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Video Game Database Software - catalog your game collection

Automatically download game details and imagesLike developer, publisher, game description & cover art.
Just search our huge online game database ... ... by game title or by scanning barcodes.

3 game organizer solutions - mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

Feature comparison

The mobile solution :

  • Mobile app for iOS or Android.
  • Built-in barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).

The easiest solution :

USD $2.50

The most advanced solution :


Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your game data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your game database.

Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

  • Scan barcodes with the camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly send the scanned barcodes to the Game Collector or Game Connect software on your desktop computer.
  • Download CLZ Barry from the App Store / Play Store.

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Reviews from customers

September 10, 2017
Keep track of your games
Best way to keep track of all your games. — James Howard on CLZ Games
September 08, 2017
Awesome app
Awesome app if for some reason your phone crashes your directory is connected to Facebook if you like so you don't lose your stuff. — Cory Stanley on CLZ Games
September 07, 2017
Games catalog
Convenient way to catalog games. — Brian Buckner on CLZ Games
September 05, 2017
Great app
Awesome app. And great customer service. — MrNinjaClown on CLZ Games
September 04, 2017
Game collectors
Great app for game collectors. — Richard Smith on CLZ Games
September 03, 2017
Great product
Very accurate product. — Charles Pearcy on CLZ Games
September 01, 2017
Love this
Best app yet. — SWGA MtG on CLZ Games
August 30, 2017
Brilliant way to keep track of all my games
No more buying a 2nd copy because I couldn't remember what was in the collection. — Brent Paul Swiggs on CLZ Games
August 28, 2017
My games organized
Great app for keeping my game collection organized. — David Rose on CLZ Games
August 25, 2017
Track and manage game collections
Excellent way to track and manage game collections across multiple systems / launchers. It's quick, simple, and visually appealing. After adding the custom tags "Now Playing" and "Loaned Out" and viewing folders by tags, this app fits all my needs. More than worth the steep premium fee (~$13USD) if this is the kind of functionality you're looking for. — Chris Aamot on CLZ Games
August 23, 2017
Great app
Love being able to sync to the cloud and view my collection the web. — David Southwood on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
It was already a brilliant way to keep track of my game collection; the added features in the latest version make it even better! — Melynir on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
Great app!
I've used the collectorz software for years. It's always been a great software and the CLZ app is just as great. Its so easy and convenient I actually use it as my goto software over the computer. — Italian77 on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
Dependable and convenient
There are plenty of collectors databases I could use but I tried this one out first and it works. It's easy to log in the games that I buy and I love how they have the setup. You can categorize your games by year or genre or console. I've used this app for more than a year now and since I started they continuously are improving the functionality of it. You can now add games to their database if it's missing which is great for me. Whenever a problem comes up or a glitch their customer support is very attentive I've only had to contact them twice and each time they have gotten right back to me and solve the problem almost immediately. This app is definitely worth it. — Saldanamoreno on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
Great Software from Great Folks!
Can't say enough great things about all the Collectorz software. Mostly use Games for keeping track of my collection, weeding out doubles to sell, etc. Makes knowing what you have & what you paid when and it's current value very simple and effective. Also their support is fantastic having received email replies within 48 hours and the they offer huge savings multiple times per year to extend your updates. Great work Alwin & Collectorz!!!! — Nviso209 on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
CLZ Games
With the new changes, the app os almost perfect now. Things that I thought were missed, have been added. Nice Work fellas. — Leonardo Carrascosa on CLZ Games
August 08, 2017
The best
This collection app is one of the best out there! You get what you pay for. — PhatGVE on CLZ Games
August 03, 2017
Just got your app and found it really impressive! Really good work! — Anthony Cresp on CLZ Games
July 30, 2017
Cool app
This app is very cool and it's nice to have every platform on one single app instead of having one dedicated to each. — Venkman00 on CLZ Games
July 28, 2017
Great app
Great app to keep a tab on your collection. — Wayne Costelloe on CLZ Games

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