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Nov 19, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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CLZ Games reviews from customers

November 11, 2022
Keep up the good work
I am really liking the app so far. It’s absolutely fantastic! Thankyou for creating it. Seeing my collection displayed by the boxart is so nice and it’s a great way to track my expanding collection. The app and the plethora of features it currently has are more than enough to keep me happy! — Craig W. (Australia) on CLZ Games
October 27, 2022
Handy App
I'm really enjoying using this app. It extremely handy for keeping track of my game collection considering I'm very forgetful and sometimes buy multiple copies on accident, so thanks for saving the money in my wallet! — Varien Gaming 2 on CLZ Games
October 19, 2022
I recommend every CLZ product
Amazing apps, sometimes some recent title are missing but easy to add. — Matt Delacroix on CLZ Games
October 16, 2022
Great app
Fantastic application to track your games. Only using it with ps2/ps4/xbox and switch so far but great. — Francisco Vidal on CLZ Games
October 05, 2022
Can't imagine life of gaming without it
Been using this app for years, can't imagine life of gaming without it, to me it's indespensable. — Vaux LC on CLZ Games
September 26, 2022
Very good app. — Rodrigo Correa de Lima on CLZ Games
September 25, 2022
Self entitlement
It really blows my mind reading some of the 1 star reviews on this app, none of them are anything negative about the app it’s all must idiots crying about having to pay money for something that has taken many many hours of time and effort to make, this isn’t someone’s GitHub project it’s a businesses product ,they just expect everything for free, this app is well worth the 20 odd dollars a year if you are a serious game collector it scans and finds 99 percent of games you scan including pal libraries, sure there is other apps filled with ads that only support ntsc go use and enjoy your ad infested rubbish I’ll keep using CLZ games. — epicdsl (Australia) on CLZ Games
September 24, 2022
Erstklassig, vor allem in Zusammenarbeit mit der Desktop Software. — Mike Küchler on CLZ Games
September 19, 2022
Great experience with the app
I’ve been using the app for a few years now and it works quite well. Every time I’ve had a question or didn’t understand something, I get a quick response when I contact for help and everything has always been resolved.
Definitely recommend to other collectors. — bebhylian3 (USA) on CLZ Games
September 18, 2022
Super App
Super für den Überblick. — Dennis Kay on CLZ Games

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