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Software and app updates related to 'android'

This is CLZ Alwin, with the CLZ Newsletter for June 2019.
Sytske and I just returned from a 7-day road trip to the south of France, so this newsletter is arriving in your inbox a few days later than normal. But we’re back at the CLZ HQ now and ready to roll!

These are exciting times, as we have finally started releasing the version 5 updates for the CLZ mobile apps (CLZ Music 5.0 and CLZ Books 5.0 are live, with the other 3 coming up soon!).

Next to that, we are close to the launch of two huge updates to our Core online databases for comics and games, which will enable us to finally release THE most often requested features for our comic and game database solutions. Read on for the big news!

Today’s topics:

  • Version 5.0 for all CLZ mobile apps:
    • Starting with v5, these are subscription apps, at $1.49 / month
    • Now live: CLZ Books 5.0 and CLZ Music 5.0 for Android and iOS
    • Coming up: v5.0 for CLZ Movies, CLZ Games and CLZ Comics
  • Coming up: Get Comic Pricing from Core, powered by GoCollect.com
  • Coming up: Add Hardware from Core & Add Games by Platform

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CLZ Alwin here, with a September Newsletter filled with updates about our “Collector” desktop editions for Windows and macOS, including the first news about the upcoming version 19!

All of today’s topics:

  • Book/Music Collector for macOS: Improved Add from Core screens
  • All Windows editions: Improved stability + better Find Cover tool
  • All Windows/Mac editions: Version 19 is coming soon!
  • CLZ apps for Android: Easier to find Folder and Sort options
  • FIVE (!!) extra CLZ servers = no more daily backup slowness!
  • Connect: new customization settings, Dark/Light Skin selection coming up
  • Reminder: Switch from Collector to Connect, or vice versa, with our trade-in offer

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[CLZ News] And Then There Were Twelve

March 30th, 2018

CLZ Alwin here, with your March 2018 CLZ News.
Let’s start with the biggest news: we hired two new web-developers: Joel and Stijn!

Which has increased the size of the CLZ Team to 12 people! Me (Alwin) running the place, my wife Sytske on Support, AJ doing Support, UI design and testing, Martin and Rowdy on Core, Ronald on Mac, Joe on Windows, Pim on iOS/Android and finally, Robbert, Sven, Joel and Stijn on Connect.

With 4 guys working on Connect, you can expect lots of progress there, with new features, more fields and many UI improvements. (Haven’t tried Connect yet? Just login at my.clz.com and use the Trial button there.)

Our software updates in March 2018:

  • V18 for macOS: Auto-Cloud-Syncing + Performance improvements!
  • Android apps: New sorting options
  • Connect web-based editions:
    • Redesigned screens for selecting Columns and Sort Order
    • Movie Connect: group movies into Actor or Producer folders
    • Many import tools coming up. Now live: “Import from Discogs”
  • Coming up for Windows: full “DPI Awareness”

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Despite the current heat wave in the Netherlands, the work on all our cataloging solutions is continuing.
This is the June 2015 edition of the CLZ Newsletter, with full details on last month’s releases, plus a quick overview of What’s Cooking:

  • The final 3.0 app for Android is live: CLZ Music!
  • Report movie data errors and missing movies to Core.
  • New: “What’s New” blog for Connect & the CLZ Cloud viewer.
  • What’s cooking? This is coming up next month.

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Lots of things going on at Collectorz.com, on all supported platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android *and* online (Connect!). Which will result in important software updates in all areas, some within a few months, some as early as “next week”, some even just went live!

Here’s what cooking now, in order of ETA:

  • Now live : Improved My.CLZ.com site.
  • Now live : Music Collector Cobalt.4 for Mac.
  • Next week : Music Collector Cobalt.5 for Windows.
  • Next month : CLZ FineDiner app for iOS.
  • Within 2 months: Connect 2.0.
  • Later: CLZ Comics 2.0 for Android.

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Connect re-design, iOS/Android updates and more

January 31st, 2014

The first CLZ Newsletter of 2014! So let me (Alwin) start with this month’s biggest news: We hired two new web-developers!

Early this month, we welcomed Bart and Dion to the CLZ team. Both are still students which means they will be working with us for just 2 days a week now. If all goes well, they will complete their studies later this year and will then join Collectorz.com full time.

Bart and Dion have joined senior developer Robbert on a huge project : a complete rewrite of Connect. All five Connect web-applications will get a more modern look and a responsive design that will automatically adapt to all screen sizes: desktops, tablets and phones.
We expect to be working on this for at least the next 3 months. I will try post regular updates on Facebook with screen shots of our progress.

Now, let’s go over this months releases:

  • Big 2.5 updates for all 5 CLZ iOS apps
  • CLZ Movies 1.6 for Android, with CLZ Cloud syncing
  • New Tools / Options screen for all Cobalt versions for Windows
  • Editing in main list now available for all Cobalt versions

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This is Alwin, with your Collectorz.com News for November 2013.

At the CLZ HQ, the Cobalt craziness is slowly quieting down. Our Support guys and gal (Chris, AJ and Sytske) have everything under control again.
On the development side, the advantages of the Update Plan system are already showing, with this month’s Cobalt.1 updates bringing a nice set of improvements for all PC & Mac programs and our new weekly “Maintenance Monday” resulting in faster fixes for reported problems (more details in the 1st topic of this newsletter).

I have three news topics today:

  • About Cobalt and Update Plans (over 13,000 users have gone Cobalt!)
  • 3 days left in our Black Friday Sale: Get an extra Collectorz.com program half price!
  • CLZ Movies 1.5 for Android is live!

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Alwin here, with your CLZ News for September 2013.

When I start writing these newsletters, I always scroll down the timeline of our Facebook page, just to remind me of everything that happened in the past month.

This time however, it looked like we were just a mobile app developer, as I only found posts about iOS and Android. Of course, our mobile apps are a big part of Collectorz.com, especially now with the recent iOS 7 release and our big Android project. But it certainly isn’t the only thing we’re working on!

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Do you own an Android phone or tablet?

May 23rd, 2013

CLZ mobile apps for AndroidI know, I know, it’s been way too long since we last updated our Android apps. But this is all going to change soon. Please read on for happy Android news …

You see, during most of 2012, while the Android and iOS editions of our mobile apps were exactly the same… our iOS editions still sold twice as many copies …
Yes, that’s weird, with more Android devices being sold. Maybe the average Collectorz user is more likely to use iOS, maybe the average iOS user buys more apps, I don’t know.

Fact is, when we started developing the most frequently requested features for our apps,
( adding, editing, barcode scanning and two-way syncing through Connect )
the obvious choice was to do all this for the iPhone/iPad edition first

Yes, I admit, that sucks if you’re on Android. But it got even worse:
The development of these 2.0 apps for iOS took way longer than expected 🙁
And all that time, progress on the Android editions was left at a standstill.

HOWEVER: here’s the good news:

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Released: CLZ Barry 1.1 for Android

May 16th, 2013

It’s live, a big update of CLZ Barry for Android, version 1.1!

CLZ Barry is our scanner app, with built in support for Music, Movie, Book, Comic and Game Collector. Barry also works brilliantly in Connect, our online cataloging tool.

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CLZ mobile apps for AndroidLast week, we released version 1.1 updates for all CLZ data viewer apps.

These version 1.1. updates, and all future app updates,
are *only* available through the Android Market.

If you originallly bought your app(s) via the shop on the Collectorz.com site, you can switch to the Market edition for US $0.99. This deal, originally planned to end on October 2, has now been extended to October 31!

Re-download your apps for US $0.99 (or equivalent) on the Android Market here,
or just search for “collectorz” in the Market on your device itself.

IMPORTANT: Before you download the new version from the Android Market,
you MUST remove the old version. If you don’t, you will get an error that says:
“Package file was not signed correctly”.

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CLZ mobile apps for AndroidWe have just released version 1.1 updates for all our Androids apps.

These 1.1 updates are *only* available in the Android Market.

If you originally purchased your Android app(s) via the Android Market, then you can just use the Market on your device to update to v1.1.

However: if you original bought your app via the shop on the Collectorz.com website, you will have to re-download from the Market to get version 1.1. Read on for more details about this.

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CLZ Barry for AndroidIt is live: the Android edition of CLZ Barry!

Finally you can scan barcodes with your Android’s camera and wirelessly send them to your PC or Mac, to any program, any text box, including of course all Collectorz software!

Buy the CLZ Barry app for Android ( US $7.99 ) here,
or just search for “clz barry” in the Android Market on your device itself.

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Great news: Barry for Android *will* do comics!

September 8th, 2011

CLZ Barry for AndroidIn last week’s Barry for Android update we told you that,
because of the less than perfect Android edition of the Red Laser engine,
CLZ Barry for Android would not support UPC+5 barcodes and thus could not be used for comic books.

But today I have great news:

CLZ Barry for Android *will* support comic book barcodes!

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CLZ Barry for AndroidA quick progress update on CLZ Barry for Android: The Android is coming along nicely. Almost all functionality has been implemented now.

The ETA is still: Tuesday September 13.

At the moment, Pim and AJ are focusing on the look and feel. Because of that, the app has finally reached a state where we could make a couple of screen shots that are quite close to the final look.

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Our clz.com domain is now the new home of the Collectorz.com mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Currently, only the CLZ Barry product site is on the clz.com domain, but we will soon movie the product pages of all other CLZ mobile apps here.

It’s been a while since the last Barry news, so time for an update:

ETA ???

During all the V8 chaos, Pim, AJ and Sven continued their work on CLZ Barry.
And I am happy to announce that the iPhone edition is almost finished.
We’re planning to submit it to Apple tomorrow.

After that, Pim will focus on the Android edition, trying to finish that one
as soon as possible. However, we probably can’t stick to our plan to release
both editions simultaneously.
It would be crazy to deliberately hold back the release of the iPhone edition.
I think we’ll just release the iPhone app as soon as Apple give us the “go”,
then launch the Android app when ready, probably 2 or 3 weeks later.

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CLZ Barry is our new wireless barcode scanner app for iPhone and Android.
Scan barcodes with your mobile phone’s built-in camera, then instantly beam them to your Windows or Mac OS X computer.

This week, we will send the first preview email to all Barry Club members,
with more feature information and of course, new screen shots.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this email and join the Barry Club now:

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B is for Barry: CLZ Barry

June 15th, 2011

Last week, we told you about a “secret” project we were working on:
Project B. We also gave you a hint, the Project B logo (on the left).

This post generated many guesses on Facebook and Twitter,
and we were happy to see that most of you guessed correctly:
Project B is a wireless barcode scanner app. And it’s called:

CLZ Barry !

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Our home organizing software for CDs, DVDs, books, comics and video games comes in two flavors: Standard and Pro.
Apart from the obvious difference in price (Standard is half the price), how exactly do they compare in terms of features?

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