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Software and app updates related to 'clz scanner'

CLZ Alwin, with a summary of CLZ’s busiest month ever, Oct 2022!
The month started with the CLZ team going to Paris to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. Then when back in Amsterdam, instantly rolling into our biggest launch ever: the integration of comic values from CovrPrice into our comic apps and software.
And then finally, dealing with all the questions about it, fixing some issues (pun intended) and releasing the first improvements based on your suggestions!

But I am happy to report that the launch was a huge success, with thousands of users signing up for CovrPrice and linking their CP and CLZ accounts! Users love seeing the values for their comics and getting an idea of the total value of their collection.

We will of course keep improving the CovrPrice features, but we can now finally free up part of the team for other, non-comic projects. We’ve got some cool stuff coming up!

The topics today:

  • The CLZ team in Paris, check out the pics!
  • Now live: Get comic values from CovrPrice in your CLZ app or software
  • Two improvements for the CovrPrice integration
  • Fixed: barcode scanning on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Coming up: CLZ Scanner app to replace CLZ Barry

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