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B is for Barry: CLZ Barry

June 15th, 2011

Last week, we told you about a “secret” project we were working on:
Project B. We also gave you a hint, the Project B logo (on the left).

This post generated many guesses on Facebook and Twitter,
and we were happy to see that most of you guessed correctly:
Project B is a wireless barcode scanner app. And it’s called:

CLZ Barry !

Do you know what the the #1 question is that we get from users? Here it is:

“Why can’t I use my iPhone or Android phone as a barcode scanner?”

Of course, the question makes sense. Everyone knows that phones with camera’s
are capable of scanning barcodes. There’s a couple of free apps for that.
But in those free apps, one important component is missing: connectivity.

If you can’t send the barcodes to your PC or Mac, you still can’t use your
phone as an actual barcode scanner for use in your desktop software.
E.g., just as an example, to add items to your Collectorz.com program 🙂

That is why we created the CLZ Barry system, which includes:

  • the CLZ Barry mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • the “Buddy for Barry” programs for Windows and Mac OS X
  • the CLZBarry.net communication server

CLZ Barry is coming soon to an app store near you.

Are you interested in using your phone as an actual barcode scanner?
Then use the form below to…

Barry Club members will get instant acccess to the CLZ Barry Preview Page,
with the first screen shots and a list of Questions & Answers.
Plus, you will receive Barry updates by email (not too frequent, I promise).

Got questions about Barry?

Then please just join the Preview Club, which will answer most questions,
either with the Q&A on the preview page or with later update emails.

I hope to welcome you to the club today,