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About Collectorz.com

Who is who?

Alwin Hoogerdijk
President and Founder, Marketing
Sytske Hermans
Marketing and PR
Ronald Kats
Windows and Mac OS X Development
Robbert van Koningsbruggen
Web Development
Pim Duin
iOS and Android Development
Sven Spillekom
Web Development
Athan-Jon de Jager
Graphics, Video, Marketing Assistant, Customer Support
Martin Keur
Content Management movie, music and book databases
Rowdy Peetam
Content Management movie, game and comic databases

Contact information

Collectorz.com BV
W.G. Plein 384
1054 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Customer Support
Need help with our software? Then please use our Customer Support Page

Business Inquiries
Phone: +31-20 772 44 11
(for customer support, please use our Support Page instead)

Corporate website
Bitz & Pixelz

Collectorz.com is located in the AOC building at W.G. Plein, Amsterdam