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News: all updates for our software and apps

Alice in Wonderland movie backdropOn Tuesday (4 days ago), we launched Movie Collector V8 for Windows. Since then, over 5,000 users have already upgraded to the new version!

Not surprisingly, because the list of shiny new features is huge. However, the list is getting longer.

You see, one day after the release a smart user sent us a brilliant suggestion that we just had to implement:

* Why can’t we use the movie backdrops as the background for the details panel?

He’s right of course. Why limit the use of backdrops to the MCE viewer?

So Mark and Ronald immediately got to work and on Thursday, we already released
a small update for V8 with a new Backdrop template. And it looks amazing:

Setting the Backdrop in Edit Movie, plus the result in the Details Panel 4 examples of movies with their own backdrop

These movie backdrops may very well turn out to be THE killer feature of V8.
And we’ve got more improvements planned for it next week, such as:

  • Automatic downloading of a backdrop image when you add movies use Add Movies Automatically.
  • Automatic download of backdrops for all your existing movies in batch using Update Movies Automatically.
  • The Backdrop template will be merged into the V8 template, as a new Backdrop “style” (yes, we should have done that immediately… oh well…)

If you’re still using an older version of Movie Collector for Windows, I really recommend that you upgrade to V8 ASAP, because this shiny new version is getting shinier everyday 🙂

Here’s some feedback from happy V8 users who already made their move:

Jay Orlikoff (by email):

“Just downloaded v8 and am loving updating my catalog. The episodes for
tv series and the trailers being added. I love it.
It is so worth the upgrade price.”

Urban Olsson (on Facebook):

“The trailer part alone was worth the upgrade fee!”

Douglas MacLean (on Facebook):

“It took only a few minutes after downloading Vee 8 to find myself blown away.
This update has actually succeed in placing the bar so far above anything out
there they might as look for another project to work on.
The episodes guide is fantastic especially since i own a lot of complete series
sets and it makes picking one to watch a breeze.
Thank you to the whole team for such a commitment to excellence.”

Nate Mayer (on Facebook):

“Thanks for the new features! Been waiting FOREVER for the the ability to
change icons, especially for the audio. I am a dork and found some badass icons
and now have the ability to fix the broken/missing ones.
The trailer, poster and new layout is awesome too. Worth the upgrade for sure!”

Steve Keane (on Facebook):

“The Backdrop feature is very cool, I’d love to see that in the other programs.”

Weslley Leandro (on Facebook):

“I talked in a previous post that my favorite template was the MvC5 iTunes.
But after seeing the backdrop template, I changed my mind. Very cool. Congrats.”