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Are you procrastinating cataloging your DVDs and Blu-rays because you think it is way too much work? Well, don’t.
Let me share my experience cataloging our shelves when I finally decided to organize our own movie collection.

When I started on the task I did not know how many movies and series we had, nor how much time it would take me to list them all.
My set up: Movie Collector Pro for Windows on my Vaio laptop and the OPN-2001 laser scanner.

I just started scanning all contents of the first shelf, movies by number. Then A, B, C, etc.
From left to right, first all movies from A to Z, then all series.
That is how our collection is sorted on the shelves: movies on DVD, movies on Blu-ray and all series and boxes from A to Z.
I scanned per shelf and loaded the batch of barcodes into Movie Collector.
The software then searched on barcode and gave me the results. When a movie or series could not be found by barcode, I searched again on title.

Within less than five hours I had organized our complete movie collection of 489 titles.
I found gems I did not know we even owned.
I also found movies still in shrink-wrap, gathering dust and never watched.
And found 2 duplicate movies, movies we purchased on both DVD and Blu-ray.

But the best part was that the scanning and entering was so much fun to do!
So when I was done with the DVDs and Blu-rays, I did not stop but moved to our book collection and added them in record time too.
Since that day I know exactly what we have and can access my collection anytime and anywhere, using the CLZ apps and Connect.

You can have that too!
Just download the trial edition of Movie Collector and start, today.
You don’t need a scanner per se it is just an extra way of adding your DVDs and Blu-rays to the software.
Start by typing the title or barcode and see how easy it is to organize your collection.
Don’t take my word for it, there are more happy campers out there who shared the same experience I had.