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News: all updates for our software and apps

Our longtime competitor FNProgramvare (the maker of BookCAT) has ceased operations. We received loads of requests from current BookCAT users, seeking an alternative, for an import feature.
We have created and released a dedicated import routine for BookCAT users, wanting to switch to Book Collector. This import feature is available in Version Cobalt.3 build 1, released on January 9.

With our new “Import from BookCAT” feature we’re offering BookCAT users the possibility to switch to Book Collector for cataloging their books, with 99% of their existing database and images preserved.
Here’s how to switch from BookCAT to Book Collector.

  • Use BookCAT to export your database to an XML file.
  • Then in Book Collector, choose File / Import from / BookCAT XML.
  • In the Import from BookCAT XML screen, browse to the XML file.
  • If (some of) your BookCAT using relative image paths, also indicate the location of your cover images.
  • Click the Import button.

You can try this in the trial software with 50 books first, so you won’t run into the trial limit too soon. When you like what you see, purchase your Book Collector Pro license and import your complete BookCAT database.