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Software and app updates related to 'update plans'

This is Alwin, with your Collectorz.com News for November 2013.

At the CLZ HQ, the Cobalt craziness is slowly quieting down. Our Support guys and gal (Chris, AJ and Sytske) have everything under control again.
On the development side, the advantages of the Update Plan system are already showing, with this month’s Cobalt.1 updates bringing a nice set of improvements for all PC & Mac programs and our new weekly “Maintenance Monday” resulting in faster fixes for reported problems (more details in the 1st topic of this newsletter).

I have three news topics today:

  • About Cobalt and Update Plans (over 13,000 users have gone Cobalt!)
  • 3 days left in our Black Friday Sale: Get an extra Collectorz.com program half price!
  • CLZ Movies 1.5 for Android is live!

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Just a quick FYI on this Saturday:
You can now update to the Cobalt version of your Collectorz.com software, whatever your current version is, for as little as US $6.95 !!

Since launch, 8,269 users (!!) have updated their software to the Cobalt versions, most choosing the easy and automatic monthly recurring US $2.50 payments for their Update Plan, the rest opting to just pre-pay for a year (US $24.95). (Update Plan? What’s that?)

However, we received many requests for both shorter and longer pre-paid options. Some users wanted shorter pre-paid periods because it would make it cheaper to update to Cobalt now, others wanted to pre-pay for a longer period, of course hoping to get more quantity discount 🙂

So we added both!

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Nine new Cobalt versions in one week!

October 28th, 2013

Hi all,

Alwin of Collectorz.com again 🙂
This time with the Collectorz.com newsletter for October 2013, the craziest month in Collectorz.com history! What a ride it was (and still is!).

The past 2 months the CLZ team has been working on nine (!!) new Cobalt versions for our Windows and Mac editions and at the same time preparing our software and server-side code for the completely new Update Plan system.

But I am proud to say that we made it! In the past 4 days, all nine Cobalt versions and the Update Plan system went live and it’s all working great 🙂
In the meantime, over 5,800 (!!) users have already updated to Cobalt, most of them opting to pay for their Update Plan with the new automatic monthly payments, others choosing to Pre-Pay for a year. Thank you all!

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Introducing “Update Plans”

October 22nd, 2013

It’s Cobalt Week! This week, for the first time in history, we’re going to release NINE cool new Cobalt versions of all Collectorz.com desktop editions, within ONE WEEK :-).
At the same time, we’re introducing a new way to pay for your software updates: UPDATE PLANS. Here’s the full story:

Up until now, we released a major upgrade of each program roughly every year, the upgrades costing US $25 and bringing many new features in one go.

However, from now on, we will start doing more frequent and smaller updates, throughout the year, for all 5 programs and for Windows and Mac, keeping all programs and editions more in sync with each other.

Of course, this requires a different payment system for updates, that we call “Update Plans”:

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