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Movie Database Software - catalog your DVD / Blu-ray collection

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Keep track of your movie collection and wish list3 solutions: Go mobile, downloadable, or web-based.
Just scan barcodes or search by titleAutomatic movie details, inc. IMDb cast, crew & ratings.

For phones/tablets

Mobile app for iOS & Android

  • Fast and slick mobile app
  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • All data stored on your device
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner

For computers

Web-app for Windows and macOS

  • Easy to use online software
  • Login and use from any computer
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

For Windows only

Download for Windows

  • For advanced Windows users only!
  • Install on one Windows PC
  • Manage your own data & image files
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

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CLZ Movies
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Movie Collector
1 year
Movie Connect
1 year
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your movie database between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends & family.
  • Always have an online backup of your movie database.

Latest software updates

I have been thru a xouple of other apps for sorting and tracking my 2000+ film collection. Finally I have hit on a winner.
The big pluses for me A. When adding a boxset it gives you the option of adding as a single boxset entry or it will add each film. Which is awesome because it isn't how many cases do I have it's how many films!
B. And this was the deal sealer I can have automatically sorted DIRECTOR folders and can track the collection by DIRECTOR!! !!
— Seth Gecko (USA) on October 25, 2021

Reviews from customers

November 15, 2021
Great app
I've been using this app for a while now and it is great! Occasionally a movie or series or box set will populate with the wrong info but I've contacted support and they are quick and get it corrected!
App 4 1/2 stars There are still a couple of ways it could be better - but there are always improvements and this app is better than it was when I started using it!
Service/support 5 stars! They're kind, respectful and helpful. If you have a large collection to catalog this app is for you! — Jeffrey Levin on CLZ Movies
November 11, 2021
Great app
Love this app!!!
Never buy a movie you already own again. I have been using the CLZ software for years. Using both the game and movie programs I can keep track of what I have when I'm out and about buying physical media. — WhiteChocolate4 (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 10, 2021
I love your product!
Thank you SOOOOO very much, don't know what I was doing wrong before! I have over 3500 DVDs, don't know what I would have done if I had to re-enter all over again!
I love your product! Makes it very easy to keep track of my collection. Some day I may get adventurous and do the same for out book and music collection! — Martha Escandon (USA) on Movie Collector
November 09, 2021
I’ve been using IMBd for years to record my collection but it was terribly slow and made worse by its last update. Having tried CLZ l will not be going back! I have scanned all my movies in very quickly using the barcodes, or manually input them from their massive database. I’ve even changed some of the covers that I didn’t like for better ones and edited a couple of movie titles to suit myself! I’m going to be enjoying this for years for what I would regard as a small monthly outlay. Well worth it for any movie collector. — The Amazing Spider-rob on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2021
This is the best one
I've used several cataloging apps, but this one is by far the best one. Very easy to use, and has many features that the other apps lacked. If you're a physical media collector, this is the app you want. Well worth the subscription. — Nicholas Colameo on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2021
An A Class App
Great app for cataloging!! — Matt Medek on CLZ Movies
November 06, 2021
CLZ Movies
I’ve been using this app for years now. It’s one of the best databases I’ve seen. Being able to list movies a variety of ways, so very useful. — JeeMinie (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 03, 2021
I am LOVING this app!
I've had a spreadsheet logging movies in manually and now with CLZ Movies, I can scan them in and the movie info automatically inserts itself. Also I can look up a movie by title, director, actor, etc. LOVE IT!! — Kevin Goss on CLZ Movies
November 02, 2021
Excellent catalog app
Excellent catalog to keep track of my Movies. Easy and Complete software to use. — Julius R. on CLZ Movies
November 01, 2021
Good systems
Already using the CD version, I thought I give the movie version a try: same style, easy to use, and (nearly) all can be done with barcodes and the camera. Perfect for my collecton! — Fritzwgb on CLZ Movies
October 30, 2021
Great app
I scanned roughly 400 titles in about 1 hour. — Dave P on CLZ Movies
October 27, 2021
A truly marvellous App, in which you can organise your Movie collection with efficiency. I always needed a lot of help in that department, as I have a bad memory remembering which films that I have got. All the functions that I like so far, are the Seen and Running times features the most.
Excellent communication and support, if needed are available. Thank you, you are a lifesaver. — KIM WAH TO on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Easy app
Easy use, great way to keep account of your collection. — Jane Hamilton on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Excellent so far
Really helpful to document every movie I have in my collection. This is is a valuable resource, as I struggle remembering what I have got so far. Thank you very much. — KIM WAH TO on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Absolut Top!
Wenn eine Software meine Zwecke erfüllt, bin ich gerne bereit, auch dafür zu zahlen. Ich habe die App für das Smartphone und den Web-Dienst abonniert und bin rundum zufrieden.Es sind alle Tools vorhanden, um die Sammlung komfortabel aufzubauen und zu pflegen. — je-handmade woodworks on CLZ Movies
October 25, 2021
Blown Away! FINALLY!
I have been thru a xouple of other apps for sorting and tracking my 2000+ film collection. Finally I have hit on a winner.
The big pluses for me A. When adding a boxset it gives you the option of adding as a single boxset entry or it will add each film. Which is awesome because it isn't how many cases do I have it's how many films!
B. And this was the deal sealer I can have automatically sorted DIRECTOR folders and can track the collection by DIRECTOR!! !! — Seth Gecko (USA) on CLZ Movies
October 24, 2021
Easy to scan barcodes
I just started entering movies into the software. It is easy enough to scan the bar codes. — Richard D. Goller, Jr. on CLZ Movies
October 22, 2021
This is a great app for storing movies. I have a great animation collection that I use it for and it's excellent. — Erskine Williams on CLZ Movies
October 19, 2021
I like this app
Great movie collection tool. — Jim Oler on CLZ Movies
October 17, 2021
Easy to use!
Great way to store what movies you have. You can also watch a trailer for movie titles you have and a spot to add a location where your movie is. This is just what I needed for my collection. — Manda Miller on CLZ Movies
October 13, 2021
Thanks for the new feature
Just letting you know of my appreciation for your 2.5.1 upgrade and it's synchronization of links to the cloud. It has led me to a complete redesign of my own blog/web presence. I now use your cloud almost exclusively for my listings and details. It is much less klutzy and considerably more attractive than my own design. Not to say it's perfect, but for me the simple addition of web 'links' has made all the difference.
Again. Thanks, — John Deitz (USA) on Movie Collector
October 06, 2021
Quick and easy. — Gerald Songy on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
Very easy to use
I love the add to wish list. I can check the movies online then check my Movie Collector to confirm I don't already have it. Then I have my shopping list. Too easy. Thank you. — Lionel Rose on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
Love this app!
It helps me keep track of my ever growing Movie collection and has saved me from doubling up a few times. I have only ever had one issue, which as soon as it was reported to the developer, they responded within the half hour with a fix that solved the issue!! — MrAdes009 on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
CLZ Movies
Worth every penny. — Duncan on CLZ Movies
October 01, 2021
Great App
Great App For Managing Your Movie Collection. — John Wilson on CLZ Movies
September 30, 2021
This software is the best I’ve used to catalog my over 3000 movie collection. Every feature you could ask for and they keep adding more features and improvements. I had a couple issues that were my fault, the response time was fast, professional and solved my problems quickly. I highly recommend this app and this company and their very professional staff. — ViperPilot1234568 on CLZ Movies
September 29, 2021
Everything you need to catalogue and access your discs easily...super! — Paul Prentice on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2021
Excellent data base
I find it very helpful when i am buying more dvds etc, so l don't buy one l already have. — Bruce Mcgregor on CLZ Movies
September 27, 2021
This app rocks
Really liking it so far. Easy to use. — mildomiller on CLZ Movies

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