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Book Database Software - catalog your book collection

Keep track of your book collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic book details and cover imagesJust search our huge online book database by ISBN

For phones/tablets

Mobile app for iOS & Android

  • Fast and slick mobile app
  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • All data stored on your device
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner

For computers

Web-app for Windows and macOS

  • Easy to use online software
  • Login and use from any computer
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

For Windows only

Download for Windows

  • For advanced Windows users only!
  • Install on one Windows PC
  • Manage your own data & image files
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

Buy them together and get a discount

CLZ Books
1 year
Book Collector
1 year
Book Connect
1 year
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USD $0.00
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your book database between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your book database.

Latest software updates

Love this app! I’ve been using it for several years and it just gets better and better. I volunteer at the Friends of the Poway Library Bookstore, and recommend it regularly to patrons. Like it so much I also bought licenses for their Movie App which I also love! Running both on my PC, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone and they sync flawlessly. Updates are quick and easy and support is really impressive. I wish more Apps worked this well and had this level of support! — Bob in Poway (USA) on November 15, 2021

Reviews from customers

November 19, 2021
Thanks again for a marvelous app
Thank You for reaching out! I sincerely appreciate that extra bit of customer support and actually cannot say enough good things about this app! Lol I have been telling all my friends about it! I even shared it to my pangobooks page and have an upcoming post on my instagram about this app! I uploaded over 500 books in one day! And over 100 more since then! I have numerous copies of each title and this app made it a DREAM come true for keeping track of all my books!
Thank you from the bottom of my book bogged heart!! I wish my P.O.S. inventory was that easy. I love that I can keep track of books that I have, that I don't have but wish I did, and books I have extras of and sell those but they stay in my catalog if it's a favorite... lol. I will definitely save it to the cloud then I didn't know what that function meant yet so thank you. — Reader Jo on CLZ Books
November 15, 2021
Great Tool, Easy to Use, Cross Platform!!
Love this app! I’ve been using it for several years and it just gets better and better. I volunteer at the Friends of the Poway Library Bookstore, and recommend it regularly to patrons. Like it so much I also bought licenses for their Movie App which I also love! Running both on my PC, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone and they sync flawlessly. Updates are quick and easy and support is really impressive. I wish more Apps worked this well and had this level of support! — Bob in Poway (USA) on CLZ Books
November 14, 2021
I love this app! Best ever!
I have soooo many books and I have been looking for a way to keep track of them all in one place and this is perfect so when I'm out I can check if I already have a book before I buy it! I added 102 individual titles (between 2-10 copies each) in less than 30 minutes, no lie this app is really that easy!! And the price?! The only thing I love more than books is a really great buy on something that actually does what it's supposed to and folks... this is it! — Jolene Lynch on CLZ Books
November 12, 2021
I have been using CLZ for quite a few years and without it I would be totally lost especially when browsing for books. I update using my desktop and download to my phone. I can highly recommend any of the CLZ programmes as they are so easy to use and update. Congrats e1 for such good programmes. — Scaparover on CLZ Books
November 07, 2021
Great app
Most dynamic collection app I have seen. You are able to customize the most via this app compared to others. — Tim Loeffler on CLZ Books
November 04, 2021
Works like a charm!
We use this as the card catalog for our retirement community library. — Louise Whealton on CLZ Books
November 01, 2021
A five-star app with five-star support.
I reported a problem with syncing new books to my CLZ account this morning. I received a reply within an hour telling me that there had been an issue but that it had been resolved, and I soon found that this was the case. I have used this app for years and rarely have any problems but when this does occur, as today, acknowledgment is immediate and the problem is solved very quickly. — BarneyBrum on CLZ Books
October 31, 2021
Keep track of what I have
I was so excited to use this app to help me keep track of what I have, keep specifics about what versions I have and to simply check on my phone when I'm out shopping to find items I want to add to the collection. The visuals and options to display are rewarding. Responses to questions are timely. It is one of those things that gets better the more you use it and learn it's capabilities. — Deborah skinner on CLZ Books
October 28, 2021
The Best
I've tried other book listings, but this is the best. And it's also the best looking and one of the easiest to use. — John McKee on CLZ Books
October 28, 2021
Great work
I have purchased other organisers from CLZ and find then fantastic. Keep up the great work. I'm a customer for over 20 years. — Ron Travers on CLZ Books
October 23, 2021
Wonderful way to stay organized. — Susan Perry on CLZ Books
October 09, 2021
Excellent program
I realized today that I have been using your Book Collector software for nearly ten years now, since I switched from a physical book collection to ebooks. Simply put, I seriously doubt there is a better program available for managing my ever growing collection. The ease at which books can be added and managed, the efficient manner in which databases can be searched and reviewed, and the overall smoothness of the program in general is what makes it superior. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to another ten years of your excellent program! — Michael Wallen (USA) on Book Collector
October 09, 2021
Track our huge book collection
Fun, so far a great way to add and track our huge book collection. App works wonderfully, and syncing between devices is great. — Kevin Holst on CLZ Books
October 07, 2021
Esta app me ha permitido organizar mi biblioteca
Es fácil de usar. Puedo controlar dónde están los libros que me han prestado y los que yo he prestado. Ahora puedo localizar fácilmente mis libros cuando quiero revisar un dato en específico. La relación costo/beneficio es adecuada para una biblioteca pequeña (650 libros aprox,) como la mía. — Demetrio M Velasco on CLZ Books
October 06, 2021
No more duplicates
This is a terrific App. You carry your book collection in your pocket which enables you to make a quick check before making a book purchase. App is well set up with good support screens backed up via first class online support. — Paisley Saint (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
September 27, 2021
I love this app
We have a ginormous book collection and once I put the time and effort into organizing and scanning all of them, it has been so easy to look up what we have when out. Because of sharing the database, we both can refer to it too. Super easy to use, and we'll organized. We grabbed music version as well. — Nell Ruedin on CLZ Books
September 25, 2021
I updated and thought all my data was lost
Sytske got back to me within minutes and it was solved. Whew. I’m an early adopter and had put a lot of work into the entries, mostly manually. Love the program and the support was there. — Cali iPhone (USA) on CLZ Books
September 24, 2021
Easy to use
Easy to use and great for organizing an architectural firm's collection of books! — Linda T on CLZ Books
September 23, 2021
THE book organization app you want
CLZ Books is THE book organization app you want and need in your life. I downloaded at least 10 apps recently, trying to organize my bookcases. I deleted them all except for CLZ Books. The support is quick and precise. The amount of customization and ease of use simply rose above the competition, and quite beautifully too. — Trinity Pierce on CLZ Books
September 21, 2021
Does it all. Cover to Cover
I had tried a few catalogue apps for my book collection. Most were okay, but they didn’t do everything I wanted, or they were too difficult to manoeuvre through, or just too expensive. Then one day, about 7 or 8 years ago, the one I was using just quit working. I couldn’t even get into it to export what I had already entered in. I went online and found out that it was done, no longer supported, and no questions would be answered. So I went online and started looking. It didn’t take long. I found a reference to Book Collector. This was an app that I could download and it looked like it would everything that I wanted. It was a reasonable price, and so I decided to give it a try.
FABULOUS ! FABULOUS ! FABULOUS ! It does everything I need, and does it well, and smoothly, and with over 3500 books on my shelves, that’s important. Since then I have switched to their cloud service, CLZ Books. I no longer have to use my memory space. I just log in, make entries, deletions or changes and it’s done. The price is still very reasonable. This is the best book cataloguing service of any I have ever used. They also offer apps or cloud service for collectors of Movies, Music, Comics and Games. This team of developers has done and continues to an outstanding job. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who has a library to keep track of. — Ti-Cat Matt (Canada) on CLZ Books
September 20, 2021
Like a Personal librarian, great support!
I have been in the process of moving house and clearing out a family storage unit, thrilled with the books I’m finding, remembering and hoping to organize them all into a great library. I was seriously thinking of hiring a librarian to help me with all this when I found this fabulous app. I am able to seamlessly add volumes by isbn numbers and have manually added obscure volumes, photographing the covers and noting their particular histories.
I have been so eager with the newly discovered app, trying to get up to speed, I quickly asked support for some features that I subsequently discovered on my own. I was pleased to get an equally quick answer to my query— how to print out my lists— and can’t wait to do more. I may still hire someone to help me but with this app I am assured that even a student will be able to do a thorough, professional organizing of my library.
Bravo! Six stars! — intensia (USA) on CLZ Books
September 17, 2021
Au-delà de ce que j'espérais. — S Yanely on CLZ Books
September 15, 2021
You are the best
I could not manage my collection without. I love the option to scan a book in the store and find out if I already own it. Happened a couple of times before I converted my collection to your program. — Frank Bernhardt (USA) on Book Collector
September 15, 2021
Perfect for the classroom!
I love this app! I have been a teacher for 29 years and have been trying to keep track of all of my classroom books. I have over 1,000 children’s books that are now organized nicely with in this app. I love the features of being able to tag the book with key words for future searches. Uploading books is easy and quick. — WileyMom3 (USA) on CLZ Books
September 14, 2021
CLZ Books
He probado varias apps de archivo bibliotecario y esta es la mejor. Funciones casi profesionales a un coste muy bajo y con una facilidad de uso que la hacen apta para cualquiera. — Emilio Alonso on CLZ Books
September 11, 2021
I rely on and trust CLZ
Best software for book collectors. I have so many titles in different formats and different places, i can not keep track without CLZ.It’s reliable, customizable, fun to work with. Syncs perfectly with its PC version. Always improving, and excellent customer service. Highly recommended — MagoryOH (Canada) on CLZ Books
September 10, 2021
Just a short note of thanks
Just a short note to tell you I would be totally lost without your program (Book Collector) with 2000 books on the shelves it would be impossible to know where to find a specific book, and I would finish up with a lot of doubles on my shelves.
Thank you very much. — Mario Sbrana (Australia) on Book Collector
September 08, 2021
Excelente aplicación
Funciona muy bien y tiene un magnífico soporte técnico. — Pemárame on CLZ Books
September 08, 2021
Easy to use system
I finally found an easy to use system for cataloguing my specialist book collection. I am sure I only use a small proportion of its capabilities but it’s straightforward and the customer service is excellent. — Toucan 2oo (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
September 08, 2021
Great customer service
Great App, Great Customer Service. — Paul Urbanowicz on CLZ Books

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