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Video Game Database Software - catalog your game collection

Automatically download game details and imagesLike developer, publisher, game description & cover art.
Just search our huge online game database ... ... by game title or by scanning barcodes.

3 game organizer solutions - mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

The mobile solution :

  • Mobile app for iOS or Android.
  • Built-in barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
  • One-time purchase.
  • Install on multiple devices.
  • Free updates for life.

The easiest solution :

  • Web-based, just login and go!
  • For any computer, tablet or phone.
  • Automatic updates & backups.
  • All data stored in the cloud.
USD $2.50
  • Subscription service.
  • Use from any online device.
  • Updates included in subscription.

The most advanced solution :

  • Install on your own PC.
  • Many features and data fields.
  • All data stored on your computer.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
  • One-time purchase.
  • Use on multiple PCs.
  • Includes 1 year of updates.

Use our free CLZ Cloud system for syncing between devices, easy backups and online viewing & sharing

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your game data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your game list online and to share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your game database.

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Reviews from customers

April 19, 2017
Easy tool
It is very easy to use and keep your games organized. The search function is very simple and the sync is nice. — Alexis Upton on CLZ Games
April 16, 2017
Easy to get organized
Great way to have a collection of all my games in one spot. Super easy to add titles via scanner too. — Kyle West on CLZ Games
April 15, 2017
Loving this App
With an easy to use interface, high quality layout and graphics, this is a game collectors dream. Checking this out is a must. — eclipzone on CLZ Games
April 15, 2017
Great app
With a collection of well over 400 titles I love the app. I don't have to worry about buying double of anything. Been using the app as well as the pc version for a few years now. — Joshua Sweeney on CLZ Games
April 11, 2017
So far very good
Just got free version, so far very good, will be back to submit more accurate review!!!! — Josh Kelly on CLZ Games
April 05, 2017
Functions Well
Have experienced some freezing and crashing when adding/syncing, but from the email I received I'm guessing it was just due to their server issues they recently experienced since I was using it during that time frame when I was having the issues.
It seems to have been fixed and I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the app overall and the company behind it. They are really good about letting you know what's going on and they seem to be on top of issues pretty quick. No games with a barcode have stumped the app yet. App has a decent amount of features yet its UI is simple to use. — EllyMay808 on CLZ Games
March 31, 2017
Clean and simple
I switched from another game cataloger and have not regretted the switch ! Thank you for making collecting clean and simple. — Daniel Rossignol on CLZ Games
March 27, 2017
Nice app
This is one of the better apps to help record your video came collection. There are frequent updates to keep it running smoothly. — wpd121 on CLZ Games
March 26, 2017
Love it
Use it all the time when I'm browsing gaming shops. — Stephen Bulmer on CLZ Games
March 25, 2017
This app is great! — Julián132 on CLZ Games
March 24, 2017
Great game app!
Great app to manage your game collection! Works fine and smooth. Super! — Usa reizen on CLZ Games
March 19, 2017
Super app easy to entering data by bar code and now life time 15$ is really worth. — Shaha dev on CLZ Games
March 18, 2017
The only good one
I think this is the only good app to organize the games you play. — Túlio Moreira on CLZ Games
March 17, 2017
Excellent way to keep track of games. Since I can sync my database, I don't have to worry about losing it either! — Phillip Landrigan on CLZ Games
March 16, 2017
Die beste app
Die beste und einfachste App dieser Art. Der Preis von 15€ ist viel aber bis jetzt liefert keine App die erwünschten Ergebnise. — Ahmad Mawas on CLZ Games
March 15, 2017
Adding games is great!
Never have to worry about buying the same game twice.
I have the Comic and Movie apps can't wait to use those as well. — Mario Saldana on CLZ Games
March 13, 2017
It works great
Keeps track of my games. — Christopher Shinn on CLZ Games
March 13, 2017
Excellent to control your collection , easy to use. — Leonardo capovilla on CLZ Games
March 12, 2017
Nice App .... logs game collection very well, and you can add them manually if it's not on the online data base. — Jaymz Ritchey on CLZ Games
March 07, 2017
Love it
Love the app easy way to keep track of my game collection. — Geno Unser on CLZ Games

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