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News: all updates for our software and apps

Most of the Collectorz.com guys (programmers, designers, content managers
and of course, testers) have been working on it for a looonnggg time,
so I am happy that today I can finally announce the upcoming release of …

Movie Collector 8 for Windows !

What’s new in V8 you ask?
More fields, more automatic data for both movies and TV series, and more!

Full details will be revealed to the members of the V8 Preview Club.
Use the form below to join the club:

V8 Club members will get instant acccess to the V8 Preview Page,
with the first screen shots and a list of Questions & Answers.
Plus, you will receive V8 updates by email (not too frequent, I promise).

Got questions about Movie Collector 8?

Then please just join the Preview Club, which will answer most questions,
either with the Q&A on the preview page or with later update emails.

I hope to welcome you to the club today,