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Book Database Software - catalog your book collection

Keep track of your book collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic book details and cover imagesJust search our huge online book database by ISBN

Mobile app

Access your collection on the go

  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • All data stored on your device
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage
subscription includes all
app updates + online services


Easy to use, easy to manage

  • Login from multiple PCs, Macs, etc..
  • Free barcode scanner app
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
subscription includes all
software updates + online services


For advanced computer users

  • Install on one PC or Mac
  • Free barcode scanner app
  • All data stored on your computer
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage
includes a 1-year Service Plan
(a Service Plan is USD $29.95 / year)

Buy them together and get a discount

CLZ Books
1 year
Book Connect
1 year
Book Collector
Full Version
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your book database between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your book database.

Latest software updates

Thanks for such a fast response!
I have to say your application is brilliant, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It is one of the best designed and implemented apps I have come across, and I’ve spent 35 years in the IT game so I recognise quality software when I see it.
I came close to starting to build just such an app myself before I found yours.
— Mike Wiseman on April 29, 2019

Reviews from customers

June 16, 2019
Thank you CLZ!
I am amending my review to reflect the wonderful customer service I have received, as well as the functionality of the app. Of all the apps I tried to catalog my antique book collection, CLZ Books is my favorite. I like all the various data you can input, including reading date and price. My collection is from well before ISBN numbers (being published prior to 1900), so ease of manually inputting all of the data I want is important to me. I did try out scanning on one current book and it worked very well, but I haven't explored that side extensively. I am excited to unpack the rest of my collection and get them entered into CLZ Books! — RockyMtnSky on CLZ Books
June 15, 2019
So pleased
i am so very pleased with this product and it has made my new cookbook collecting hobby a cinch to track. it does exactly what it claims to.. buy, scan, shelve...and enjoy! — Brian Phillips on CLZ Books
June 14, 2019
Very good catalog
I've been using this for a few months now for my modest (~5000 books) collection. The iPhone and iOS apps are handy for on-the-go access, adding books, and basic editing, though the Mac app is more full-featured. Synchronization has been flawless. The ability to check my catalog while in a bookstore is invaluable. — Anton Rang on CLZ Books
June 14, 2019
Must have for book addicts!
I have used this app since it was born, starting on Windows desktop and watching it grow, to newer platforms. With close to 18000 books, It has saved me money...... Before I purchase a new book, I quickly check to see how I rated the author and to avoid buying duplicate books.
Updates have always been smooth and their support is outstanding. — Still retired on CLZ Books
June 14, 2019
Amazing app
Best way too know what books you own. Never worry about owning duplicate copy's again. It's amazing. Still loving the app after all this time. — Aimee Schlosser on CLZ Books
June 14, 2019
Multiple Collections!
I am so happy with the newest version of CLZ Books. Now I can finally keep separate lists of my “regular” books versus those in my craft library. It’s very easy to transfer books to a new collection if they’re already in the database, so you don’t have to re-scan anything. The only thing I would tweak is to have the Search function work across collections, rather than just the one you’re currently viewing.
I use this app in conjunction with the Book Collector desktop app, and the collections sync nicely from one to the other. The collections are also easy to view in the CLZ Cloud.
I also use the Music and Movies apps and desktop versions. This collection of software adds value to my day-to-day activities, and is the only software I ever thought worthwhile to pay for a service/renewal plan. — LMB0001 on CLZ Books
June 13, 2019
Fantastic program
Yes, it's an expensive app, but both my husband and I collect book series that have hundreds of titles (Doctor Who and Star Trek) and not buying duplicates has saved me far more than the price. The wishlist feature is also great for when you're at a bookstore with only enough money to buy one book,and you find five more you want; you can scan their barcodes and remember to get them later. — Andrea Cook on CLZ Books
June 13, 2019
Love it
Have been using CLZ for years, love this app! — Nadean Schneider on CLZ Books
June 13, 2019
Convenient scan using mobile
This is a very convenient way to maintain my book collections, and check whether I've already got a book wherever I am. — Marty Pilott on CLZ Books
June 09, 2019
Erg fijne app
Er zitten inmiddels erg veel titels in de database. De database wordt bijgewerkt door gebruikers en uzelf. Ook is er een deel van de data privé. Handig voor trefwoorden, waarde tarieven etc.
Ik gebruik de apps vooral op iPad en iPhone. Werkt erg fijn. — AchilleusIlliad on CLZ Books
June 08, 2019
I love that the scanner actually works and give the correct option for the book that was scanned. I have tried to use other book list apps before, but none of them ever worked right. This app on the other hand is great!!! — noah parker on CLZ Books
June 08, 2019
Very happy
I love this app. I've been using it for a while and have been very happy with it. — Shawn Brewer on CLZ Books
June 02, 2019
By far the best
I have created so many different databases to manage my various media collections. CZ is by far the best and most thorough I have yet to use. Has the flexibility to add personalized fields and the cross platform functionality is awesome. — Randall W. Decker on CLZ Books
June 01, 2019
CLZ Books
La mejor opcion para tener ordenados y clasificados tus libros . — Javier Ch.V. on CLZ Books
May 26, 2019
Major thumbs up
I bought the full app after loosing my last cataloger and then finding out they no longer have it. so I am back to the drawing board. the only thing that I have to say in the negative is that I have to enter most my books by hand because they're self published. They are fast getting back to you though when you have a question and I love that. I also found out that you can add to their main database to for the next person. major thumbs up for that as well. overall great app. great navigation easy. — Beatrice Twiss on CLZ Books
May 26, 2019
The best on the market
This is the best book cataloguing app on the market. I have all CLZ products on my PC, and I am more than satisfied. I would give it 7, 8 or 9 stars if I could. — Igor Edenbeast Tosic on CLZ Books
May 19, 2019
Great app, although it doesn't recognise ALL barcodes, and there are some idiosyncrasies with ordering of names etc. All up though I'm happy! — John Horton on CLZ Books
May 15, 2019
An amazing app!!
Fantastic app,I use it on both platforms and it's great. Great look, easy to use. — Chris Cordick on CLZ Books
May 13, 2019
It’s genius!
I don’t have any questions, but I do want you to know that I absolutely LOVE the app! It’s genius! SO convenient and VERY easy to use! I love that I have the option to add my own images! It’s great! I’ve told my husband and he thoroughly enjoys it as well. I will definitely purchase the full product. — De'Andra Brandon on CLZ Books
May 13, 2019
I love this app!
So much easier than the spreadsheet that I was using to track the books in my collection, and books that I was interested in. You can scan the ISBN or type it in for books that do not have the barcode. The app then pulls in most of the books info and a cover image. — Dave West on CLZ Books
May 09, 2019
Love and easy to use
I am so happy I have this app, it saves me buying two copies. — Tiffany Jackson on CLZ Books
May 08, 2019
Superior app
Easy to use, great support, I looked at many other programs and found the book app superior to all the rest. — Wayne Dyche on Book Collector
May 05, 2019
Great catalog
A great way to catalog your collections with many search options. — George Newton on CLZ Books
May 05, 2019
Very easy to operate
The platform is self explanatory. The Internet search function is excellent. I would highly recommend. — Scott Windell on CLZ Books
May 03, 2019
Excellent app
Great for keeping track of books Barcode scanner is worth it. Good online database for manual search too. — Barry Powell on CLZ Books
April 29, 2019
Brilliant app
Thanks for such a fast response!
I have to say your application is brilliant, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It is one of the best designed and implemented apps I have come across, and I’ve spent 35 years in the IT game so I recognise quality software when I see it.
I came close to starting to build just such an app myself before I found yours. — Mike Wiseman on CLZ Books
April 26, 2019
Two thumbs up
Best thing since sliced bread!! — SillyBoy on CLZ Books
April 18, 2019
This app is excellent
It allows me to scan in most of my book collection using the ISBN barcode. A small minority of my collection is not in the database yet, but inputting these is not difficult. Finally, I can download a custom CSV of my library to make a spreadsheet. The app interface is efficient and pleasant to interact with. This is app is an ideal took for a book collector like myself to use to catalog a personal library. — Sean Sovine on CLZ Books
April 15, 2019
Love it!
Been using for year's and am in it all the time. — A Google user on CLZ Books
April 08, 2019
Se você tem livros definitivamente precisa de um aplicativo para facilitar a organização e a localização - e esse não tem concorrentes. Uso versões para Windows, Mac, iPhone e Android, atualizo ou introduzo dados em qualquer um deles e sincronizo via nuvem nos demais. Excelente. — Angelo Salignac on CLZ Books

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