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Music Database Software - Catalog your CDs and vinyl records

Keep track of your music collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic album details, track lists & cover artJust search our online music database by barcode or title

Mobile app

App for phones and tablets:

  • Install on your phone or tablet.
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage.
purchase includes all
app updates + online services


Easy to use & easy to manage

  • Login with any web-browser.
  • Free barcode scanner app.
  • All data stored in CLZ Cloud.
  • Automatic updates & backups.
subscription includes all
software updates + online services


Fully customizable and configurable

  • Install on your own PC / Mac.
  • Free barcode scanner app.
  • All data stored on your computer.
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage.
includes a 1-year Service Plan
(a Service Plan is USD $29.95 / year)

Buy them together and get a discount

CLZ Music
Full App
Music Connect
1 year
Music Collector
Full Version
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your music data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your music database.

Latest software updates

Many thanks for the very swift reply to my concern with my record collection. Your information made it easier for me to go ahead with my cataloging. A lot more to do but your program and support are definite assets. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on February 15, 2019

Reviews from customers

April 07, 2019
Fantastic, been struggling to catalogue 2000+ cds on orange cd suite, this is much quicker. — Tara Burbridge on CLZ Music
April 05, 2019
Easy to use
Great app easy to use. — Art Renfro on CLZ Music
April 02, 2019
Time saver
This is a great time saver. The bar code reader works great. Keeping track of your music collection is easy. And the track info built in is really nice. — Howard Lee on CLZ Music
April 01, 2019
Musik CD's
Beste Programm zum archivieren von Musik CD's. — Norbert Meidlinger on CLZ Music
March 30, 2019
Gute App
Logisch aufgebaut Gut zur schnellen Info. — Jürgen Meiling on CLZ Music
March 30, 2019
Fantastic system
Fantastic system for cataloguing a large music collection. Definitely worth the price. — Michael Anthony on CLZ Music
March 25, 2019
I wanted to recommend Music Connect. I found my Music Collector for Windows a bit slow especially when upgrading but Alwin was very helpful and guided me through the change to Music Connect. I have about 2K CDs and now they all open easily and I am delighted with it.
Thank you Alvin & Mrs Alvin! — Roger Barton (New Zealand) on Music Collector
March 23, 2019
Easy to use
Great program and so easy to use! Thank you CLZ! — Robert Moore on CLZ Music
March 23, 2019
DB app
Excelent DB app for all my CD's collectors. CD's, Vinyl & Mp3. — Rafael Sanchis on CLZ Music
March 16, 2019
Works as advertised. — A Google user on CLZ Music
March 14, 2019
Great customer service
I would like to add that this is a great piece of software, and I do appreciate that whenever there is a slight bug or problem you guys are so fast to get on it and offer a solution.
That's great customer service.
I belong to several groups for collectors of CDs and music, and always recommend Collectorz.com whenever someone asks what's a good way for cataloguing the collection. — Anthony Massam (Canada) on Music Collector
March 14, 2019
A really great CD/Vinyl/Media Music Library
For anyone wanting to access their CD, Vinyl or even digital file collection quickly, rather than try and remember what they have or where it is, this is a great App. In a few short sessions I catalogued over 500 CDs that were scattered about in various cabinets, racks, bookcases etc... Typically, each just needed a rapid barcode scan, with just a few percent needing a manual edit. Such edits were needed as the barcode related to the wrong CD, mostly just the wrong version and a very few the wrong CD totally, or there was no CD found. In these cases the catalogue number worked for me except for three very obscure CDs that I needed to fully manually add including a cover picture.

I also catalogue SACDs and the, so far, few high resolution digital files I’ve also started to buy. Using the ‘location’ field I don’t need to care much about which cabinet, rack, bookcase etc a specific CD is or which music is on digital files. I just browse as the mood takes me, looking at the art work and track listings using iPad or iPhone and once selected the location tells me how to quickly find it.

CLZ is by far the best of several ‘library’ Apps I’ve paid for over many years. Although some have suggested it’s rather expensive, looking at who’s behind it (collectorz.com) and my experience, the first time the whole process was easy and quick enough to catalogue my whole collections without giving up on the App, I feel it’s well worth it. These folk have been around for a very long time with desktop library applications and, hopefully, will be around a very long time to come and continue to provide great support too. — AdtAdt on CLZ Music

March 12, 2019
Works well for my needs. — A Google user on CLZ Music
March 11, 2019
Super pratique
Super pratique pour consulter sa collection et eviter l achat de doublons lors de conventions. — Friedrich Mary on CLZ Music
March 10, 2019
Non trovo di meglio in giro. — Davide Ceschi on CLZ Music
March 05, 2019
First rate app
Does pretty much everything I need it to do. Easy to use, stable and reliable. — A Google user on CLZ Music
March 05, 2019
Great app!
Also great that you can generate a PDF from your library if you are using a PC! — Stefan Möller on CLZ Music
March 05, 2019
Really good
So far, really good. whipping through my collection. — Mike Hamill on CLZ Music
March 03, 2019
The best app out there
I have been a fan of their PC-based software. Now the mobile app version makes things so easy, and it still packs a whole lot of the full-fledged software version. It is really the best CD or digital music library app out there, in the whole world! — Working Boy on CLZ Music
February 27, 2019
The software and support have been a god send. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
February 27, 2019
Very good app. — A Google user on CLZ Music
February 25, 2019
No more duplicates
Love the App by the way saved me buying duplicate items many a time now. — Ron Theobald on CLZ Music
February 25, 2019
Perfect to have collection at hand. — R. AtematicA on CLZ Music
February 23, 2019
Love this app!
Have lots of cds so price is very fair. Very useful. Sync works great too, and keeps your customized changes too even after syncing on a different device. Customer service was very helpful too... If I could I would give more stars. Thank you Alwin for all your help getting my account fixed and working. — David Caroccio on CLZ Music
February 19, 2019
Ideal for non-classical genres, good for classical too
I’ve been using Music Collector for about 7 years, I tried alternatives but consider this to be the best. I subscribe to all 3 versions of the software (desktop, web-based and iOS). All are pretty much ideal for cataloging non-classical genres: the important fields are all there and they sync seamlessly. It is easy to add albums, and you can upload your own artwork if you wish. All great. If, like me, your collection includes classical music, you will find the desktop version best. A key difference for classical is that you often need an additional “composition level” between album and track where you can group, say, the movements of a symphony. The desktop version has you covered for this (it has a composition field and you can also use headers). The problem for the web and iOS versions is that neither composition nor header fields can currently be synced, so they lack this important feature. I hope the developers will consider enabling them in a future update. Then the package will be entirely awesome on all counts! — byrdmanic on CLZ Music
February 16, 2019
Excellent tool
Excellent high level cataloguing rool. I would love to link it to music files on my phone like the parent application! — A Google user on CLZ Music
February 15, 2019
Your program and support
Many thanks for the very swift reply to my concern with my record collection. Your information made it easier for me to go ahead with my cataloging. A lot more to do but your program and support are definite assets. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
February 11, 2019
Excellent App
Easy to use and edit. — A Google user on CLZ Music
February 09, 2019
CLZ Music
O melhor app para sua coleção. — Jose Luiz Lima on CLZ Music
February 09, 2019
Un plus
Cette appli est un plus pour gérer sa discothèque, et éviter l achat de doublons. — Marchand Eric on CLZ Music

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