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Reviews from customers

March 14, 2023
Kind and professional
I appreciate that whenever I've contacted you for help, your representatives there have always been very patient with me and professional, thank you. — Samuel Martinez (USA)
February 27, 2023
Quick response
Thank you for the quick response on Holy Sunday. That's what I call support. — Willem Hoffmanns (Germany)
February 22, 2023
Appreciation for your products and service
Love the desktop apps and the Android CLZ Counterparts. Both have saved me from purchasing music and movies I already have in my collection by having the phone info synced with the desktop apps I love even more.
My very best to the team for creating awesome cataloging solutions. — Rob Stancil (USA)
February 13, 2023
You have been a gr8 help with a gr8 product. — Richard B. (Australia)
February 11, 2023
Thank you!
I wanted to say "Thank you" for your consistently thoughtful and professional efforts! — Rick R. (USA)
February 09, 2023
You have an amazing product and Team. — Jason (USA)
February 05, 2023
Love them all
I've been using these programs for the last 10 years, love them all. — Jeffery Melhorn (USA)
January 26, 2023
Terrific service
Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply.
Terrific service from CLZ as I’ve come to expect!! — Alan Jones (United Kingdom)
January 16, 2023
You guys (and your program) are awesome!
I love this software, best I've ever had and the support is un-matchable. — Todd Johnson (USA)
January 10, 2023
This is a huge help!
I didn't expect such an immediate and perfect solution to my problem. Thanks so much for your help, you're the best! — Nathan Buckton (Canada)
January 03, 2023
Very helpful support team. — Hagop Shishoian (Australia)
January 02, 2023
Great product
I'd like to compliment you and your staff for the great product you have developed. With the large collection I have, I am very grateful to have such an easy way to manage my library of items. — Paul Johnson (USA)
January 01, 2023
Excellent service and commitment
Hi Alwin and the team, just wish to say a BIG thank you all for your continued excellent service and commitment. Hope your Christmas went well and good wishes to you for a Happy & Healthy New Year! — David Wenden (United Kingdom)