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CLZ Music Mobile app for iOS & Android

Easily catalog CDs and vinyl records on your phone or tablet

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Nov 19, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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Tip: use CLZ Music together with the Music Connect web-based software

Our Music Connect web-based software is a great companion to the CLZ Music mobile app, as it lets you work on your collection on your computer. That is, on a big screen, with a real keyboard and mouse.

Of course, you can easily sync your collection data between them through our CLZ Cloud.

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CLZ Music reviews from customers

March 13, 2023
A great product for any collector!
Have been using CLZ Music for a couple of years now, and recently added Connect. It has been very helpful in organizing my Vinyl and CD collection, and I really appreciate the flexibility to add my own notes and categorization, as well as it's flexible search capabilities. It is invaluable when digging at stores or vinyl fairs to ensure I don't buy duplicates. When I have had to contact support, they always responded very quickly and answered any questions. — Mark Pocock (Canada) on CLZ Music
March 12, 2023
Love it so far
Just subscribed. So far so good. Still learning all the features, but I love it so far! — Mark Chase on CLZ Music
March 10, 2023
Muchas gracias
Excelente aplicación para tener registro de la colección de discos. Fácil de usar y de aspecto visual muy agradable. Por una pequeña cuota, los registros se almacenan y sincronizan en la nube. El soporte de sus creadores es fabuloso y resuelven las dudas de modo inmediato. — Mariano Herrero on CLZ Music
February 16, 2023
Simple and it works
Used the app to catalog over 350 albums/CDs and it wen very smoothly. My collection had more older recordings of Jazz and classical than current music. That was not a problem. The bar code scanner usually worked and was super fast, but when that came up empty using the catalog number or entering the full information usually provided the correct information. Only a few records were not found. Did all of this in only a couple of hours including loading the app, registering and getting familiar with it. I highly recommend this app. — NickP718 (USA) on CLZ Music
February 07, 2023
Great tool
A great tool to have when going record/cd shows. — Steven Slater on CLZ Music
February 03, 2023
Perfekte App
Für mich die perfekte App um meine Tonträger zu sammeln, archivieren und über die Recht große Sammlung den Überblick zu bewahren. Sicherlich wäre ein deutscher Support das Tüpfelchen auf dem i...aber gerade auch mit Cloud und Webpage Tabelle macht das Auflisten und auch das Austauschen von Listen mit anderen Sammlern sehr einfach. — Dirk Schierbaum on CLZ Music
January 21, 2023
Super easy
Super easy to scan all your Vinyl and CDs. — Stefan Oebser on CLZ Music
January 20, 2023
Topp App
Sehr gute App für meine Musiksammlung. — Hendrik on CLZ Music
January 15, 2023
CLZ app
Getting better with each release. — Gido van Schijndel on CLZ Music
January 11, 2023
Best App
Helps keep track of my collection and prevents me from purchasing a duplicate album. — Richard Hoppel on CLZ Music

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