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Comic Database Software - catalog your comic book collection

Keep track of your comic collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic full issue details and cover artJust search our online comic database by barcode or title

Mobile app

Mobile app for phones and tablets

  • Access your collection on the go
  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • All data stored on your device
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
subscription includes all
app updates + online services

Desktop software

Desktop software for PCs & Macs

  • For advanced computer users
  • Install on your own PC or Mac
  • All data stored on your computer
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
subscription includes all
software updates + online services


Web-app, fully cloud-based

  • Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Login and use from any computer
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
subscription includes all
software updates + online services

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CLZ Comics
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Comic Collector
1 year
Comic Connect
1 year
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your comic data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your comic database.

Latest software updates

I have over 15,000 comics and needed a good electronic tool to catalog and to help evaluate the value of my collection. Between the scanner and the online database, it only took me 4 months to get my collection loaded! Now, with new value tool, I can get a good baseline sense of comics have value, hence which ones to invest in slabbing.
In short, a GREAT tool, and the CLZ folks are extremely responsive and helpful to any questions you might have making the app do what you need it to do!
— Tigger CVN-69 on September 12, 2019

Reviews from customers

November 13, 2019
Great updates
Thanks for all of the activity lately. i don't have any of my books slabbed or rated, but I see the new functionality as a way of determining which books I should spend money on to get appraised and slabbed. — Tom Philpott on CLZ Comics
November 12, 2019
Loving it
Fantastic, they keep improving the site and it's easy to use!! — Paul Tuttle on CLZ Comics
November 12, 2019
Great for keeping track of my comics
For me it's the best app in keeping my comics in order and knowing what I have. It also has been a great help in knowing which ones I'm missing! — Noel Rodriguez on CLZ Comics
November 11, 2019
Awesome app
Lov it!!! I can keep track of my comics and see which ones I need when I go hunting!! — Edwin Baez Jr. on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2019
Great app
Fun and easy to use. — Justin Cain on CLZ Comics
November 08, 2019
Love it!!!!
Keeps track of all my books, what I've bought, what I need etc. Make the "work" of collecting books easy. — Jason Green on CLZ Comics
November 07, 2019
Must have
This is seriously a must have app for any serious collecter! — Joseph Walsh on CLZ Comics
November 07, 2019
Awesome app!
Made it easier for me to organize my comics!!! Customer support is awesome too! — oscar sha on CLZ Comics
November 07, 2019
So freaking awesome
To-date I've added approx. 8,000 comic books and another 500 combination of graphic novels, hard covers & any comic related publication in my possession. This process took just about 6 = I kid you not .. so freaking easy, so freaking detailed once entered & so freaking awesome ! The printable spreadsheets look so good & i received many compliments about the formatting alone. Recently a grading section added plus more options I can't wait to review . My sincerest thanks. — Taylor Bing on CLZ Comics
November 07, 2019
Inexpensive and really handy! — Marcus Soto on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
Invaluable for any collector. — Christopher Austin on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
Great app for comic book collectors. — Gerardo Garcia on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
Excellent app
Very easy to use and beats the handwritten logs I've always used. — Scott Masters on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
Great App for Comic Book Collectors
Don’t let the reviews from people that didn’t read the details during the app update dissuade you from getting it.
Though I’m grandfathered in the subscription price is still hardly anything if you are even a semi-serious collector (it’s the cost of a comic or two). I don’t really need the slabbed pricing from GoCollect, but I’m still tempted to try it out for a year. I’m still floored by the people grandfathered in and complaining about the new subscription cost *shrug*.
Anyway, I have roughly 1,500 comics catalogued, and using stuff like the Wishlist when I’m checking out thrift shops or garage sales makes this hobby much easier.
Try it out for a month. You’ll see, and then will upgrade for the year :-) — TaylonHalfElf on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
This app is a lifesaver when I'm looking through back issue bins and can't remember if I've already bought an issue. The barcode scanner is very handy when I buy a bunch of trades and want to enter them into the database quickly. — Alan Williams on CLZ Comics
November 05, 2019
Excellent app. Worth the small cost!!!! — Timothy Marcum on CLZ Comics
November 05, 2019
The bestest comic app in the world!! — ASP TV on CLZ Comics
November 05, 2019
Good app
Really good and easy to use. — Marco Xavier on CLZ Comics
November 04, 2019
A must have for serious comics collectors
Have your wantlists and have lists with you at all times. I have yet to search for a book that isnt in the database. Tons of information about each issue, and tons more open fields for you to customize. Youll be glad you got this! — Outlaw Artist on CLZ Comics
November 04, 2019
Brilliant for organising and getting a loose value on your collection. — SYNYSTERSCOTT616 on CLZ Comics
November 04, 2019
Very happy with this purchase
Have been using the app for about a week after an online database I’d been using for 12 years announced they were closing shop.
CLZ is an excellent replacement and improvement upon what I had been using.

-Easy to barcode-scan new issues into the collection quickly and accurately.
-Auto syncing between mobile app and cloud-based counterpart.
-Deep database of comics and magazines from all Ages
-Excellent customer support! Emails responded to within 24 hours and efforts made to assist.

Suggested improvements:
-Improved interoperability between mobile and cloud app. Currently when adding a new entry to cloud app, all information is synced to mobile app with exception of the cover art.
-Ability to move/re-size windows around the screen. Currently when you open a new window it stays in place and you cannot view the window behind it. (This pertains to cloud-based app only)

Overall, I feel this app is quite worth the investment and I expect improvement and further refinements are on the way. — MobileHome on CLZ Comics
November 02, 2019
I LOVE the app!
I have already added comics, I just went out yesterday & found some that I’ve been trying to find for awhile! I LOVE the app! It’s extremely handy for when I’m at stores & want to make sure I don’t buy double comics or covers! I also noticed the app has updated, it looks great! Thanks for the great customer service! I will recommend this app to my friends! — Jonye Morris on CLZ Comics
November 01, 2019
Amazing app
Amazing app to keep track of my comic issues, trade paperback comics and hardcover edition comics and more. Love that I'm able to scan the barcode to add something to my collection for those few times it doesn't find what I'm wanting to add by searching via typing it out. Also like that I can sync it with cloud program. — Kristen Christian Williams on CLZ Comics
October 31, 2019
This app has everything I need as a collector
This app has everything I need as a collector. I can scan my comics in using the barcode scanner, I can enter the grade of my slabs to get a value (based off of what it has recently sold for online) and the app inventories my books by issue and alphabetical order, not to mention the fact that it uploads the cover art as well. The customer service is some of the best I have dealt with, as long as they are awake you are sure to receive a quick response. — Shawn Pelter on CLZ Comics
October 31, 2019
Fantastic for Cataloging
Best collecting app ever!!! — toke"n"bake on CLZ Comics
October 30, 2019
I love app..finds everything..works perfect. — Amazing Spider-Man on CLZ Comics
October 30, 2019
Good app
Great barcode scanning and organization. — Sammy Hong on CLZ Comics
October 29, 2019
Like it very much
Easy to use and keep organized. — Todd Shipler on CLZ Comics
October 27, 2019
True passion
If you ever want to know how good a company truly is, then have a problem with their product. This happened to me with CLZ Comics after years of using the app without a hitch and my experience was phenomenal. Alwin worked with me until the issue was resolved, while he was heading out on a trip! As I have said before, as a collector, this app is an absolute must. Worth every penny! And now I can rave about the help when you have an issue.
Thank you Alwin. — Djlam209 on CLZ Comics
October 27, 2019
Tech support is great
Love this app. Easy to use, keeps my growing collection organized (including wish lists), and tech support is great. — Dan Hokstad on CLZ Comics

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