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Catalog CDs and vinyl on your phone or tablet

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Sep 9, 2020 Sep 8, 2020

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CLZ Music reviews from customers

October 11, 2020
CLZ Music
CLZ Music ist für meine Belange bisher die beste App/Programm um meine Sammlung zu archivieren. Ich lege viel Wert auf möglichst viele individuelle Daten, wir Einkaufsdatum, Store und Preis. Dies kann ich hier alles hinterlegen. — Torsten Joch on CLZ Music
October 07, 2020
A breeze
Used the PC version many years ago but lost everything in a crash and never replaced. Got to say the mobile app is a breeze to use and love the way it picks up even obscure albums from the code. Love the fact that you can sync to the cloud so accessible from any device. Good options for viewing catalogue, managing pick lists to personalise. Looking forward to adding the rest of the collection. — David Albone on CLZ Music
October 07, 2020
Handy app
Handy companion to Music Collector. — D.B. Cooper on CLZ Music
October 06, 2020
Good app
Easy to use and easy to edit results. Works well. — Paul Bailey on CLZ Music
October 01, 2020
Great app
Great app, great support. Strongly recomended. — boris nemanic on CLZ Music
October 01, 2020
Great value
I had a question about a recent update, and sent an email to CLZ. I received a reply in just a few minutes that answered my question satisfactorily, & I learned something else to boot! About 5 years into using this app, and it still provides great value to me. Whether in a store or online, it helps keep me from buying duplicates, & helps settle arguments. I also own their Movie & Book apps as well. — A Google user on CLZ Music
September 25, 2020
Eine sehr gute App
Mühelos zu bedienen. Barcode Suche funktioniert exzellent. Brachte Ordnung in meine Musiksammlung. Und der Support ist top - wirklich 7 hervorragend. Kompetent, schnell und freundlich. — Rainer Hock on CLZ Music
September 19, 2020
Came here because discogs stopped working correctly on my phone. I find this to be a bit more user friendly than discogs. — mitchell culver on CLZ Music
September 15, 2020
CLZ Music catalogue
Been using this system for a few years now and the latest updates just make it better and better. Easy to use, massive database to draw on and most important the support when needed is superb. Anyone who collects anything ( I also use CLZ films ) needs to use this app. — raindog1955 on CLZ Music
September 11, 2020
I have been using CLZ for years and I have always enjoyed it so far. Customer support is really excellent. — Gianfranco Brambilla on CLZ Music

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