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Looking for a CATVids alternative? We import your CATvids database !

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Import your CATvids data into Movie CollectorJust export to XML from CATvids, then import that XML.
Then sync to our free CLZ Cloud ... ... to use your data in any of the 3 solutions below.
All movie information powered by IMDbCast, crew, plot details and daily updates to IMDb Ratings.
For your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • Sync data with the Movie Connect software
For your computer
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux, chromeOS, etc.
  • Use with the free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
  • Sync data with the CLZ Movies mobile app

Or... use them both, as perfect companions!

Both CLZ Movies and Movie Connect can be used on their own, as a stand-alone solution. But these tools really come to live when used together, as they are great companions.
While away from your computer use CLZ Movies on your phone, then use Movie Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard.
Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution.

CLZ Movies
1 year
Movie Connect
1 year
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Also still available: Movie Collector for Windows

Movie Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.
Using Movie Collector is only recommended for advanced Windows users, who know how to install/update software, manage folder and file permissions, configure firewall/security software, make their own backups, etc...

Learn more about Movie Collector

Latest software updates

Had been considering some kind of catalog app so I could keep track of my expanding library. Tried a couple of free apps, but they were limited in their scope & ability to manage my collection the way I wanted. Finally decided to invest in the highly rated CLZ app, and am so pleased I did! App is intuitive and allows so much control of how to categorize your films. I haven't even explored all the features yet, but for 1.25month, will be recommending to others. — Karin Starling (USA) on September 18, 2022

Reviews from customers

August 25, 2022
Fab-tastic app
Fab-tastic app, a one stop shop for cataloguing your movies with added extras. — Brian Woods on CLZ Movies
August 22, 2022
Cataloging app
Great app for cataloging movies. — me too on CLZ Movies
August 05, 2022
Awesome App
Finally got all my movies cataloged! What an awesome App. — Troy Riles (Canada) on CLZ Movies
July 28, 2022
Makes cataloging a whiz!
Both bar code scan and voice recognition makes cataloging a whiz! If it's in IMdb, it's in my catalog now. — Edward Hurley on CLZ Movies
June 07, 2022
What an awesome product!
I've contacted you about the 3 products I own and LOVE before. I just had a most amazing experience. I've been experiencing some disk problems and didn't realize my movie collector database was on that drive. This morning, Movie Collector wasn't opening and I was having other problems. I then saw a life saving message from your software. To set the scene, I have nearly 3,500 movies and TV series I've catalogued. The message was something like my datafile was corrupt with 0 records retrievable. AGH! I kept reading, would you like to use an auto back-up made two days ago? YES!! I was back in business in less than 30 seconds.
It doesn't get any better than that! You auto-saved my butt! I couldn't even imagine starting over, this has taken MANY years of collecting.
So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! — consul50 (USA) on Movie Collector
June 04, 2022
Perfect for cataloging my film collection! — Stevo Flo on CLZ Movies
June 01, 2022
Great service and a great app
this app is excellent for cataloging and organizing my movies and well worth the upgrade to use all the major features. Movies in the mail and it helps me remember what I've actually bought before! As a side note, Alwin from customer service helped me with an issue I had recently on the app and did so in a very timely fashion and got it up and running again for me. — Austin Howell on CLZ Movies
May 10, 2022
My movies catalogued
I've used this cataloging program since it was only computer download. Now it's a cloud system with a very simple app design which allows me to continue to keep my movies catalogued which helps me stay organized now that i own movies on Vudu, DVD, Amazon, etc. I can use this to see all of my movies at once, in one place. — GirlyTodd on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2022
Best Collector App Available
These developers from the Netherlands are top notch. I have been using their Apps since they began development. If you have music, movies, books, comics or games, they have an App to catalog your collection that syncs between your devices. Support is terrific and fast. Updates are made at ongoing intervals.
Now that the Apps are subscription based it's easier than ever to use. Their mobile Apps are so convenient to use on the go to show your family and friends your collections.
If you need a data base for your collections look no further, very easy, fun, and entertaining to use. — rockn-rolla (USA) on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2022
Great movie cataloging app
Tired of physically searching through my blu-ray and DVD collection for a movie to watch, I thought it was time to properly catalog them all. I had sort of done an excel spreadsheet, but that gave limited information (unless I spent hours - more like weeks inputting info). So I searched the App Store and came across CLZ.
Well what a find! It is perfect and very easy to use. Having a mixture of 400+ blu-ray/DVD’s in my collection, all I had to do was scan the covers barcode using the phone’s camera and the app automatically adds and catalogs the movie along with a stack of information (sourced from IMDb). I would say 99% of the time all info is correct, but if something is slightly wrong it is very easy to edit either immediately or afterwards.
After adding your movies, you can then search using various filters etc. I like searching for a particular favourite actor then have the app give me a selection of movies to choose from.
I had a few small questions at the start, but Alwin was great and responded very quickly. Highly recommend this app! — Pete1061 (Australia) on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
Catalog all my DVDs
I love this app! It allows me to catalog all my DVDs! It's AWESOME. — Tony D on CLZ Movies
February 15, 2022
So easy to use
Sure, it costs money to use if you need to catalog lots of movies. But, it's saved me hundreds of dollars by NOT buying movies I already have! — Roni Kattnig on CLZ Movies
February 10, 2022
Love it
Great for easily cataloging your movies for collectors! Intuitive interface and layout. — Dabucstar on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2022
DVD Collection
It is a very good program to catalog my DVD collection. — skippy weet niet on CLZ Movies
December 15, 2021
Great app
Great way to catalog your movie collection. — Cleatus Wallis on CLZ Movies
December 05, 2021
Cataloging made easy
Very easy and convient way to catalog movies. — Brianna Renaud on CLZ Movies
December 02, 2021
Absolutely love this app
Been using the app for over 6 years now to catalogue my 3400+ (and growing) DVD collection. When I’m out shopping for DVDs, it is so easy check if I already have a DVD in my collection. The ease in which I can upload, find and catalogue my collection is first rate. The support form CLZ when there has been an issue (twice in 6 years) has been first rate and solved within a few minutes. Fantastic service thank you. — Mantistoe (Australia) on CLZ Movies
November 26, 2021
Awesome software to easily catalog and track my movie collection! — Bob Bretall (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 25, 2021
Still best cataloging app on the market!
I have been using this app now for many years and to this day it still is the best movie cataloging app on the market. Don’t bother even trying any others.
The developers are constantly updating and taking suggestions to heart from their users! Many developers could learn from this company!! — MikeZ7 (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 20, 2021
A brilliant app
A great app that that lets me catalogue my BluRay collection and want-list (preventing me from re-buying films I already own). — Richie Caldicott on CLZ Movies
November 15, 2021
Great app
I've been using this app for a while now and it is great! Occasionally a movie or series or box set will populate with the wrong info but I've contacted support and they are quick and get it corrected!
App 4 1/2 stars There are still a couple of ways it could be better - but there are always improvements and this app is better than it was when I started using it!
Service/support 5 stars! They're kind, respectful and helpful. If you have a large collection to catalog this app is for you! — Jeffrey Levin on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2021
This is the best one
I've used several cataloging apps, but this one is by far the best one. Very easy to use, and has many features that the other apps lacked. If you're a physical media collector, this is the app you want. Well worth the subscription. — Nicholas Colameo on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2021
An A Class App
Great app for cataloging!! — Matt Medek on CLZ Movies
November 02, 2021
Excellent catalog app
Excellent catalog to keep track of my Movies. Easy and Complete software to use. — Julius R. on CLZ Movies
September 30, 2021
This software is the best I’ve used to catalog my over 3000 movie collection. Every feature you could ask for and they keep adding more features and improvements. I had a couple issues that were my fault, the response time was fast, professional and solved my problems quickly. I highly recommend this app and this company and their very professional staff. — ViperPilot1234568 on CLZ Movies
September 29, 2021
Everything you need to catalogue and access your discs easily...super! — Paul Prentice on CLZ Movies
September 15, 2021
Fantastic app!
With over 1000 movies and TV shows in my collection it's a great way to catalog them. The app has everything I need and it's so easy to add a DVD or Blu-ray with correct info too. I'm happy I get to finally catalog my ever expanding collection — Damian Wilson on CLZ Movies
August 25, 2021
Good source for cataloging my movies
Its amazing its a good source for cataloging my movies. Thank You! — Gadgets and Things on CLZ Movies
July 06, 2021
Very good
The best software for movie cataloguing bar none! — MARK FISHER on CLZ Movies
July 03, 2021
Great product with outstanding support
We have been using CLZ to catalog our videos for well over 10 years. Their product is outstanding and has continued to evolve over the years. Being older, my wife and I have occasionally needed technical assistance and it’s so refreshing to get GREAT SUPPORT from real human beings. Hadn’t used my movie database in quite awhile and realized in a panic this week that I had removed the app. In responding to my frantic plea for assistance, the CLZ employee replied, “First breathe in, breathe out. Your movie database is securely backed up inside your CLZ cloud.” I appreciated the understanding and slightly humorous response. Love your product; love your support! — YgorMick (USA) on CLZ Movies

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