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Comic Collector 5 for Windows

February 15th, 2011

It’s finally here, Comic Collector 5 for Windows!

Version 5 adds a feature that comic collectors have been requesting for a long time:

The ability to catalog comics by barcode: Just type or scan the barcode to get automatic details and cover art for that exact issue (currently for American comics only).

And there’s lots more. Here’s a quick overview of what else is new:

  • Improved Design of Add Comics Automatically screen
  • Online database: download Preview Art for new/upcoming issues
  • Find Cover Image screen – Find missing covers using Google Images
  • Collection stats in main screen – charts showing comics by Series, Publisher..
  • Wish List functionality – New Collection and Wish List tabs in main screen
  • My Rating functionality – 10 star rating, edit from Details View
  • Improved Images View in main screen
  • New “Vee Five” templates – for View and Export, in 4 styles

But really, a simple bullet list doesn’t do it justice. So we have created a detailed What’s New page, with lots of screen shots.

A Mac OS X edition of Comic Collector 5 is coming soon!

We are going to bring you a Mac edition of our popular comic book cataloging software as well. And it is going to have all features of the version 5 for Windows from day one, including the brand-new Add comics by barcode feature!
The release date for the Mac version is May 19.

Interested? Then become a member of the Comic Collector Mac Preview Club. The Club is free and without any obligations to buy.
Sign up here.

A Comic Collector 5 key works on both the Mac and Windows edition. You can transfer a Comic Collector database from Windows to Mac if you want to change sides.