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News: all updates for our software and apps

This is Alwin, with your Collectorz.com News for November 2013.

At the CLZ HQ, the Cobalt craziness is slowly quieting down. Our Support guys and gal (Chris, AJ and Sytske) have everything under control again.
On the development side, the advantages of the Update Plan system are already showing, with this month’s Cobalt.1 updates bringing a nice set of improvements for all PC & Mac programs and our new weekly “Maintenance Monday” resulting in faster fixes for reported problems (more details in the 1st topic of this newsletter).

I have three news topics today:

  • About Cobalt and Update Plans (over 13,000 users have gone Cobalt!)
  • 3 days left in our Black Friday Sale: Get an extra Collectorz.com program half price!
  • CLZ Movies 1.5 for Android is live!

About Cobalt and Update Plans:

13,000 users already upgraded to Cobalt!

Since the launch of the Cobalt versions on October 22, over 13,000 users have already upgraded to Cobalt, getting either a monthly auto-recurring Update Plan (US $2.50 / month) or opting for one of the non-recurring pre-paid Plans (see below).
Thank you all for your confidence in the new system!

New Pre-Paid Update Plans:

Directly after the Cobalt launch, we started seeing requests for more Pre-Paid payment options for Update Plans. Some users wanted to pre-pay for multiple years (of course hoping to get a bigger discount), others asked for shorter (and cheaper) options. So we just added both 🙂 These are the currently available pre-paid options for going Cobalt :

  • 3 months for US $6.95 (the cheapest way to go Cobalt now!)
  • 6 months for US $12.95
  • 1 year for US $24.95
  • 2 years for US $44.95
  • 3 years for US $64.95
  • 4 years for US $79.95 (US $40 discount!)

New 5-step guide for Going Cobalt:

If you haven’t upgraded your software to the Cobalt version yet, then please check out our new 5-step guide for Going Cobalt. It’s an easy to follow how-to, with many screen shots, explaining exactly how you can do what 13 thousands fellow users have already done: Go Cobalt!

New Cobalt releases:

The #1 reason behind our switch to Update Plans (as opposed to yearly paid major upgrades) is to give you a more continuous stream of software improvements, for all 5 products, for both Windows and Mac. This month’s updates are already showing the first results of the new system:

More new features coming up in December!

Maintenance Monday

Last week, we started with a new weekly “Maintenance Monday”, during which Patrick and Ronald are fixing all reported issues in our Windows and Mac programs and immediately release maintenance builds where necessary.
No more months of waiting before you see your reported bug fixed!

3 days left in our Black Friday Sale:
Get an extra Collectorz.com program half price!

During our Black Friday sale (3 days left!) all Windows and Mac programs are HALF PRICE.
Go here to buy one or more Collectorz.com programs at a 50% discount.

Remember: this is a special deal for loyal customers like you, to give you the chance to add an additional Collectorz.com program to your CLZ software collection.

CLZ Movies 1.5 for Android is live!

It’s finally here: version 1.5 of the CLZ Movies app for Android!

  • Redesigned, more Android native user interface.
  • Optimized layout for phone and tablets, in both Portrait and Landscape modes.
  • New template for the Details Pages/Panels, based on the Cobalt template.
  • More fields are now imported from Movie Collector, like IMDb number, IMDb link, Condition, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Purchase Store, Seen It Date, Seen It Where, etc..
  • Completely rewritten database back-end, reading for the upcoming 2.0 version.

Click here for CLZ Movies 1.5 screen shots.

If you already own CLZ Movies for Android, then this is a free update for you! Just use the Play Store on your device to get the update. If you want to buy CLZ Movies for Android now, search the Play Store or Amazon App Store on your device for “CLZ MOVIES”.

Road map for Android apps:

Now that the first new Android app is live, here’s the road map for our Android development:

  • First, we’ll add CLZ Cloud syncing to CLZ Movies, which will be released as version 1.6.
  • Then, the other 4 CLZ Android apps will be brought to the same 1.6 level, starting with CLZ Comics.
  • Next up, the final (and biggest) step: implementing the long-awaited adding, editing and barcode scanning features, again starting with CLZ Movies, then CLZ Comics, etc…

That’s it for November! Happy Holidays!