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News: all updates for our software and apps

On February 15 2011, we launched Comic Collector 5 for Windows. It introduced the possibility to add comics by barcode, an improved Add Auto screen, automatic Preview Art, the new Find Cover Online tool and much more.
Of course we continue to improve our software, so yesterday we released version 5.1.
And by the way, the image above is the New startup “splash” screen featuring CeCe!

Here’s an overview of the three main new features in 5.1:

Backdrops (= background images) for the Details Panel
Comic Collector now automatically downloads Series Backdrops and uses those images as series-specific backgrounds for your Details Panel.
Or: you can opt to use the automatic Preview Art as the Backdrop. Finally, you can set series- and issue-specific Backdrops manually.
Cover Flow view, a 3rd viewing option next to List and Images.
– New: Publisher and Imprint logos for the Details Panel.

We have created a set of screen shots to show off these new features. Of course there are more added improvements so install the update if you’re already on version 5.

The screen above shows how the backdrop image is created.

Four examples of the Details Panel, using the backdrops.

The Cover Flow View, a third viewing option next to List and Images.

Screen that shows how to add Country icons to the country list.

If you’re ready to start organizing your comics today, sign up to receive the trial software.
The trial is limited to 100 comics but fully functional. Our software comes in two flavors, Standard or Pro. The trial is the Pro.