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CLZ Music Mobile app for iOS & Android

Catalog CDs and vinyl records on your phone or tablet

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May 12, 2022 May 12, 2022

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CLZ Music reviews from customers

August 03, 2022
Cataloguing my collection became FUN
The CLZ mobile app is amazing. The bar code scanning is brilliant. So simple, I wish I had discovered it years ago. The interface is so user-friendly that I instantly was able to get started. I couldn't be happier. I have already scanned about one quarter of my nearly 1,000 CD collection in a ridiculously short period of time. The dreaded task of cataloguing my collection instead became fun.
If that wasn’t enough, the customer service was beyond impressive. The support team actually reached out to me for feedback on my free trial and then responded near immediately when I had an additional question. It made me feel like I was their only customer.
Highly recommended. A bargain at the app price for all the features and customer service. — DJS (USA) on CLZ Music
July 30, 2022
Keep track of my CDs
This app really helps me keep track of all the cd's I have. I collect jazz and buy from all sources and this helps me not to buy twice for something that I already have. — Glenn Davis on CLZ Music
July 22, 2022
A pleasure to work with
I'm very positively surprised at how easy & uncomplicated it was to link my PC-CLZ MUSIC COLLECTOR to the mobile via app. To me the equipment and the handling is almost identical to the PC-Version and a pleasure to work with. Now I carry my collection with me all the time and annoying PC- printouts belong to the past. I can only recommend to use the mobile app so that the fun with your CLZ-Collection becomes even more comprehensive and stree-free. — Günter Hein on CLZ Music
July 12, 2022
Super App!
Die App ist top. Ich habe meine CD-Sammlung in relativ kurzer Seite katalogisieren können. CD über den Barcode eingescannt - fertig! Auch eine CD manuell einzupflegen ist kein Problem. Die App ist für mich sehr hilfreich, von daher volle 5 Sterne! — Geister Bob (Germany) on CLZ Music
July 08, 2022
A Great App for CD Cataloging
I used this app on my iPad solely to inventory my husband’s CD collection. I used bar code scanning and was thoroughly impressed with the scan component and the completeness of the music database. I highly recommend this app. — LindaLearner (USA) on CLZ Music
July 02, 2022
The Ultimate Music Cataloguing App
Phenomenal… the app allows for easy cataloguing of my near 2500 CDs, many of which are available merely by scanning the CD’s barcode. Amazing number of fields to populate according to your preference and easily achievable through the complex yet easy to use interface built into the app.
The developers are no slouches. This app is updated fairly regularly and it’s fair to say that each update improves the app.
One of my very, very favourite apps for my iPhone. — Paul 'Sabaki' Samuel (South Africa) on CLZ Music
June 22, 2022
Excellent functionality and intuitive structure. — Gary MacGrumbley on CLZ Music
June 20, 2022
I like this app
I like this and this is better than Discogs. — Daryl J Spetz on CLZ Music
June 11, 2022
Keep track of my CDs
Awesome finally a way to keep track of my cds and not buy duplicates. — William Schrack on CLZ Music
June 09, 2022
Brilliant robust app
I don't see anyone mentioning the brilliance of having such a robust app to organize not only my owned music (Vinyl, CDs, files), but also music I discover across a variety of streaming platforms. I now have, in one place, a growing collection of music which links to YouTube, YT Music, Qobuz, Amazon, etc. This also helps me keep track if an album is ever removed from any streaming platform. Thanks for creating such a great app, and for your continued commitment to improving it. — Steven Sprung (USA) on CLZ Music

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