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What's new in CLZ Games for iOS?

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.14.1: New for iPad layout: Resizable panels

December 7th, 2018

A useful update of your app today, that is, if you are using the app on an iPad:

All panels in the main screen (folders, list and details) are now resizable using draggable separators between the panels, so that you can customize the layout to your own liking.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.13.1: Redesigned app icon

November 16th, 2018

New: Redesigned app icon

We designed new icons that give new users a better indication of what the app actually does (as opposed to just a different color CLZ logo), but still obviously belong together, when shown together.

New: More Field Defaults

The Field Defaults screen now lets you set default values for the Completeness, Has Box and Has Manual fields.


  • Platform list was outdated when Add screen is opened for the first time.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.11.1: Secure HTTPS connections

August 26th, 2018

Secure HTTPS connections, for your security and privacy

As indicated in our recent GDPR email, we are updating our software and services, to be more secure and to better protect your privacy.

Starting with version 4.11, CLZ Games now uses secure HTTPS connections for all communications with our servers:

  • for logging in with your username and password
  • for syncing your data with CLZ Cloud
  • for sending your searches to Core.

To make this possible, we have created new secure “entry points” on our servers, that are only allowing secure HTTPS connections. The new CLZ Games app only communicates with those secure entry points.

For your privacy and security, we strongly recommend updating your app to v4.11.


  • The buttons to switch folders, sorting and view options have been moved to more logical places to make them more accessible.
  • The skins and templates options have been moved to the settings screen.
  • The selection mode button has been removed, just tap and hold on an item to start selecting items.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.10.2: Bigger and easier to spot Add button!

May 9th, 2018

New for the Add Games screen:

  • Add button is now bigger and easier to spot (some new users missed the little round “+”).
  • Add button now “remembers” your collection vs. wish list selection. No need to pick from the Collection/Wish List popup menu every time you add anymore.


  • Adding a game would clear the collection status filter in the main screen.
  • The sorting option screen would sometimes not fully show the chosen sort option when opened.
  • iPad: Main screen: the details view did not refresh after changing the details template.
  • iPad: Main screen: the ‘edit my rating’ pop up was rotated when in landscape mode.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.10: Many new sort options and a redesigned Select Sort Order screen

April 19th, 2018

We’ve added new fields to sort on to change the order in which your games are displayed in your list. Your game list will adapt to sort and show the field you’re sorting on. On top of that we’ve redesigned the Select Sort Order screen to make it more clear what you’re choosing.

Open the Select Sort Order screen by tapping the menu top right, then tap “Sort order”.

All available sort fields:

  • Platform, then Title (New!)
  • Platform, then Release Date (New!)
  • Title
  • Release Date
  • Order of Entry (New!)
  • Purchase Date (New!)
  • Purchase Price (New!)
  • Price Charting Value (New!)
  • Current Value (New!)
  • Completion Date (New!)
  • My Rating (New!)
  • Quantity (New!)
  • Index
  • Storage Device (New!)

All fields can be sorted either ascending or descending. Tap the field you wish to sort on, then tap “Apply” to confirm.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.9: Improved search features

February 21st, 2018

Quick Search: Search-As-You-Type suggestions

Instantly find and select a particular game in your local database:

  • In the Quick Search box, just start typing the first few letters of the title you are looking for.
  • While typing, a drop-down list will appear, showing the first five matching games (for most games, it only takes 2 or 3 letters before it shows up).
  • Once you see the game you were looking for, tap it to bring up its detail page
  • TIP: Tap the search button on the keyboard or tap “View All Results” to perform the normal search.

Quick Search now searches more fields

Now also searches in:

  • Series
  • Descriptions
  • Notes
  • Tags

Full list of fields that are now searched:

  • Title
  • Barcode
  • Platform
  • Series
  • Descriptions
  • Notes
  • Tags


  • Faster loading of details screen.
  • Crash within a few seconds of opening the app.
  • Crash when pressing ‘Change account info’ in the sync screen.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.8.1: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing!

January 10th, 2018

A new v4.8.1 update for your app is available now, with:

Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing

Add or edit games and your changes will auto-upload to the CLZ Cloud instantly.
Made changes on the desktop or Connect side? Just start the app and changes will download automatically.

Note: Auto-Syncing is switched OFF by default. Switch it ON in the “Sync with CLZ Cloud” screen.

The CLZ Cloud syncing will let you:

  1. Sync your data between devices, e.g. between your phone and your tablet. Or from your old phone to your new phone.
  2. View your database online using the free CLZ Cloud viewer website.
  3. Make an online backup of your data. Better safe than sorry!

New: ‘None’ folder entries

  • Added ‘None’ entries to list of folders: The [None] folder groups the books you have not set the field for on which you’re currently folder grouping.


  • Search cleared when the X button was pushed in the search bar of the main screen.

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.6.10: Further improvements to the Add Games screen

November 9th, 2017

In today’s update for the CLZ Games app, we have made further tweaks to the Add screen, to make it clearer and (hopefully) more stable than previous versions:

  • Slightly smaller font for the game title, so that longer titles fit better.
  • Color high-lighting: Games already ‘on wish list’ now have an orange title, games already “in collection” show up with a blue title.
  • Improved scroll behaviour.

Fixes in this update:

  • Full screen cover scroller on iPhone/iPod devices was not properly updating its title bar
  • No platform icons in platform folder on iPad devices

CLZ Games (iOS)

v4.6.9: Optimized layout for iPad Pro

October 20th, 2017


  • Optimized layout of main screen on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
  • Optimized the performance of the main screen thumbnail view
  • Fresh placeholder cover images


  • Black bars showing on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
  • Disappearing floating add button when switching from list to thumbnail view

  • CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.6.7: Redesigned Selection Mode

    October 15th, 2017


    • Redesigned Selection Mode
      • Tap and hold on a game to select it, select as many games as you like (or select all, using the “Select All” top right).
      • Then use the blue action button to perform an action on the selected games (Remove / Update from CLZ Core / Update game values from CLZ Core).


    • Crash when saving a cover image to the camera roll
    • Odd scrolling behavior when expanding/collapsing a game title search result in the Add Automatically screen
    • Odd scrolling behavior when scanning game barcodes in the barcode scanning screen
    • Stuck keyboard after searching in main list
    • Autocorrect was enabled for the main list search bar

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.6.4: Download current values of your games

    September 12th, 2017

    This new version lets you download current value information for your games from the popular game pricing site PriceCharting.com:

    • When adding new games, they automatically come with game value info.
    • Values are determined based on the Completeness field (Loose vs CIB vs New).
    • See totals for your collection using the new Database Totals screen.
    • Download up-to-date value information for your entire collection using the Update button in the Database Totals screen.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.6.1: New Loose/CIB/New field plus enhanced cloud syncing

    August 4th, 2017

    For CLZ Games on iOS we have added several game-specific fields and made more fields available to edit in the edit game screen: This update is especially targeted at the serious video game collector:

    New “Completeness” field: Loose vs CIB vs New

    This is for the real video game collectors, especially those that are into collecting retro games:

    • Added: a new “Completeness” field, to indicate how complete your copy of a game is. Choose from:
      • Loose, meaning “cartridge or disc only”.
      • CIB, meaning “Complete In Box”, everything included.
      • New, meaning CIB and also still sealed.
    • Two extra toggle fields “Manual” and “Box”.

      To further specify the “Loose” status. You know, for those cartridges with just a manual, no box. Or in a box, but with the manual missing.
    • Group on the “Completeness” field by tapping the menu top right, then tap “Folders > Completeness”.

    Read more

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.5.6: Improved navigation in “All Games / Hardware” folder

    July 21st, 2017


    • Added a new “All Games / Hardware” folder with a back button to go back to your folders


    • Barcode queue was lost when a crash occurred in the Add from CLZ Core screen.
    • The “move to wish list” functionality in the Add from CLZ Core screen was not working.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.5.4: New preview templates and better navigation after adding

    June 11th, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core: New skinned preview templates.
    • After adding/editing a game, the app will now always find and show your last added game in your main screen.
    • If you log in to your CLZ Account on a new or empty device, the app will now ask you if you wish to download your games from CLZ Cloud.
    • Added skinning to Sign up/Log in/In App Purchase screens.


    • After each CLZ Cloud sync the “Quick Search” and “Collection Status Filter” was cleared.
    • When tapping the “Platform” button in the ‘Unrecognised Barcode’ screen the app could crash.
    • When a custom cover was downloaded via CLZ Cloud syncing, the thumbnail in the list wasn’t immediately updated.
    • When a game was removed, the list would scroll back to the top
    • Various skinning, layout and color fixes.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.5.2: New “Clear” templates added

    April 26th, 2017

    New in 4.5.2:

    • New Details View templates which are easier on the eye:
      • Clear Light template
      • Clear Dark template


    • After closing the add games automatically screen, it now selects the latest added game
    • Improved “tap” area of hamburger menu so you can back out of a folder more easily.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.5: A completely new look!

    April 20th, 2017

    A huge v4.5 update for the CLZ Games app is now available.

    And prepare to be shocked 🙂 (in a good way, don’t worry):
    The app looks completely different now, with a cleaner brighter look and an improved user interface.

    What’s new in CLZ Games 4.5 for iOS?

    • A completely new look, that is cleaner and brighter.
    • The choice between two skins/themes: Light & Dark.
    • No bottom toolbar means more screen space for your game collection.
    • Big floating blue ‘+’ button on bottom right for adding new games.
    • Access all other features and tools from ‘hamburger’ menu top left.
    • Access all view settings from menu top right.
    • Quickly switch between All / In Collection / Wish List at the top.

    How to update your CLZ Games app to version 4.5:

    • On your device, open the App Store app.
    • On the bottom, switch to the Updates tab.
    • Find the CLZ Games entry and tap “UPDATE” on the right.

    Do you like the new look?
    Then please let the world know by posting a nice review in the App Store!

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.3.3: Easily add games that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode”

    March 6th, 2017

    This update introduces an easier way to deal with “Unrecognized Barcodes”.
    A new screen that not only helps you to add the game to your app anyway, but also helps your fellow CLZ Games users by instantly adding the missing barcode to the CLZ Core online game database.

    CLZ Games missing barcodes

    What’s new in CLZ Games 4.3.3 for iOS?

    Easily add games that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode”

    • In the Add Games screen when a barcode is not recognized, a new “Unrecognized Barcode” screen will appear.
    • In this screen:
      1. Just find your game by title (Search-As-You-Type is also active here!)
      2. Then click Add Game.
    • This will:
      1. Add the game to YOUR database with full game details and your barcode.
      2. Instantly add the barcode to OUR Core online game database, connected to the game you selected. Which means that the next user who searches for the same barcode, will instantly get a result 🙂

    How to update your CLZ Games app to version 4.3.3:

    • On your device, open the App Store app.
    • On the bottom, switch to the Updates tab.
    • Find the CLZ Games entry and tap “UPDATE” on the right.


    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.3.2: Redesigned the edit screen and added new folder group options

    January 12th, 2017


    • Edit screen with tabs (main details/personal details)
    • Added folder options: my rating, edition, hardware type
    • Added hardware type as option in the manage pick list screen
    • Main list
      • Scroll position now remembered after editing/removing a game
      • Now updates live after editing a game
    • Added a ‘show all’ folder item in empty folders on tablet devices


    • List view section headers stopping at X
    • Crash in the in-app-purchase screen
    • Barcode can be added with voice dictation
    • App was occasionally crashing when searching for a title
    • Background image issue in the backdrop templates on phone devices

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.3.1: Redesigned Add Automatically screen!

    December 17th, 2016

    A huge v4.3 update for your CLZ Games mobile app is now available.

    In this update, we complete re-designed the Add Games screen, to make it clearer, easier-to-user and to help you add games more efficiently.

    What’s new in the Add Games screen?

    • Switch between By Title and By Barcode using tabs at the top
      (Add Manually and Add Hardware are now under Tools menu)
    • All panels are now resizable (list, details, camera)
    • Add button is now at bottom right (blue circle with “+” icon)
    • Adding By Title:
      • Suggestions appear in a drop-down while you type a title
      • Expand game edition list using “V” icons on the right
    • Adding By Barcode:
      • Camera scanner is now integrated in Add screen, not a separate screen
      • Tap the keyboard icon in the camera panel to enter a barcode manually
      • Delete barcodes from queue by swiping from right to left
      • Barcode queue is now remembered between sessions

    Read more

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    V4.2.1: New: “Manage Pick Lists” screen

    July 29th, 2016

    Version 4.2 adds a couple of improvements and tools that are essential for users who are doing most of their editing on the mobile apps:

    • New “Manage Pick Lists” screen (under new Tools menu).
      This new screen lets you take control of your pick lists, that is book Authors, music Artists, comic Series, Publishers, Formats, Genres, Subjects, etc… Use it to:

      • Fix typos in names.
      • Remove unused entries.
      • Merge duplicate entries.
    • Edit screen improvements:
      • New “value picker” screen for pick list fields, like Authors, Artists, Series, Genres, Subjects, etc… Just tap the field, pick a value from the pick list that appears and done. No more need to type the first few letters of a value (we all hate typing on mobile devices, don’t we?)
      • Tap the pencil icons to directly edit names of pick list entries.
      • Tap the pencil icon for Artists, Authors and Series to directly edit Names *and* SortNames.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    v4.1.1: New: Field Defaults screen

    May 23rd, 2016


    • Settings / Field Defaults: choose field values that will be set for each new entry automatically.
    • Edit screen improvements:
      • Improved layout to make it easier on the eye
      • New “Select Value” screen for easier entry of pick list fields (e.g. Artist, Format, Genre, etc…)
      • Cancel and Done buttons have been moved to the top bar.
      • New Delete button at the bottom.

    CLZ Games (iOS)

    V4.0.1: CLZ Games is now free to try out, lots of new features

    February 4th, 2016

    It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here:
    CLZ Games 4.0 for iOS!

    Apart from several improvements to the Add Game screen (see below), the 4.0 version contains an important change:

    CLZ Games for iOS is now free to download

    Starting with version 4.0, CLZ Games is free to download and starts with a limit of 100 games.

    New: Improved Add Games screen

    • Easily switch between Add methods (Platform & Title / Barcode / Manual).
    • Re-designed search results with included cover images.
    • Now add directly from results using quick-add buttons
      (no more need to open the Preview Screen).
    • New black style for Preview Screen.
    • Add by barcode now automatically opens Camera Scan screen.
    • Larger Camera Scan screen on iPad.