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Software and app updates related to 'windows' (page 2)

Alice in Wonderland movie backdropOn Tuesday (4 days ago), we launched Movie Collector V8 for Windows. Since then, over 5,000 users have already upgraded to the new version!

Not surprisingly, because the list of shiny new features is huge. However, the list is getting longer.

You see, one day after the release a smart user sent us a brilliant suggestion that we just had to implement:

* Why can’t we use the movie backdrops as the background for the details panel?

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Movie Collector 8 for Windows!

July 12th, 2011

Movie Collector 8 for Windows

Yes, it’s finally available: Movie Collector for Windows!

When users send us feature requests for a new version of Movie Collector,
most of the suggestions tend to be about the Add Movies Automatically feature
and the automatically downloaded data from our online movie database.

So for Movie Collector 8, that is what we focused on:

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Most of the Collectorz.com guys (programmers, designers, content managers
and of course, testers) have been working on it for a looonnggg time,
so I am happy that today I can finally announce the upcoming release of …

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Our home organizing software for CDs, DVDs, books, comics and video games comes in two flavors: Standard and Pro.
Apart from the obvious difference in price (Standard is half the price), how exactly do they compare in terms of features?

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Are you procrastinating cataloging your DVDs and Blu-rays because you think it is way too much work? Well, don’t.
Let me share my experience cataloging our shelves when I finally decided to organize our own movie collection.

When I started on the task I did not know how many movies and series we had, nor how much time it would take me to list them all.
My set up: Movie Collector Pro for Windows on my Vaio laptop and the OPN-2001 laser scanner.

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