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News: all updates for our software and apps

We have just released a major upgrade for Music Collector for Windows, version 10.

This version brings you improved handling of digital music files, plus many more functional and visual enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in V10.

  • Improved Add/Link Music Files screen.
  • Improved Update File Links screen.
  • New: Cover Flow view, browse album covers in a 3D image browser.
  • New: Backdrop support, set album background images for the details panel.
  • New: Format and Country icons, plus customizable images for other list items.
  • Re-Designed Loan Manager, loan *and* return albums in batch, by barcode, etc..
  • New: Support for Box Sets, group albums in Box Sets, set box-level data.
  • Improved Add Albums Automatically screen.
  • Improved layout of Edit Album screen + calendar tool for entering date fields.
  • New V10 templates for Details View and Add Auto Preview
  • New startup “splash” screen featuring Kacey.

The full What’s New list with screen shots can be found here.

Before you ask ‘What about the Mac version”, we’re working on it and plan to release Music Collector X for Mac by the end of May/beginning of June. Keep an eye out for news about it.