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News: all updates for our software and apps

Our home organizing software for CDs, DVDs, books, comics and video games comes in two flavors: Standard and Pro.
Apart from the obvious difference in price (Standard is half the price), how exactly do they compare in terms of features?

We have created a comparison guide for you to get an overview of features in Standard and Pro for Movie, Music, Book, Comic and Game Collector.
But if you can’t make up your mind right now, just go for the Standard edition. You can always upgrade to a Pro later, for just the difference in price.

Basically, the Standard edition is all you need to organize your collection. It has all features you need to create a list with cover images of your valuables. You can browse, sort, filter and print your database and enjoy your organized shelves.
But if you have a really large collection, you may start right away with the Pro. Two of the best features of the Pro are the Queue mode for adding multiple items in one go and the User Defined fields. Especially when you have a huge amount of CDs, DVDs, books, comics and console games to organise, the Pro may be your best choice.

The trial version has all the features of the Pro.
All add-ons like Connect for sharing your collection online and the CLZ mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android can be used with both the Standard and Pro. Same goes for the use of the supported bar code scanners, these work both editions.