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Software and app updates related to 'windows'

It’s the last day of July already, so here it is: your monthly dose of CLZ News!

Still making great progress, with half of the team still working from home, the other half present at the CLZ HQ in Amsterdam.
In July, we released 5 big updates for Windows and lots of small improvements to the Connect web-based software. Next to that, team mobile is preparing huge v6 updates for the CLZ mobile apps (sneak preview below!).

Here we go:

  • Collector desktop software for Windows:
    • Changing your folder field is now much easier
    • Edit screen: Add multiple authors, actors, artists in one go
    • Some examples of user feedback
    • Renew your subscription and always keep it active!
  • Connect web-based software:
    • Improved “Edit Multiple” screen
    • Configurable Date Format for Edit screens
    • New “Year” options for folders, colums and sorting
    • Improved Auto-Capitalization feature
    • More Totals in Statistics screens
    • Comic Connect: Auto-Fill Purchase Price with Cover Price
    • Music Connect: Use Alphabet Bar for Composers
    • Book Connect: AutoCap for Subtitles
  • CLZ mobile apps, for iOS and Android:
    • Sneak Preview: version 6.0 is coming up!

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[CLZ News] What’s cooking at the CLZ HQ?

January 31st, 2019

CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ News for January 2019.
Most of the CLZ Team is working on long-term, big projects, which meant there were very few releases this month. So let’s go over these releases and then do a “What’s Cooking” overview!

  • Several tweaks and fixes for all five v19’s for Windows
  • Multiple collections in the Connect web-based software
  • What’s Cooking??
    • v19 for macOS
    • v5 for all CLZ mobile apps
    • CLZ Shop update
    • Several “Core” projects

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CLZ Alwin here, with a September Newsletter filled with updates about our “Collector” desktop editions for Windows and macOS, including the first news about the upcoming version 19!

All of today’s topics:

  • Book/Music Collector for macOS: Improved Add from Core screens
  • All Windows editions: Improved stability + better Find Cover tool
  • All Windows/Mac editions: Version 19 is coming soon!
  • CLZ apps for Android: Easier to find Folder and Sort options
  • FIVE (!!) extra CLZ servers = no more daily backup slowness!
  • Connect: new customization settings, Dark/Light Skin selection coming up
  • Reminder: Switch from Collector to Connect, or vice versa, with our trade-in offer

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[CLZ News] Gearing up for 2018

October 31st, 2017

This is CLZ Alwin, with your October 2017 CLZ news.
2018 is getting closer, so work has started on v18 for Windows (v18 for Mac will follow in 2018). Next to that, regular updates for all mobile apps and continuous improvements for the Connect editions:

  • Movie Collector 17.2 for Windows: Automatically add multi-movie box-sets
  • All 5 iOS apps: new “Selection Mode”, for easy batch removing and updating
  • Connect and CLZ Cloud: Re-designs of all detail pages
  • Connect and CLZ Cloud: improved search, plus Search-As-You-Type suggestions
  • What’s cooking at the CLZ HQ?

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Lots of things going on at Collectorz.com, on all supported platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android *and* online (Connect!). Which will result in important software updates in all areas, some within a few months, some as early as “next week”, some even just went live!

Here’s what cooking now, in order of ETA:

  • Now live : Improved My.CLZ.com site.
  • Now live : Music Collector Cobalt.4 for Mac.
  • Next week : Music Collector Cobalt.5 for Windows.
  • Next month : CLZ FineDiner app for iOS.
  • Within 2 months: Connect 2.0.
  • Later: CLZ Comics 2.0 for Android.

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Our longtime competitor FNProgramvare (the maker of BookCAT) has ceased operations. We received loads of requests from current BookCAT users, seeking an alternative, for an import feature.
We have created and released a dedicated import routine for BookCAT users, wanting to switch to Book Collector. This import feature is available in Version Cobalt.3 build 1, released on January 9.

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Our longtime competitor FNProgramvare (the maker of CATVids) has ceased operations. We received loads of requests from current CATVids users, seeking an alternative, for an import feature.
We have created and released a dedicated import routine for CATVids users, wanting to switch to Movie Collector. This import feature is available in version Cobalt.3 build 1 and up, released January 9.

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Our longtime competitor FNProgramvare (the maker of CATraxx) has ceased operations. We received loads of requests from current CATraxx users, seeking an alternative, for an import feature.
We have created and released a dedicated import routine for CATraxx users, wanting to switch to Music Collector. This import feature is available in Version Cobalt.2 build 1, released today.

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We have just released version 11 for Music Collector for Windows.

Version 11 will give you full Unicode support, editing directly in the main screen list, a full cosmetic overhaul (Virtual Shelves, new icons, new templates) and much more…

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Coming soon: Music Collector 11 for Windows

July 12th, 2013

Yes, it’s coming soon, the next major step forward for Music Collector, version 11.

And if you’ve been following our news about the recent upgrades of our Movie Collector and Book Collector products, you probably already have a good idea what it will bring.

Music Collector will finally get:

  • Full Unicode Support – better handling of special characters for non-English languages
  • New Virtual Shelves look, new templates, new look for the toolbars and icons
  • More intuitive behaviour of the main screen’s tree and list panels
  • Integrated support for our CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app

But there’s more!

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A small, but recommended, maintenance update of Movie Collector 9 for Windows has just been released.


  • Update Automatically: sometimes actor image links would disappear
  • Main Screen: sorting on IMDB rating was very slow
  • Quick Search: cast and crew names weren’t always searched correctly depending on the “Show Names as Last Name, First Name” option
  • Edit Lists: ID column was never showing values
  • Templates: movie poster or backdrop weren’t showing when movie had no links.

To update, just use Help > Check for Updates in your current version of Movie Collector.

Mac users, good news!

A new major version of Movie Collector for Mac, version NINE, is coming soon!

Yesterday we have revealed the first v9 feature to the members of our MOVIE9MAC Preview Club.
It is up on our Preview Page now, with screenshots.
This is your last chance to become a member of this MOVIE9MAC Preview club.

Just click this link, then use the form to join.


Out Now: Book Collector 9 for Windows

January 29th, 2013

Out now:
Book Collector NINE for Windows!

Version 9 will give you automatic Author images and Wikipedia links, Author born/died information, full Unicode support, an improved main screen, plus a full cosmetic overhaul: Virtual Shelves, new icons, new templates, etc…

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Game Collector review

January 11th, 2013

Torontothumbs.com already reviewed Movie Collector and now also Game Collector.

“I have been using Collectorz.com’s Movie Collector to keep track of my movie library for years. Versatile and quite user-friendly, Movie Collector takes a lot of guesswork out of tracking my Blu-rays and DVDs, and even has a Loan function to keep tabs on movies that people have borrowed. Collectorz.com recently sent us their Game Collector program to evaluate. While there are other applications available to keep your videogame library in order, none of them are as complete as Game Collector.”

Complete review can be found here.

As you probably know, we recently released version NINE of our DVD and Blu-Ray
database software Movie Collector, with new features and a complete new look.

After its launch, we got bombarded with questions from Book Collector users:

“When will you release these improvements for Book Collector?
Please tell me it is coming soon!”

We always aim to please, so we immediately got to work and
I can now announce that Book Collector NINE for Windows is coming soon!

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Out now: Movie Collector 9 for Windows

December 11th, 2012

We have just released a major upgrade for Movie Collector for Windows, version NINE.

Version 9 will give you automatic images and IMDb links for actors & directors, full Unicode support, an improved main screen, Core for Movies support, plus a full cosmetic overhaul: Virtual Shelves, new icons, new templates, etc…

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Windows 8 CompatibleNow with tiles, touch interface and much more, Windows 8 is a fully re-imagined operating system. So did you upgrade already? Because we sure did!

As a careful user, you might be wondering if your Collectorz.com software works on it? And we’re happy to announce that you have nothing to worry about.

We can confirm that these Collectorz.com programs are working on Windows 8:

  • Movie Collector 8
  • Book Collector 8
  • Music Collector 10
  • Comic Collector 5
  • Game Collector 5

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Coming soon: Movie Collector NINE for Windows

October 25th, 2012

We have been working on this in secret for over 2 months now,
so I am happy I can finally bring you the big news:

Movie Collector 9 for Windows is coming soon! ( ETA: December 2012 )

  • Martin, Rowdy and Sven have been working on our central online movie database,
    to prepare it for 2 very cool V9 features, Sven creating new in-house admin tools,
    Martin and Rowdy using the tools to add new V9 specific "content".
  • Robbert has implemented several improvements to the barcode search engine,
    plus a new way to report missing movies, missing barcodes,
    broken trailer links and other errors (“Core for Movies”).
  • Last but not least, Ronald is programming the new features and improvements for the Movie Collector 9 program itself. Some hints:
    • The automatic downloading of the new V9 content mentioned above …
    • An interface re-design that will make everyone’s life easier …
    • A database improvement that many users have been requesting for years …
    • Several very nice cosmetic updates to the main screen …
    • The integration of Core for Movies …

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It’s finally here, Game Collector 5 for Windows!

For version 5, the CLZ team has focused on both the program itself and the automatic content delivered by our central online game database.

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Game Collector 5 for WindowsGreat news for all Game Collector users!

On July 10, we will release version 5 of Game Collector for Windows,
bringing new features, cosmetic improvements and more automatic game data.
Upgrading to Game Collector 5 will cost $24.95 (or equivalent in your currency).

Want to know more? Then join the Game Collector 5 Preview Club.
Club members will receive full “what’s new” information over the next 2 weeks.
On top of that, they’ll get instant access to the Game Collector 5 Preview Page,
which already has a sneak preview screen shot of the new main screen.

We have just released a major upgrade for Music Collector for Windows, version 10.

This version brings you improved handling of digital music files, plus many more functional and visual enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in V10.

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Music Collector V10 for WindowsMusic Collector V10 for Mac
Yep, it is finally going to happen : Music Collector 10 for Windows and Mac!

Our Windows and Mac programmers Ronald and Patrick are working simultaneously on the New Music Collector and it is going to be a close call who releases first.
But it is Ronald who will release first and wins the X race, Music Collector for Windows will be released early May.
Patrick will follow suit, the major upgrade for Mac will be released by the end of May.

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Book Collector 8 for Windows is live!

November 23rd, 2011

Book Collector 8It’s finally here, Book Collector 8 for Windows!
This may very well be the biggest Book Collector upgrade ever,
as we worked on both program features *and* on better automatic book data.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in V8:

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Book Collector 8Over 2,500 users have already expressed their interest in Book Collector 8
for Windows by joining the V8 Club (and getting access to lots of V8 screen shots).

If you’re interested in possibly upgrading to the best Book Collector ever, I recommend becoming a member of the V8 Club too (it’s free). This way, you will have the best information available to make the upgrade decision.

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Book Collector 8This is Alwin, the “head-librarian” at Collectorz.com,
with great news for all users of my Book Collector software:

Ronald, Robbert, Sven, AJ, Mark and I are working on
a major new version: Book Collector 8 for Windows!

Even better news: it’s gonna be released within 3 weeks (ETA is November 22).

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On February 15 2011, we launched Comic Collector 5 for Windows. It introduced the possibility to add comics by barcode, an improved Add Auto screen, automatic Preview Art, the new Find Cover Online tool and much more.
Of course we continue to improve our software, so yesterday we released version 5.1.
And by the way, the image above is the New startup “splash” screen featuring CeCe!

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