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[CLZ News] CLZ Comics 5.0 / New fields for Movie Connect/Collector

September 28th, 2019

CLZ Alwin here, with the Sept 2019 CLZ News for you!
Still a lot of comic and game releases going on, with v5 of the CLZ Comics mobile app now live and CLZ Games v5 currently being worked on. But don’t worry, we did not forget the movie, book and music collectors!

In the background, we have been “secretly” working on big updates for the CLZ Cloud and Connect software, adding a lot more fields and Back Cover images! This has already resulted in updates for Movie Connect and Movie Collector this month. Similar updates are coming up for the book and music editions in the upcoming months.

Also coming up, probably even next week: mobile app updates for CLZ Music, CLZ Movies, CLZ Books and CLZ Comics, with several user interface improvements to the Edit screen and Manage Pick Lists screen. The iOS versions will also be updated with some iOS 13 specific tweaks.

Now, let’s go over the September releases:

  • CLZ Comics 5.0: automatic graded comic values and lots more!
  • CLZ Comics 5.0.4: cool new Statistics screen
  • Movie Connect: Many new fields, back covers and Update from Core tool
  • Movie Collector 19.4 for Windows: New HDR field and many more sync fields

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[CLZ News] More big comic and game related updates

August 28th, 2019

Chaotic days here at the CLZ HQ, as we are renovating our office. Broken down some walls, new wooden floor, all walls repainted, and a completely new kitchen! And all that while the work on our projects is continuing. Half of the team working at the office, so that they can help moving stuff around, the other half working from home.

All worth it though, because the result is going to beautiful! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for before, during and after pictures!

Even in the chaos, we’re getting some work done. Some big releases this month, with a lot of nice updates coming up:

  • Comic Collector for macOS: Automatic comic values powered by GoCollect!
  • Game Connect + Game Collector for Windows: Add Games by Platform
  • Coming up: CLZ Comics 5.0 for iOS and Android
  • Coming up: many music, movie and book related releases!

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[CLZ News] CLZ Movies 5.0 + huge updates for comic & game tools!

August 2nd, 2019

This is the CLZ News for July 2019, with several big updates that we have been working on for months, now finally arriving on your computer or mobile device:

  • CLZ Movies 5.0 for iOS and Android
  • Game Connect + Game Collector for Windows: Add Hardware from Core
  • Comic Connect + Comic Collector for Windows: Automatic comic values

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[CLZ News] Version 5.0 for all CLZ mobile apps + Coming up in Core: comic pricing and game hardware!

July 3rd, 2019

This is CLZ Alwin, with the CLZ Newsletter for June 2019.
Sytske and I just returned from a 7-day road trip to the south of France, so this newsletter is arriving in your inbox a few days later than normal. But we’re back at the CLZ HQ now and ready to roll!

These are exciting times, as we have finally started releasing the version 5 updates for the CLZ mobile apps (CLZ Music 5.0 and CLZ Books 5.0 are live, with the other 3 coming up soon!).

Next to that, we are close to the launch of two huge updates to our Core online databases for comics and games, which will enable us to finally release THE most often requested features for our comic and game database solutions. Read on for the big news!

Today’s topics:

  • Version 5.0 for all CLZ mobile apps:
    • Starting with v5, these are subscription apps, at $1.49 / month
    • Now live: CLZ Books 5.0 and CLZ Music 5.0 for Android and iOS
    • Coming up: v5.0 for CLZ Movies, CLZ Games and CLZ Comics
  • Coming up: Get Comic Pricing from Core, powered by GoCollect.com
  • Coming up: Add Hardware from Core & Add Games by Platform

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[CLZ News] More improvements for the Connect cloud-based software

May 31st, 2019

Here’s the CLZ News for May 2019, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.

Judging from Facebook posts and support tickets, some users of the CLZ mobile apps are getting restless, asking us “when is there going to be an update for my CLZ app again?!?”… and understandably so. After all, the last updates were in December 2018… ouch!

As you know, we have been working on v5 updates for all apps. Which was a huge project by itself, but it has gotten bigger and bigger as we went along. Some parts of the project turned out to be more complex than they seemed at first. Next to that, more features got added to the v5 wish list.
I apologize for the long wait… but the wait will soon be over. We’re almost ready to release the first v5, which will be CLZ MUSIC. ETA within 2 weeks, maybe even next week!

So… with no Windows and Mac releases in May either, this turns out to be a fully cloud-based “Connect Only” newsletter! The topics today:

  • Connect: New Duplicate Finder tool
  • Connect / CLZ Cloud: Resizable columns in List View
  • Connect / CLZ Cloud: More import tools
  • Coming up for Connect and CLZ Cloud: multi-level folders!

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[CLZ News] Find Duplicates, Add Movies from IMDb, etc..

April 30th, 2019

This is CLZ Alwin and here’s my CLZ News for April 2019, with updates about the Windows, Mac and Connect editions.
No mobile app news yet, as the mobile team is still preparing for the huge v5 updates that are coming up. It’s slow going, but the wait will be worth it!

The topics for today:

  • All Windows programs: New Duplicate Finder tool
  • Movie Collector/Connect: Add Movies from IMDb / Official IMDb Cast & Crew lists
  • Movie Collector for macOS / Movie Connect: Digital movie formats
  • More features now available in the free CLZ Cloud viewer!
  • Over 3,500 desktop users have already switched to Connect!

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[CLZ News] March movie madness and other news

March 29th, 2019

CLZ Alwin here, with a particularly “movie heavy” edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
But don’t worry, we also have some interesting comic, game and book related Core projects going on behind the scenes, which will all result in cool updates in the next few months!

The topics for today:

  • All movie tools: 2 formats renamed, new 4K UHD icon, IMDb Cast/Crew
  • Movie Collector v19.1 for Mac: Update your IMDb Ratings / Votes in one go
  • Movie Connect: live IMDb Ratings and Votes (so always up-to-date!)
  • Movie Collector 19.1.3 for Windows: Icons for digital movie formats
  • All Windows programs: Three cool tweaks requested by our users
  • New in the CLZ Shop: Pay Monthly by PayPal
  • Reminder: Switch to Connect with my Trade-In offer

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[CLZ News] v19 for macOS / Movie Collector 19.1 for Windows

February 28th, 2019

This is CLZ News, your monthly overview of everything CLZ.
While Team Mobile is still preparing for the upcoming v5 updates, Team Desktop was able to do four huge releases. Read all about those below.
Next to that, it’s been a while, another installment of “CLZ 101”!

The topics for today:

  • v19 for macOS: Multiple collections, auto-sync images and a new Flex template!
  • Movie Collector v19.1 for Windows: Update your IMDb Ratings / Votes in one go
  • CLZ 101: the Manage Pick Lists screen

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[CLZ News] What’s cooking at the CLZ HQ?

January 31st, 2019

CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ News for January 2019.
Most of the CLZ Team is working on long-term, big projects, which meant there were very few releases this month. So let’s go over these releases and then do a “What’s Cooking” overview!

  • Several tweaks and fixes for all five v19’s for Windows
  • Multiple collections in the Connect web-based software
  • What’s Cooking??
    • v19 for macOS
    • v5 for all CLZ mobile apps
    • CLZ Shop update
    • Several “Core” projects

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[CLZ News] 5 x v19 for Windows / Year End Sale for Connect!

December 31st, 2018

This is it, the last CLZ Newsletter for 2018, brought to you by CLZ Alwin.
We have a very busy month behind us, with most of the team members preparing the v19 for Windows releases and dealing with hundreds of customer support questions every day.

Luckily, things have quieted down a bit now and we’re already busy planning some great stuff for 2019!

For now: Happy 2019 from the entire CLZ Team: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Robbert, Stijn, Joel, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Sytske and me, CLZ Alwin!

These are today’s newsletter topics:

  • Version 19 is live for all 5 Windows editions!
  • All mobile apps: Resizable panels in tablet versions
  • 2 days left on our Year End Sale for Connect subscriptions

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[CLZ News] Cloud-sync multiple collections & auto-sync custom images!

November 30th, 2018

This is the CLZ Newsletter for November 2018, by CLZ Alwin.

Currently, most of the CLZ team is preparing for the upcoming v19 desktop releases and the related Cloud, Connect and mobile changes.
So for today’s newsletter, I’d like to focus on the new v19 features and specifically, the two CLZ Cloud Sync improvements that will be a big step forward for all our software editions, including the mobile and Connect apps.

  • Coming up soon!
    • Version 19 for Windows and macOS
    • Cloud-syncing of multiple collections
    • Automatic Cloud-syncing of your own “custom” cover images
  • CLZ mobile apps:
    • New app icons!
    • Don’t own the CLZ mobile app(s) yet? Get them today!
  • “Connect” web-based software:
    • New: Next/Previous buttons in the Edit screens
    • New: quick search box in the Folder Panel
    • Folders: more options and now grouped into categories

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[CLZ News] Good progress on v19 for Win/Mac / 3 new Connect features

October 31st, 2018

This is CLZ Alwin, with a summary of all Oct 2018 news.

But first, thank you all for all the birthday wishes and for the amazing CLZ Stories that we received from you all (over 250!). My wife Sytske and I (and the rest of the team) really enjoyed reading them. The 50 winners of the CLZ Merch Pack should have received their package by now, congrats to you!

Read all the CLZ Stories at the Trustpilot site here.
Wanna send me your own CLZ Story? Send it through the CLZ Help Center here.

All of today’s topics:

  • “Collector” downloadable desktop software:
    • Comic Collector for macOS: Updated “Add Comics from CLZ Core” screen
    • Good progress on the upcoming v19 versions, for Windows & macOS
  • “Connect” web-based software:
    • Customize your software with four Skin choices!
    • Comic Connect: New for the Add Comics screen: Pull List
    • Movie Connect: Add Box Sets as a single database entry
    • Other Connect enhancements (folders / alphabet bars)
    • Reminder: Switch from Collector to Connect, with our trade-in offer!
  • “CLZ” mobile apps:
    • Coming up for CLZ Movies: Add Box Sets as a single database entry
    • Coming up for all CLZ mobile apps: new app icons!
    • Don’t own the CLZ mobile app(s) yet? Get them today!

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[CLZ News] PC/Mac edition updates + first news about v19!

September 26th, 2018

CLZ Alwin here, with a September Newsletter filled with updates about our “Collector” desktop editions for Windows and macOS, including the first news about the upcoming version 19!

All of today’s topics:

  • Book/Music Collector for macOS: Improved Add from Core screens
  • All Windows editions: Improved stability + better Find Cover tool
  • All Windows/Mac editions: Version 19 is coming soon!
  • CLZ apps for Android: Easier to find Folder and Sort options
  • FIVE (!!) extra CLZ servers = no more daily backup slowness!
  • Connect: new customization settings, Dark/Light Skin selection coming up
  • Reminder: Switch from Collector to Connect, or vice versa, with our trade-in offer

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[CLZ News] Lots of action, on mobile, web and desktop

August 29th, 2018

An action-packed CLZ Newsletter again, for this August 2018. Nice progress in all 3 flavours of cataloging tools: mobile, web and desktop.
The topics today:

  • All music tools: More fields now sync to/from CLZ Cloud
    (and are now editable in CLZ Music and Music Connect)!
  • Movie Collector for macOS: Box-sets, improved Add screen, Movies vs TV Series
  • Book Collector/Connect/CLZ Books: Success rate for ISBN searches now 97%! (was 90%)
  • CLZ apps for iOS: Easier to find Folder and Sort options
  • All Connect editions: Image and Card Views now sharper, smoother, faster
  • Collector or Connect? Desktop or Web-based?
    Let me help you choose. Wanna switch? Check my trade-in offer!

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[CLZ News] Movie box sets, security and lots of Connect updates!

July 31st, 2018

July was the hottest month ever here in Amsterdam, and the heat wave is continuing this week. Despite the heat, and vacations for several people, the CLZ team is still getting some work done. Here’s this month’s results:

  • CLZ Movies 4.12 : Automatically add multi-movie box-sets
  • Secure HTTPS connections, for your security and privacy
  • Updates to the Connect web-based editions:
    • Details panel now integrated in main collection view!
    • Improved Cover View and Card View
    • Movie/Comic Connect: search box now searches more fields
    • Add Movies using the new Most Popular and New Releases tabs

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[CLZ News] More fields added to Connect, Cloud Sync and CLZ mobile apps

June 29th, 2018

This June 2018 newsletter is all about the extra fields that we added to the movie, comic and music editions of Connect, the CLZ Cloud syncing and the CLZ mobile apps, all based on your requests and suggestions in the past few years.

But first, a quick reminder of this week’s CLZ Summer Sale (3 days left!):

CLZ Summer Sale: Pre-pay for 1 year and get 6 extra months free!

This week only, for all Update Plans and Connect subscriptions:
Pre-pay for 1 year and get 6 extra months free!

LOGIN to the Summer Sale page here

More fields for Cloud, Connect and CLZ mobile apps

For many years, the CLZ Cloud has been at the center of all our cataloging solutions. Starting out basic, with most of the details shared from our Core, but through time enhanced with more and more cloud fields, so that you can sync your own data between desktop, mobile and Connect.

Adding new fields to the CLZ Cloud is a *lot* of work, as it requires changes to the cloud storage itself, to the Connect web-apps and to the syncing system. Then when that’s done, all desktop programs and mobile apps need to updated to support the new sync fields. Quite a project, involving *all* CLZ developers.

To make this as efficient as possible, we usually bundle the field additions, doing all requested fields in one go. Last year, the CLZ Clouds for books and games have received a big upgrade with extra fields, plus we added track list syncing to the music cloud.

Now it is time to add a lot of fields to the movie, comic and music editions:

New fields for movie cloud:

  • Is TV Series (yes/no)
  • Release Date
  • Runtime
  • Audience Rating
  • Region
  • Studio
  • Distributor
  • IMDb Number
  • IMDb Rating
  • Box Set

All of the above fields are now fully editable in Movie Connect, fully editable in CLZ Movies and now sync your own data between Movie Collector, CLZ Movies and Movie Connect. Of course this requires the latest versions of Movie Collector and CLZ Movies.

New fields for comic cloud:

  • Edition
  • Crossover
  • Story Arc
  • Imprint
  • Age
  • Cover Price
  • Cover Date

All of the above fields are now fully editable in Comic Connect, fully editable in CLZ Comics and now sync your own data between Comic Collector, CLZ Comics and Comic Connect. Of course this requires the latest versions of Comic Collector and CLZ Comics.

New fields for music cloud:

  • Original Release Date
  • Packaging
  • Media Condition
  • Vinyl Color
  • Vinyl Weight
  • RPM
  • Disc Titles
  • Composer Sort Names

All of the above fields are now fully editable in Music Connect.
Updates to support the new fields are coming up for all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android editions, within 4 weeks.

New in Connect: selection checkboxes and action bar

A cool user interface update for the Connect software, in which we makes it easier to select items and easier to perform batch actions on the selected items.

Select using checkboxes

To select items, just click the checkboxes on the left of each entry in the list. Checkboxes are also available in Card View and Images View, just hover your mouse over an item.

No more need to go into “Select Mode” first. The Select Mode is automatically activated as soon as you checkbox the first movie, clearly indicated by the blue Batch Action Bar that replace the regular toolbar.

Batch Action Bar

While in Select Mode, the blue Batch Action Bar appears, always showing you the number of selected entries. Also:

  • Use the “Select all” checkbox to select all entries in the current list in one go
  • Use the “x Cancel” button on the right to leave Select Mode
  • And of course, use any of the action buttons (Edit, Delete, Print, Export, Duplicate and Loan) to perform an action on the selected items

New in Movie Connect: Automatically add multi-movie box-sets

Yes, this time-saving tool finally made it to the Connect edition!

See it in action:

Just use the enhanced Add Movies screen to find a box set, either by title or by barcode, and our Core immediately shows which movies are in the box. Click Add to Collection at the bottom right and all contained movies will be added to your database, automatically linked by a box set entry.



[CLZ News] Over 30 updates in one month!

May 31st, 2018

We’re picking up steam! We have released over 30 updates this month, for the Connect editions, for Windows, for macOS, for iOS and for Android. Let me (CLZ Alwin) give you an overview of all releases in this May 2018 newsletter.

Our software updates in May 2018:

  • for Connect:
    • Loan Management features
    • Comic Connect: more editable fields
    • Movie Connect: more editable fields
    • More import tools
  • for Windows:
    • Full support for High DPI screens
    • New Selection Checkboxes and Action Bars
  • for macOS:
    • Secure HTTPS connections, for your security and privacy
    • Comic Collector: sync more fields
  • for iOS and Android:
    • Bigger Add button + now remembers Collection/WishList selection

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Collectorz.com and GDPR: changes for your privacy and security

May 21st, 2018

This Friday, May 25, the new GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect. The new law regulates how companies must deal with personal information of individuals.

At Collectorz.com we have been working hard to improve our software and services, to make them more secure, to better protect your privacy and to be fully GDPR compliant.

These are the most important changes we have implemented in the past few months:

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[CLZ News] Never a dull moment

April 30th, 2018

It’s the last day of April, so this is the April 2018 CLZ Newsletter.

Never a dull moment at the CLZ HQ. This month a large part of the CLZ team has been working on big projects that bring NO new features or improvements whatsoever. Instead these projects just serve to keep our software and services compatible with the ever changing world around it:

  • First, there was Apple suddenly forcing us to create 64-bit versions of our macOS editions.
  • Then, a lot of work went into the Windows updates that were necessary to fully support the High DPI screens that are very common nowadays.
  • And finally, like most companies, we are implementing several privacy and security related changes, to be able to comply with the upcoming new GDPR law.

Not exactly what we would like to be doing, but hey, this is what the Update Plans are for: your guarantee that we deal with everything the world throws at us 🙂

Our software updates in April 2018:

  • V18.1 for macOS: 64-bit versions!
  • Music Collector 18.1 for Windows:

    Full support for High DPI screens / Several tweaks for Add Albums screen
  • All iOS apps: New sorting options
  • Connect : Add screens are now pop-up screens and remember barcode queues.
  • Coming up: more Cloud/Connect/Sync fields for comics and movies!

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[CLZ News] And Then There Were Twelve

March 30th, 2018

CLZ Alwin here, with your March 2018 CLZ News.
Let’s start with the biggest news: we hired two new web-developers: Joel and Stijn!

Which has increased the size of the CLZ Team to 12 people! Me (Alwin) running the place, my wife Sytske on Support, AJ doing Support, UI design and testing, Martin and Rowdy on Core, Ronald on Mac, Joe on Windows, Pim on iOS/Android and finally, Robbert, Sven, Joel and Stijn on Connect.

With 4 guys working on Connect, you can expect lots of progress there, with new features, more fields and many UI improvements. (Haven’t tried Connect yet? Just login at my.clz.com and use the Trial button there.)

Our software updates in March 2018:

  • V18 for macOS: Auto-Cloud-Syncing + Performance improvements!
  • Android apps: New sorting options
  • Connect web-based editions:
    • Redesigned screens for selecting Columns and Sort Order
    • Movie Connect: group movies into Actor or Producer folders
    • Many import tools coming up. Now live: “Import from Discogs”
  • Coming up for Windows: full “DPI Awareness”

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[CLZ News] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

February 28th, 2018

Alwin here, with your monthly dose of CLZ News.
This month, with our Windows/Mac developer Ronald on vacation, the focus has been on both the mobile apps and the Connect web-based versions. Don’t worry, next month there will be macOS and Windows news again 🙂

For now, this is what happened in February:

  • Core for Music: Better and Faster results when adding by Artist/Title
  • iOS: Improved search, with Search-As-You-Type & more search fields
  • Connect web-based editions:
    • Re-designed Edit screens
    • Music Connect: New Add Albums screen
    • Game+Book Connect: Easily add items that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode/ISBN”
    • Game+Book Connect: Search box now searches more fields

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[CLZ News] Hitting the ground running

January 30th, 2018

This year, the CLZ Team hit the ground running. Many updates were released, in quick succession. If you are following our Collectorz.com Facebook page you’ve probably seen the news go by as we launched, but here’s your action-packed monthly summary:

  • Connect web-based editions:
    • New Add screens for Book-, Game-, and Comic Connect
    • Faster collection browsing (also in the free CLZ Cloud viewer!)
    • Book Connect Add screen: Single Search Box for Author/Title searches
    • Coming up: new Edit screens / details panel in main screen
  • Windows editions:
    • Various tweaks and fixes for the V18 versions
    • Book Collector Add Screen: Single Search Box for Author/Title searches
    • Fixed: various layout problems on “125% DPI/Font Size” systems
  • Mobile apps:
    • iOS: Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing
    • Android: Improved search: Search-As-You-Type / more search fields
    • Coming up: More sorting options

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[CLZ News] V18 for Windows / big updates for Connect / Year End Sale

December 29th, 2017

This is Alwin, with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2017. December is always a busy month here at the CLZ HQ, but this December was particularly crazy, with all the v18 for Windows releases.
Our support guys and gal have been handling over 100 support requests every day since early December. Add to that this week’s Connect updates plus a Year End Sale and we’re up to 150 tickets each day 🙂

But no worries, it’s not just all work and no play 🙂 On December 23, the entire CLZ Team and their families visited the local Dutch theme park “De Efteling”! We had a great day, with cool rides, great food and a lot of laughter.

More pictures of the CLZ Family here.

Our newsletter topics for December 2017:

  • Now live: version 18 for all Windows editions
  • Now live: a new look for all Connect editions
  • Now live: a new Add Movies screen in Movie Connect
  • Year-End-Sale: Get Connect for 1 year, get 6 extra months free
  • Coming up: Auto-Cloud-Syncing for all iOS and macOS editions

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The CLZ Team and their families at theme park De Efteling

December 29th, 2017

On Saturday December 23, the entire CLZ Team and their families visited the local Dutch theme park “De Efteling”! We had a great day, with cool rides, great good and a lot of laughter.


[CLZ News] Coming up: Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing!

November 30th, 2017

2018 is coming closer, which means: version 18 is coming up! First, for the Windows editions (early December), then for all Mac editions (early January). For both, the main attraction will be: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! Full details below.

The topics of this November 2017 CLZ Newsletter:

  • Coming up: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing
  • Coming up: version 18 for all Windows editions
  • Now live: updates for all mobile apps, with several Add screen improvements

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