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News: all updates for our software and apps

A small, but recommended, maintenance update of Movie Collector 9 for Windows has just been released.


  • Update Automatically: sometimes actor image links would disappear
  • Main Screen: sorting on IMDB rating was very slow
  • Quick Search: cast and crew names weren’t always searched correctly depending on the “Show Names as Last Name, First Name” option
  • Edit Lists: ID column was never showing values
  • Templates: movie poster or backdrop weren’t showing when movie had no links.

To update, just use Help > Check for Updates in your current version of Movie Collector.

Mac users, good news!

A new major version of Movie Collector for Mac, version NINE, is coming soon!

Yesterday we have revealed the first v9 feature to the members of our MOVIE9MAC Preview Club.
It is up on our Preview Page now, with screenshots.
This is your last chance to become a member of this MOVIE9MAC Preview club.

Just click this link, then use the form to join.