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Faster editing, updated Statistics and other tweaks

May 16th, 2017

At the moment our entire web-team, 3 developers, is working full-time on our Connect editions. And it shows: lot of improvements and small tweaks are being released in rapid succession.

An overview of last week’s updates, now live in your Connect account:

Faster editing

This is a big one, as it makes editing your entries in Connect a lot quicker (and less annoying!).
Previously, after editing an entry, the entire list refreshed which A. was slow and B. caused you to lose your place in the list.

Now, the list does not refresh anymore. After an edit action, the edited item is simply updated with the new field values. Which is super quick and leaves you right where you were before you opened the Edit screen.

NOTE: this change has one implication: If your edit action would cause the item to be sorted in a different place in the list, or even to be moved to a different folder, that will not happen immediately. A simple manual refresh is all it takes in that case.

Updated Statistics screen

We re-wrote the Statistics screen using different charting tools, which makes them look and animate nicer AND solves several browser-specific problems.

Print to PDF enhancements

The new Print to PDF feature can now be used on a selection of items. So just go to Select mode, select some items, then choose Print to PDF in the toolbar top right.

Also, we have added a Margin setting, that lets you control the width of the margins of the generated PDF output.

More column and sort fields

We are regularly receiving requests for more fields to be available as column and sort fields. If technically feasible, we are adding these as we go. Some recent additions:

  • Comics: Release Date and Cover Price are now available as column fields.
  • Comics: Read It is now available in the Field Defaults settings.
  • Movies: Director and Format are now sortable fields.
  • Movies: Title Sort is now available as an Export field.
  • Games: Genre is now available as a sort field.

Comic Collector (macOS)

v16.1.4: Fixed a crash when switching to statistics

December 1st, 2016


  • Main screen: switching from details to statistics would crash the program

Music Collector (macOS)

v16.1.5: Fixed a crash in the statistics panel

December 1st, 2016


  • Main screen: switching from details to statistics would crash the program

Music Collector (macOS)

v16.0.4: Maintenance build

March 22nd, 2016


  • Edit in List: Edit Rating was not working
  • Templates: Online Links: “https” URLs didn’t open
  • Cover Flow panel now has a black background
  • Performance: Statistics are no longer updated if not necessary
  • Sort Sets selection was sometimes lost after restarting the app
  • Main Screen: “Collection status” filter selection was not remembered after restarting the app


Most popular 5 movies, according to you

June 5th, 2012

Collectorz.com movie database” src=”https://www.collectorz.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/most.jpg” alt=”” width=”653″ height=”209″ />
The Collectorz.com cataloging software retrieves the details per title from our own databases for movies, music, books, comics and games. New releases instantly hit our top 10, even in pre-release phase or before the movie is released on DVD or Blu-ray.
The database statistics are live and up to date, which gives excellent info on the movies you like, have seen, are on your wish list or just bought on DVD.

This weeks’ top 5 movies from our movie database, according to you:

1. Man on a Ledge
2. Safe House
3. Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol
4. Underworld: Awakening
5. Iron Sky