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Nov 19, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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CLZ Music reviews from customers

November 28, 2022
Great programs and a great service
The app is working very well for me. Yesterday I renewed the subscription. Occasionally I run across an album that is not registered and will need to add it manually. But in most cases the barcode reader brings all the relevant data right in. I also have the book collection which works equally well. I generally use the mobile apps since I’m not at mu computer when I’m entering new acquisitions.
Both are great programs and a great service. — John Wise (USA) on CLZ Music
November 11, 2022
Best way to have records info store and ready — Quan Cheaves on CLZ Music
November 05, 2022
Great app for cataloging
In a few hours, my whole collection in a database! Never been easier!! — Rotscheidt (Netherlands) on CLZ Music
October 30, 2022
Fully recommend
Easy to use and understand App to organize my collection. — ZSSnake on CLZ Music
October 22, 2022
Muito rápido
Para já funciona bem, muito rápido e com muita informação. — Franklin Nunes on CLZ Music
October 10, 2022
CLZ - superb product!
I have been using CLZ Music for a couple of years now - and it’s brilliant! Like others, I wanted a way to organise my music collection - Vinyl, CD and digitised. CLZ Music is very flexible - you can enter as much or as little data as you want about your collection. Adding or deleting as the mood or time takes you. Even beyond the “presets” it is infinitely flexible and user driven - ideal for the most exacting of audiophiles in my opinion. There are multiple fields that I have thought, that would be really interesting to record. Some day soon, I may get round to it. But, CLZ Music is no less useful if you don’t complete those fields.
On the minimal number of occasions I have contacted support (once as a newbie and recently being very forgetful!) - they are superb! Often replying within a short period of time (note to self: maybe support don’t work 24/7; Sundays take a bit longer!). They are always helpful, friendly, supportive and know how to solve your problem.
Would I stop my subscription and try someone else, or not bother at all to organise my collection? Not a chance!!
Thank you CLZ Music — Yamba65 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
October 02, 2022
Perfecta opción para tener en órden tu colección. — Inventario Top Team on CLZ Music
September 10, 2022
Awesome app. — Joe Nicholl on CLZ Music
September 08, 2022
Awesome app
Best app for vinyl collection hands down. Very customizable and detailed. — Mike Morris on CLZ Music
August 31, 2022
This app and the support is great
I have contacted CLZ support a couple times. First, I like that they acknowledge that they have received your email. Then, within 24 hrs you have an answer. It also starts a dialog with a support person in case you need further instruction. This app and the support is great. So far I have recorded about 3000 albums. A good start. — Robert Steffen (USA) on CLZ Music

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