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News: all updates for our software and apps

Book Collector 8Over 2,500 users have already expressed their interest in Book Collector 8
for Windows by joining the V8 Club (and getting access to lots of V8 screen shots).

If you’re interested in possibly upgrading to the best Book Collector ever, I recommend becoming a member of the V8 Club too (it’s free). This way, you will have the best information available to make the upgrade decision.

Just enter your email address here to join and to get access to the V8 Preview Page:

Common questions about V8 (and their answers):

Q: How much will the upgrade cost?
A: Upgrading to Book Collector 8 will cost US $24.95 or equivalent in your
currency. (It doesn’t matter which version you own now.)
BTW: If you happen to have purchased Book Collector 7 in the last 3 months
before the V8 release, you will of course get the upgrade free.

Q: Is the upgrade mandatory? Can I keep using my old version?
The upgrade to V8 is fully optional. If you don’t want to upgrade,
or just not now, then you are welcome to keep using your current version.
However, only by upgrading to V8 can you enjoy all improvements that we
are continously doing to both the software and the online book database.

Q: Will my current CLZ Books mobile app still work with V8?
Yes, your existing CLZ Books app is fully supported in V8.

Q: Will version 8 still let me upload my books to Book Collector Connect?
Yes, Connect is here to stay and V8 fully supports it.

Q: What about the Mac edition?
A: This Book Collector 8 upgrade is for Windows only.
A major V8 upgrade for the Mac edition is planned for Q1 2012.