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Video Game Database Software - catalog your game collection

Keep track of your game collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic game information and cover imagesJust search our online game database by barcode or title

Mobile app

Mobile app for iOS & Android

  • Fast and slick mobile app
  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • All data stored on your device
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner


Downloadable software

  • Downloadable desktop software
  • Install on one PC
  • All data stored on your computer
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app


Web-based software

  • State-of-the-art online software
  • Login and use from any computer
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

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CLZ Games
1 year
Game Collector
1 year
Game Connect
1 year
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USD $0.00
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your game data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your game database.

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Reviews from customers

November 27, 2020
I love your software
First and foremost, kudos on the fantastic software. I use it all the time, and every time I think you guys can't make it any better, you do! — Michael George (USA) on Game Collector
November 24, 2020
Keep up the great work
You all have the best product on the market and are always helpful and improving. I appreciate it and wish everyone a happy holidays! — CJ (USA) on Game Collector
November 15, 2020
Best games archiv software ever. — chiphead1969 on CLZ Games
November 06, 2020
Very good
Great to keep track of your collection And one of the best tech support out there. Hands down phenomenal, 5 star, no one else compares! — Tyler Anderson on CLZ Games
November 06, 2020
Au top même avec un faible niveau en Anglais. Ça mérite de payer l'abonnement. — Jed 86 on CLZ Games
November 05, 2020
Works great
Nice app ! So cool for have the videogames inventory. — Carlos Arce Portuguez on CLZ Games
October 31, 2020
Very good
This is hands down the best resource for finding and collecting games in a single database. I use to use the Desktop app, but now solely use the mobile app and the Cloud Connect platform. Scanning barcodes is easy, searching is easy and syncing is very fast. The customisability is extensive but simple to use. For bulk edits I prefer the web interface, but everything is achievable in this app. Hats off to the development team who are always updating the platform at a reasonable rate. — Matthew Perovic on CLZ Games
October 30, 2020
Comprehensive and well maintained
I have a very large collection and have found this app really helpful and visually attractive. Updates are frequent and it keeps getting features. The most recent update makes value tracking much better. The customer support is amazing. Very helpful and responsive. — Little.Ralphie on CLZ Games
October 28, 2020
CLZ Games is fantastic!
It's the best app of this kind and I tried a lot. And the support is fantastic to. If you have a need they help you quickly. — Latscho83Yo Yoyoyo on CLZ Games
October 27, 2020
CLZ makes it easy!
Great way to organize your whole collection in one place. CLZ makes it easy too! Update: Recently I had to contact support, these guys were great! Solved the problem I was having in record time! Fantastic app and support ! Keep up the great work and features. — Trevor Mann on CLZ Games
October 27, 2020
One of the best customer support
Seriously this app is complete and great. One the best i have try among many and the 1.99$ is worth it. I had a problem with adding multiples games and they respond the same day and fix it 3 days later in their next update. What a crazy support, love it. Keep the good works! — MonkeyJam14 on CLZ Games
October 26, 2020
Highly recommended
This app and the developers excelled my expectations again. I can't recommend this app enough. — Mike on CLZ Games
October 26, 2020
Very good app
Although I prefer Game Collector (desktop) with is many options, this a nice addition to track your collection on the go. Cloud syncing works fast and flawless. Customer support is great and really fast (<1 day) if you have any questions or additions. Recommended! — Frank Borst on CLZ Games
October 24, 2020
Brilliant app. Love it. — Nate W on CLZ Games
October 23, 2020
Quality App and support
I’ve been using this database for over a year. It’s always been ultra stable with no problems. If I have a question it’s answered promptly. I’ve been using music app for many years. I’ve never been disappointed. — SidHo007 on CLZ Games
October 21, 2020
Thank you!
THANK YOU!!! That was exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you for taking your time with my question and thank you for the realy, realy fast answers! — Valentin Irimie (Germany) on Game Collector
October 21, 2020
Works really well
Like any CLZ product, the maintenance levels by the teams are exemplary. Any great products to boot. I have 3. Movies, Music and Games. Keeps me well organised. — Roger Trewenack on CLZ Games
October 20, 2020
La meilleure application
La meilleure application pour référencer sa ludothèque. Permet également de partager via un lien URL sa collection. Application simple d'utilisation et efficace. — Alexis Gatinot on CLZ Games
October 16, 2020
The Best App For Game Collectors
I shopped around a bit for an app that would allow me to track my collection before settling on this one. This one is by far the most complete feature rich game collection tracking app that is available on the market. My favorite feature is the Barcode Scanner for adding games into your collection. This is a must have for collectors! I was able to scan in most of my collection in less than 30 minutes because of this scanner. Another really cool feature is being able to sync your collection to their servers which gives you the ability to share your collection with a simple link! I really like this app and I think you won’t find a better fit for tracking your game collection. — Jebus McStanley on CLZ Games
September 29, 2020
High quality
This is the fourth CLZ app I have used and they're all of equally high quality. Easy to use and constantly updated so they keep getting even better. Adding a book is simple - just type in the ISBN or title (or scan the bar code) and unless it's a really obscure book the details pop up from the huge database. Even if your collection is in the thousands this app will store them with ease and display them in any order you choose. Highly recommended. — Bravie2001 on CLZ Games
September 28, 2020
I know I have over 300 video games from every system and ive never cataloged it. The CLZ comic one is awesome and this one does not disappoint. Get it, pay for it, support these guys. 1.60 a month is a steal. — Christopher on CLZ Games
September 24, 2020
Pretty good. Robust for the price. Would recommend. — Brandon Mather on CLZ Games
September 21, 2020
Tout au top, version payante sans aucun soucis, Je recommande très fortement. — zyxs56000 on CLZ Games
September 20, 2020
Really cool well thought out database app. — Max Knerler on CLZ Games
September 15, 2020
The best game app
Easily the best game collector app out there in my opinion. Easy to use and regularly updated. Does everything you need to catalogue your whole game and hardware collection. — Steve Rees on CLZ Games
September 10, 2020
I have a ton of games from ps2 to ps4 also Xbox to Xbox one so it's handy to have a record of all my games in 1 place so I know what I have as I'm always collecting more so this app is perfect. — Wolfenste1n on CLZ Games
September 10, 2020
A breeze
Makes compiling my game collection an absolute breeze. Cheers guys. — A I on CLZ Games
September 06, 2020
The best
The best application in terms of cataloging games. Just perfect, everything is well organized, you can add game covers if you don’t find them, you can also add games manually. Everything is well organized and beautiful. — Juan & Bianka on CLZ Games
September 05, 2020
Great app
An absolutely incomparable program! Indispensable for my collection of games! I have been using it for quite a long time and have only positive emotions !!! Thanks to the developers! — Eduard Vasilevski on CLZ Games
August 30, 2020
Helps me keep track of my collection. — Tyler Manning on CLZ Games

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