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News: all updates for our software and apps

Windows 8 CompatibleNow with tiles, touch interface and much more, Windows 8 is a fully re-imagined operating system. So did you upgrade already? Because we sure did!

As a careful user, you might be wondering if your Collectorz.com software works on it? And we’re happy to announce that you have nothing to worry about.

We can confirm that these Collectorz.com programs are working on Windows 8:

  • Movie Collector 8
  • Book Collector 8
  • Music Collector 10
  • Comic Collector 5
  • Game Collector 5

Collectorz.com software in the Metro interface

Check it out, you can add quick links to your Windows 8 Metro interface and quickly start the programs from there:

Collectorz.com Software in Windows 8

Need the latest version of our software? Upgrade your license here:

The software will start in the “desktop” on Windows 8, in a window. Just like they did on previous Windows operating systems. Just like you’re used to.

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant reports an issue

Some customers reported that the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant shows our software as
“Not compatible, Update available”

This is not true. The reports are fully based on users testing software on the Windows 8 betas. These betas did cause problems with our software, so the Assistant may report incompatibilities…

Not to worry: The latest versions of Movie, Book, Music, Comic and Game Collector are fully Windows 8 compatible.

You can ignore that.

Should you run into any problems with the software or have other questions, as usual:
check out our FAQs and Manuals, or contact support directly: