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Software and app updates related to 'clz barry'

CLZ Alwin, with a summary of CLZ’s busiest month ever, Oct 2022!
The month started with the CLZ team going to Paris to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. Then when back in Amsterdam, instantly rolling into our biggest launch ever: the integration of comic values from CovrPrice into our comic apps and software.
And then finally, dealing with all the questions about it, fixing some issues (pun intended) and releasing the first improvements based on your suggestions!

But I am happy to report that the launch was a huge success, with thousands of users signing up for CovrPrice and linking their CP and CLZ accounts! Users love seeing the values for their comics and getting an idea of the total value of their collection.

We will of course keep improving the CovrPrice features, but we can now finally free up part of the team for other, non-comic projects. We’ve got some cool stuff coming up!

The topics today:

  • The CLZ team in Paris, check out the pics!
  • Now live: Get comic values from CovrPrice in your CLZ app or software
  • Two improvements for the CovrPrice integration
  • Fixed: barcode scanning on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Coming up: CLZ Scanner app to replace CLZ Barry

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Movie Collector (macOS)

v19.2.2: Fixed CLZ Barry barcode scanning

April 25th, 2019

A couple of fixes for Movie Collector Mac today with squashed bugs that you reported to us:


  • Add Screen: Searching an IMDb URL or Title gave invalid XML if they contained “&” in them
  • Add Screen: Barcode scanning with CLZ Barry or CueCat didn’t work
  • Link with CLZ Core screen didn’t find any results
  • Editing the personal rating in the template and edit screens missed the star images
  • Templates stopped working if an “&” was in some of the fields

Game Collector (Windows)

v17.2.2: Various tweaks

July 20th, 2017

  • Add Games from Core: Search Results list is now loading/refreshing faster, especially for long lists.
  • New option for CLZ Barry: Auto-Connect. When enabled, the built-in Buddy for Barry automatically connects to the server when you start the program or open the Add screen.
  • The Expire Date of your Update Plan is now always visible in the lower right bottom of the main screen.
  • Image open dialogs could crash the program when used a lot and browsing through thousands of images

Movie Collector (Windows)

v17.1.7: Various tweaks

July 20th, 2017

  • Add Movies from Core: Search Results list is now loading/refreshing faster, especially for long lists.
  • New option for CLZ Barry: Auto-Connect. When enabled, the built-in Buddy for Barry automatically connects to the server when you start the program or open the Add screen.
  • The Expire Date of your Update Plan is now always visible in the lower right bottom of the main screen.
  • Fixed: Edit Movie, after updating from Core, switching to another tab could mess up the screen when the screen hadn’t finished updating yet


[CLZ News] No summer slowness here!

July 29th, 2015

Even though it’s been summer vacation time for several CLZ team members, we’ve been able to push out several huge releases, the most popular of which (by far) was the new Alphabet Bar. But don’t forget the huge book cloud update and CLZ Barry 2.0!

These are the topics of today’s newsletter, discussing all July releases and what’s cooking at the CLZ HQ at this very moment:

  • CLZ Cloud 2.1 for Books: Sync your *own* data for 8 extra book fields
  • CLZ Barry 2.0 for iOS and Android
  • New “Alphabet Bar” in all 15.3 versions for PC & Mac
  • Sharper Cover Thumbnails in all v15.3 versions for Windows
  • Further improvements to Connect and the CLZ Cloud viewers
  • What’s Cooking?

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CLZ apps: We’re ready for iOS 7

September 20th, 2013

This week, Apple released iOS 7.
And we’re happy to announce that all CLZ apps are now fully iOS 7 compatible!

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Review: “Runs like a dream”

August 6th, 2013

A very nice review of Book and Movie Collector on Sunilification. Here is a quote from it:

“Friends and readers would be aware of my woes of cataloguing books, DVDs and Blu Rays. I don’t own too many, roughly about 1200 books and 500 DVDs, but managing them can be a nightmare. Especially when items are regularly borrowed and returned. It took me a while to remember who hadn’t returned my copy of White Teeth or the original Festen.

For a long time now, I have been seeking a software to catalogue them or a barcode scanner that can scan and update the status of items when they are added or borrowed ( a la a public library). So far, I didn’t find anything that was complete or met all of my needs.

Last month, a friend suggested Collectorz. A visit on to their website and checking out the features of their products convinced me that they had what I was looking for. I have been using it over last couple of months and it runs like a dream. I think for people like me, who collect and manage books, I can’t recommend it enough.”

Read the complete review here.

CLZ mobile apps for AndroidHectic times here at the CLZ office in Amsterdam. We’ve completed some big releases and started on a couple of huge other projects. Some of which I will disclose in this newsletter (we’re back on Android!!), but others I have to keep quiet about for now.

First, here’s the new stuff we’ve launched this month:

And this is what we’re working on now:

Let me go over these in more details (warning: it’s lllloooonnnnnggggg).

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Do you own an Android phone or tablet?

May 23rd, 2013

CLZ mobile apps for AndroidI know, I know, it’s been way too long since we last updated our Android apps. But this is all going to change soon. Please read on for happy Android news …

You see, during most of 2012, while the Android and iOS editions of our mobile apps were exactly the same… our iOS editions still sold twice as many copies …
Yes, that’s weird, with more Android devices being sold. Maybe the average Collectorz user is more likely to use iOS, maybe the average iOS user buys more apps, I don’t know.

Fact is, when we started developing the most frequently requested features for our apps,
( adding, editing, barcode scanning and two-way syncing through Connect )
the obvious choice was to do all this for the iPhone/iPad edition first

Yes, I admit, that sucks if you’re on Android. But it got even worse:
The development of these 2.0 apps for iOS took way longer than expected 🙁
And all that time, progress on the Android editions was left at a standstill.

HOWEVER: here’s the good news:

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Released: CLZ Barry 1.1 for Android

May 16th, 2013

It’s live, a big update of CLZ Barry for Android, version 1.1!

CLZ Barry is our scanner app, with built in support for Music, Movie, Book, Comic and Game Collector. Barry also works brilliantly in Connect, our online cataloging tool.

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CLZ Barry for AndroidIt is live: the Android edition of CLZ Barry!

Finally you can scan barcodes with your Android’s camera and wirelessly send them to your PC or Mac, to any program, any text box, including of course all Collectorz software!

Buy the CLZ Barry app for Android ( US $7.99 ) here,
or just search for “clz barry” in the Android Market on your device itself.

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Great news: Barry for Android *will* do comics!

September 8th, 2011

CLZ Barry for AndroidIn last week’s Barry for Android update we told you that,
because of the less than perfect Android edition of the Red Laser engine,
CLZ Barry for Android would not support UPC+5 barcodes and thus could not be used for comic books.

But today I have great news:

CLZ Barry for Android *will* support comic book barcodes!

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CLZ Barry for AndroidA quick progress update on CLZ Barry for Android: The Android is coming along nicely. Almost all functionality has been implemented now.

The ETA is still: Tuesday September 13.

At the moment, Pim and AJ are focusing on the look and feel. Because of that, the app has finally reached a state where we could make a couple of screen shots that are quite close to the final look.

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What’s up at the CLZ HQ ?

August 29th, 2011

Collectorz.com Newsletter August 2011
Busy days at the CLZ HQ. Finalizing Barry for Android, 4 programmers working on the Mac software, rewriting the clz websites… and in the meantime also moving our database and millions of cover images to new hardware. Fun!

In today’s news summary for August:

  • Using a Mac? Then join the CLZ Mac Club!
  • CLZ Barry for iOS is live!
  • Upgrading our database server (again)
  • Other news (Connect, CLZ.com, Features pages)

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Here’s a cool video showing how CLZ Barry can be used with the Collectorz.com programs.

Like what you see? Then get CLZ Barry for iPhone/iPad here
or just to go the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for “clz barry”.

Just a quick message to Barry Club members to let you know that Apple has approved our CLZ Barry 1.0.2 build and it’s now live in the App Store.

This build 2 fixes the crashes some Comic Collector users have reported, plus a couple of other problems (full What’s New list is included below).

If you own an iPhone 3G or better, iPod touch 4th gen or an iPad 2,
then now’s the time to buy Barry.

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Great news: our CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app
has just been approved by Apple and is now live in the App Store!

Finally you can scan barcodes with your phone’s camera and
wirelessly send them to your PC or Mac, to any program,
any text box, including of course all Collectorz software!

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It’s been a while since the last Barry news, so time for an update:

ETA ???

During all the V8 chaos, Pim, AJ and Sven continued their work on CLZ Barry.
And I am happy to announce that the iPhone edition is almost finished.
We’re planning to submit it to Apple tomorrow.

After that, Pim will focus on the Android edition, trying to finish that one
as soon as possible. However, we probably can’t stick to our plan to release
both editions simultaneously.
It would be crazy to deliberately hold back the release of the iPhone edition.
I think we’ll just release the iPhone app as soon as Apple give us the “go”,
then launch the Android app when ready, probably 2 or 3 weeks later.

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This week, our support guys received a Barry question that worries me a bit.

Here it is:

“Will CLZ Barry also work with my Collectorz.com software?”

Wow… Have I been focusing too much on Barry’s general applicability?
(“send scanned barcodes to any program, any textbox on your PC or Mac”)

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CLZ Barry is our new wireless barcode scanner app for iPhone and Android.
Scan barcodes with your mobile phone’s built-in camera, then instantly beam them to your Windows or Mac OS X computer.

This week, we will send the first preview email to all Barry Club members,
with more feature information and of course, new screen shots.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this email and join the Barry Club now:

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B is for Barry: CLZ Barry

June 15th, 2011

Last week, we told you about a “secret” project we were working on:
Project B. We also gave you a hint, the Project B logo (on the left).

This post generated many guesses on Facebook and Twitter,
and we were happy to see that most of you guessed correctly:
Project B is a wireless barcode scanner app. And it’s called:

CLZ Barry !

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