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Reviews from customers

April 03, 2020
I can find every single book
I love these guys too...my book collection, organized by book collector, consists of more than 10,000 books, My whole Appartement is books, books, and books. Thanks to Collectorz.com I can find every single book. Beyond that, I've organized hundreds of CDs and movies with music collector and movie collector. I'm really happy with it. — Hub Koken (Netherlands)
March 31, 2020
Excellent software
Dear Alwin and Team, I just wanted to say thank you for all your work with this excellent software. I am in Sydney Australia and as with most of the rest of the world, during this terrible time, we are in "social isolation and distancing". It is good to have access to such software as yours.
Please all take care of yourselves and stay safe. — Bernard Dunne (Australia)
March 29, 2020
The perfect tool
Thanks for all your help, everything is now working perfectly, first class support from you guys as always. Both the Music and now the Movie version of the app are the perfect tool to keep my collection organised. — David Brown (United Kingdom)
March 27, 2020
You guys are great. Big project during social distancing. Orchestral Scores, Music Books, DVDs, 1000s of items to database. Cleaning up. Thanks. — Dave Newman (USA)
March 26, 2020
Outstanding software
You guys just keep crushing it! Improvement after improvement! Outstanding! — Robert Hurley (USA)
March 25, 2020
Love your apps
Take care guys..I love your apps... keeping myself busy during this period with your music, movie and books app..keep up the good work. — Jeffrey Chan (Singapore)
March 25, 2020
Great customer service
They literally replied to my original review in less than 24 hours and unlocked the app so I could organize. They really went above and beyond. — Moshfosh (USA)
March 24, 2020
You are all (literally) the best there is
Anyhow, as always, your customer service and expertise are the best there is.... Again, Thank You for everything you have done...are doing...and will do. I "work" with your program at least a couple of hours each day and I feel you are "family".
You all are a "Class Act" — Jay Shepard (USA)
March 24, 2020
Wonderful products
Thank you for keeping your wonderful products up and running in these trying times. — Sean Scahill (USA)
March 23, 2020
Love these programs
Had them for 10+ yrs. I use comic, game and movie collectorZ. — Joseph Day (USA)
March 16, 2020
Great customer service
Great product offering and customer service :) — Attila B (Canada)
March 10, 2020
Great databases
A very big thank you again to you and your team for creating these great databases. Thank you all again for all your hard work and not only will I continue to use these great databases, I will continue to tell people about them. — Rick Myers (USA)
February 27, 2020
Fun program
I have raved over your internet support! I hope many of my friends have switched to Collectorz. It’s a wonderful, fun program. — Graeme Bregani (Canada)
February 27, 2020
Happy with your software and support!
Thank you for fixing that and such a FAST response: your support has been and continues to be THE BEST of any company I’ve dealt with ‘ever in the history of ever’! — Jim Rhea (USA)
February 26, 2020
Thank you so much
Thank you for the excellent service and products.
A very happy customer. — Don Stambaugh (USA)
February 21, 2020
Good customer support
Your customers use your product a few hours here and there, cumulatively over years. Like me, the cataloging and tracking of their collections is a labor of love for many. Their confidence in the data they enter is of utmost importance to them. Good customer support (which I routinely receive) is as valuable a marketing tool as any other for customer retention.
Which is why I truly mean it when I say thank you. — Sami Besalel (USA)
February 10, 2020
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my mistake. It appears to be working beautifully now and I am impressed not only with the product but also the customer support/service.
Thanks again. — Neil Jenks (Australia)
February 06, 2020
Makes me happy
I turned 80 a few days ago, an event which got me thinking about events that have made me happy. Collectorz is one of the tops and I want to thank you again for the way you do things.
Incidentally, for me the new start-up screens are a big part of that pleasure. — Mike Young (South Africa)
February 01, 2020
Your helpline
Have to thank Sytske for the immediate help I’ve just received. The back up service you provide far exceeds any other helpline I’ve ever had to deal with. — ?Thomson Woodie? (United Kingdom)
January 30, 2020
I love collectorz books, movies and music and always look forward to your brilliant updates. — Lesley Boon (United Kingdom)
January 29, 2020
Love the software
Love this service. I have used this for 10+ yrs now. — Joseph Day (USA)
January 28, 2020
Best organization and care
Unrivaled in attention to detail and customer service. Had a problem in the middle of the night and management would not quit until it was completely resolved- unbelievable. Look no further- you need these guys!!! — easyrhino2 (USA)
January 16, 2020
Best purchase yet!!!
I have a copy of Music and Movie Collector and I can honestly say it is the best database program for collections on the market!! Not only is the program and the app everything I want and need but, when there is an issue (which is quite rare) they respond almost immediately and fix the issue with no problems. I am completely satisfied with the app and program and recommend it to anyone who owns movies, music, books, games and any other collections they have apps for!!! — Moviegal279 (Canada)
January 06, 2020
Up-to-date software
I appreciate the hard work you and your company are doing to keep the software up-to-date. Happy New Year! — Jerry Barkman (USA)
January 03, 2020
Awesome customer service
Awesome customer service, very personal and patient!
They resolved any problems I had within a few hours. — Lamborghini Lean (USA)