disappointment for you all. Trust me, we are very disappointed too, maybe even more so than you are.
In any case, we sincerely apologize for this sudden loss of functionality.

But first, let me give you some more background on what happened:

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CLZ Alwin here, with your Sept 2021 newsletter.
In September, we continued the stream of updates and releases that we started last month, with 2 big updates for all Windows releases, 2 big updates for all CLZ mobile apps, and several new features and tweaks for the Connect web-based software.

These are all September releases:

  • For all “Collector” Windows programs:
    • v21.4: Bar chart in folder panel background
    • v21.5 for Movie/Comic/Game Collector: website-links now sync to cloud
  • For the “CLZ” mobile apps:
    • Version 6.5, with several new features in one go:
      • Duplicate an item
      • Clear Cloud button in Sync screen
      • “Shake to Shuffle” – select a random item
      • Games/Comics: a new Links tab for adding web-links
      • Music/Movies: choose the currency symbol for displaying prices and values
      • Movies: Set and Sync your own Box Set cover images
    • Version 6.6, Submit to Core (and more):
      • Submit to Core
      • New Select Mode with new Action menu
      • Action menu now also available on details page
  • For the “Connect” web-based software:
    • More fields available in Field Defaults
    • Easier user interface for Columns and Sorting
    • Remove/Restore the automatic Core images for Front and Back
    • Search your own database using CLZ Barry
    • Set Cloud Visibility per Collection

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the August 2021 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
As promised in my “What’s cooking?” edition last month, there have been lots of releases in August, for the mobile apps, for Windows and several small updates for the Connect web-based software.

Here’s an overview of the August releases:

  • For all “Collector” Windows programs:
    • v21.3: New Transfer Field Data tool: copy field values from one field to another
  • For the “CLZ” mobile apps:
    • CLZ Music v6.4: Lots of new database field
    • Coming up for all 5: Duplicate, Clear Cloud and “Shake to Shuffle”
  • For the “Connect” web-based software:
    • Collection Status filter
    • Update from Core
    • Movie Connect: Set Box Set Covers
    • Coming up: more Field Default options, better UI for Columns/Sorting

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[CLZ News] What’s cooking at CLZ?

July 30th, 2021

Here it is, the CLZ Newsletter for July 2021.
Now, this could be a very short newsletter, because we did only ONE release this month: the CLZ Games 6.4 update on July 2 (the one with the new look).
But I won’t let you get away that easily:-) Instead, I am turning today’s newsletter into a big “What’s cooking at CLZ?” overview!

Even though we did no further releases, we have not exactly been sitting on our hands this month. Big projects are underway, some preparing for big releases in August, but also some “behind the scenes” work to improve our online services.

So… here’s what’s cooking:

  • CLZ Music 6.4 for iOS and Android: lots of new fields
    support for all new cloud fields that were introduced recently (Musicians, Credits, Headers in track lists, etc..)
  • For all Windows editions: new “Transfer Field Data” tool
    an advanced tool for batch copying data from from one field to another.
  • Submit to Core site re-write
    a new design and fully mobile ready!
  • Moving to a new server infrastructure
    full scalable, more secure and more cost-effective
  • Better ISBN coverage for some European countries
    implementing new data sources for European ISBNs.

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CLZ Alwin here, with the June 2021 edition of the CLZ newsletter.
The CLZ Team is still working from home, but the end is near. We are hoping to start working at the office again around September 1.
And, as the regulations in the Netherlands have loosened up already, we were finally able to meet up for food and drinks. It was so good to see each other face to face again!

This month, it was all about 3 big projects:

  1. Lots of new fields for the CLZ Cloud for music:
    • Music Connect / CLZ cloud updated with many new fields
    • Music Collector 21.2 for Windows: More fields now sync to CLZ Cloud
    • Coming up: CLZ Music 6.4, with all new fields editable and syncable
  2. New look for all CLZ mobile apps:
    • CLZ Comics 6.6
    • CLZ Books 6.4
    • CLZ Music 6.3
  3. New Link with Core screens for all Windows products:
    • Comic Collector 21.2: New Link Comics with Core screen

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Here’s the CLZ News for May 2021, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.
Yes, I am still at it, after 25 years! That’s right, this month we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Collectorz.com product: Music Collector for Windows!
Read my full “origin story” below 🙂

A large part of the CLZ team is working on big projects that take long to complete. The new Submit to Core system, the big CLZ Cloud / Connect update for music with lots of new fields and all the new Batch Link screens for Windows.
And we have started on a new huge endeavour: big cosmetic updates for all CLZ mobile apps. We have 4 people working on that, mobile developers Pim and Bernard, UI designer and tester AJ and since last week, even web-developer Sven joined the mobile team to bring you great looking new details screens with this updates to the “Clear” templates.

So… all in all… only 2 actual releases this month. More coming up soon!
The newsletter topics today:

  • Music Collector’s 25th anniversary
  • CLZ Movies 6.4: New look for movie list, cover view & movie details
  • Music Collector 21.1 for Windows: New Link with Core screen

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