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Software and app updates related to 'unrecognized barcode'

Just over two months ago, we released a huge v9.0 upgrade for the CLZ Movies app. But today, we’re back already, with a v9.1 update with two improvements related to cover images, a nice new setting for further customizing your app and finally, an improvement to the barcode scanner.

  • Add cover images for “Unrecognized Barcodes”
  • Update from Core now also let you REPLACE cover images
  • New “Hide Seen It” setting
  • Faster barcode scanner

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CLZ Games (Android)

CLZ Games 9 Feature Hilite: “unrecognized barcodes”

March 21st, 2024

This is “CLZ Games 9 Feature Hilite” number FOUR, all about dealing with barcodes that are not found in CLZ Core.

But first, if you missed an earlier feature hilite, you can still read them on our CLZ Blog here:

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Version 9 is here, a huge update for your CLZ Games app. In fact, it may even be the biggest update we ever did for CLZ Games, with many new features and several big improvements.
On top of that, our content team has been working for months to check and correct game cover images, to make sure the cover image exactly matches the barcode (regular editions vs collector’s editions, US vs EU vs JP vs AU covers, etc…).

  • Improved Adding Games by Title: big cover images for the various game editions (regional, collector’s editions, etc..), filter releases by Region (US, EU, JP, AU, etc.. )
  • New collections tab-bar: switch between collections using tabs at the bottom
  • New Check Value screen: quickly look up the value of a game, by scanning its barcode or searching by title (requires subscription!)
  • Improved Update from Core: now lets you replace cover images with better ones from Core
  • Better screens for dealing with “unrecognized barcodes”
  • More platforms icons: more platforms now come with their own icons

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Here it is, the 3rd “CLZ Movies v9 feature hilite” email. Today’s email is about the improvement to the screens for dealing with “unrecognized barcodes”.

BTW: if you missed first two v9 feature hilite emails, you can still read them on the CLZ Club forum here:

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It has been a while since we had the chance to sit down and work on the CLZ Movies app for a longer stretch. That is, doing improvements that are specific to movies and DVD/Blu-ray/4K releases. In fact, the project took much longer than anticipated, as new ideas for improvements kept popping while we worked on it. And we decided to just let that happen and create the best version of the app that we could think of right now.

Today, we can finally show you this huge v9.0 update for your CLZ Movies mobile app. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved Add Movies / Add by Title screen
  • Collection tabs: easily switch between collections using tabs at the bottom
  • New: tap an actor name in details to show all your movies with that actor
  • Better screens for reporting “unrecognized barcodes” and adding those movies anyway
  • When adding Box Sets, the app now automatically asks “Singly Entry or Multiple Entries?”
  • Many new icons for digital and streaming formats

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CLZ Movies (Android)

Sneak Preview: CLZ Movies v9.0!

January 12th, 2024

A huge update for your CLZ Movies mobile app is coming up, probably next week. Here’s a sneak preview of all the new features and improvements:

  • Improved Add Movies screen: big cover images for 4K/Blu-ray/DVD releases
  • Collection tabs: easily switch between collections using tabs at the bottom
  • New: tap an actor name in details to show all your movies with that actor
  • Better screens for reporting “unrecognized barcodes” and adding them anyway
  • Many new icons for digital and streaming formats

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Movie Collector (Windows)

v21.1.2 Various improvements and fixes

March 4th, 2021

New: Clear your CLZ Cloud right from the Sync screen

No more need to login to the CLZ Cloud site and use “Clear Database” there. It is now possible to clear/reset your CLZ Cloud straight from the Sync screen, using the Clear CLZ Cloud button at the bottom.

BTW: please only use this when strictly necessary, in case of problems. Clearing the cloud and re-syncing all items is a heavy operation and causes seriously load on our servers. Thank you!

New: Find Duplicates results can now be exported to a TEXT file

By popular demand: you can now export the results of the Find Duplicates screen, either to take with you as a text file, or for printing.

New: Use the Statistics screen on a selection

Something that “got lost” when we replaced the old Database Totals screen with the fancy new Statistics screen: being able to see totals for the selected items in the main screen.
So… now that feature is back! Just select items in the main screen, using the checkboxes or Select All, then open Tools / Statistics to see totals and charts for just those items.

New: Filter area in status bar now highlights when a filter is active

A common question in support: “Why don’t I see all my items anymore”. Always turns out that a filter is active, either in the Quick Filter Panel, the Alphabet Bar or the search box.
To make this clearer, the Filter area in the status bar at the bottom now highlights in yellow when a filter is active.

Improved right-mouse click context menus, with sub-headers

Through the years, new commands kept being added to the right click context menus, and to be honest, they became a bit messy. So about time we cleaned them up.
All main screen context menu’s have now been cleaned up, re-ordered and re-grouped with nice sub-headers.

Improved Unrecognized Barcode popup

In the Add Movies from Core screen, when you search for a barcode that our Core does not have yet, you get the Unrecognized Barcode popup, for reporting the missing barcode to our Core. This screen has two different TABs, for either single movies/seasons or for boxsets.

However, we were seeing many users using the wrong tab here, so we have adding a question popup here that explicitly ask you “Single Movie/Season OR Multi-movie Box Set ?”.
Let’s hope that this will help getting more Box Set barcodes reported correctly.

Edit Movie: Episode list now includes Seen It and Seen When fields

Small tweak to the Episode lists in the Edit Movie screen. It now has 2 extra columns for Seen It and Seen When.

Added format and logo for “FandangoNow”

A while ago we added a lot of formats with their icons. But after that, many users have requested the addition of FandangoNow, so here it is 🙂


  • Filtering on the Number of Episodes field did not work.
  • In Vee Eight template the new Audience Rating logos were shown too big
  • Statistics: total purchase price now includes Purchase Prices of Box Sets.
  • Card View: mouse wheel scrolling was broken
  • After Select All in list, some action bar button did not show up
  • After editing, the list did not scroll to the edited item anymore
  • Statistics: rare Access Violation while loading the screen
  • Picklist item images are now automatically resolved when folder changes
  • Update File Links: manual mode missing trailing slash by default