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Music Collector V10 for WindowsMusic Collector V10 for Mac
Yep, it is finally going to happen : Music Collector 10 for Windows and Mac!

Our Windows and Mac programmers Ronald and Patrick are working simultaneously on the New Music Collector and it is going to be a close call who releases first.
But it is Ronald who will release first and wins the X race, Music Collector for Windows will be released early May.
Patrick will follow suit, the major upgrade for Mac will be released by the end of May.

Music Collector for Windows will finally get all the new stuff that our other Windows programs have already received in the past few months.
The Mac edition is an ever bigger upgrade with LOADS of new features. This will be our fourth Mac OS X program, rebuild from scratch in the new framework.

Some of the new features are:

* The cool new Cover Flow view: browse album covers in a 3D image browser.
* Backdrop support: set album background images for use in the details panel.
* Re-Designed Loan Manager: loan *and* return albums in batch, by barcode, etc..
* Box Set Support: group albums in Box Sets and set special box-level data.
* Improved layout of Edit Album screen.

And lot’s more!

Everyone who owns a license for Music Collector 9 (PC) or 3 (Mac) or earlier will be able to upgrade to version 10 for US $24.95 ( 50% of the regular PRO price ).

If you want to stay updated on the Windows release, please sign up for the V10 Preview Club.
V10 Club members will get instant access to the V10 Preview Page, with the full What’s New list and a set of Questions & Answers.
Plus, you will receive V10 updates by email (not too frequent, I promise).
And of course you’ll be notified first on release day.
Sign up here.

If you’re interested in the Mac edition, make sure to join our Mac Club. Music Collector for Mac will be released by the end of May.