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News: all updates for our software and apps

CLZ mobile apps for AndroidWe have just released version 1.1 updates for all our Androids apps.

These 1.1 updates are *only* available in the Android Market.

If you originally purchased your Android app(s) via the Android Market, then you can just use the Market on your device to update to v1.1.

However: if you original bought your app via the shop on the Collectorz.com website, you will have to re-download from the Market to get version 1.1. Read on for more details about this.

What’s new in version 1.1?

  • Improved performance of Search feature
  • All lists now remember their scroll position (e.g. after viewing item details)
  • Faster loading of lists after changing orientation
  • Import feature now supports multiple SD locations (for Motorola devices)
  • Thumbnail view now shows full images in their correct aspect ratios
  • Hi-res devices now get hi-res cover images (when exporting over Wi-Fi)
  • PLUS: more app-specific changes and fixes:
    • For CLZ Books: New folder option for “Read it” field
    • For CLZ Comics: New Have/Wish summaries at the top of Series pages, Search feature now searches on more fields: Series Title / Issue Title / Cross-over / Story Arc / Creators / Characters / Barcode, Barcode field is now imported and displayed.
    • For CLZ Movies: Search feature now searches on more fields: Title / Barcode / Directors / Writers / Producers / Actors.
    • For CLZ Music: Search feature now searches on more fields: Album Title / Album Artist / Album Composer / Barcode / Track Title/ Track Artist / Track Composer

CLZ mobile apps for Android

All CLZ apps for Android now ONLY available in the Android Market

In the past, we have been selling our Android apps both in the Android Market *and* in the shop on our own website. Selling the apps via our own shop seemed like a good idea when we started, mainly because at the time the Android Market did not support selling paid apps in many countries.

In the meantime, Google has fixed this and paid apps are now supported in most countries.
Also, many users who purchased directly from us were complaining about not being able to update their apps via the Android Market. Annoying indeed (and confusing).

So starting today, all mobile apps for Android, and their updates,
will *only* be available though the Android Market.

Updating to v1.1 if you originally purchased
your Android app(s) via the Android Market:

Just use the Market on your device to get this free 1.1 update. That’s it 🙂

NOTE: In order to use the new features in your updated 1.1 app, please sync your collection once from your desktop software!

Updating to v1.1 if you originally purchased
your Android app(s) from the Collectorz.com shop:

To get the v1.1 update(s) you will have to re-download your app(s) from the Market.

Of course, we were planning to let you re-download from the Market for free too, e.g. with a special coupon code or special link or something… However, the Android Market system does not give us any way to do that. It does not even let us make the apps free temporarily…

So we did the next best thing:

For the rest of this week the pricing of all our CLZ Android apps is set to the lowest price the Android Market allows: USD $0.99 (or equivalent). This will let you “re-buy” your CLZ Android app(s) for a very low amount, and thus immediately get the latest and greatest 1.1 update(s).

Get your apps on the Android Market here,
or just search for “collectorz” in the Market on your device itself.

NOTE: you have to remove the same-named old version from your device first!
Otherwise you will get a “Package file was not signed correctly.” error!

This 99 cents deal will end Sunday October 2, 23:59 PM !
(on Monday morning, all prices will be back to their normal $9.99 level)

I apologize for the inconvenience and the extra costs involved.

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