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Movie Collector 8 for Windows!

July 12th, 2011

Movie Collector 8 for Windows

Yes, it’s finally available: Movie Collector for Windows!

When users send us feature requests for a new version of Movie Collector,
most of the suggestions tend to be about the Add Movies Automatically feature
and the automatically downloaded data from our online movie database.

So for Movie Collector 8, that is what we focused on:

  • More and better automatic data for movies:
    IMDb ratings, movie trailers, movie posters, movie backdrops and
    more plot summaries (in english, dutch, french, german and spanish).

  • More and better automatic data for more TV Series and their episodes:
    Full episode lists with: titles, air dates, plots, runtimes,
    writers, directors, guest cast and screen grab images.

( and yes, you *can* use Update Movies Automatically to
auto-download the extra data to your existing database entries! )

More and better automatic data for movies More and better automatic data for more TV Series and their episodes

But there’s more:

  • Add Movies Automatically: new Database Language setting and TV Series mode
  • Use the enhanced Add Movie Files screen to link movie files to episodes
  • Customizable images for all list items (Formats, Regions, Genres, etc…)
  • Improved layout of Edit Movie screen
  • New “V8” template showing the new movie fields and episode details
  • New “Trailers” template for playing embedded YouTube movie trailers

The full What’s New list with screen shots is here.

New V8 templates for Details View and Add Auto Preview