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Jul 18, 2024 Jul 17, 2024

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Tip: use CLZ Movies together with the Movie Connect web-based software

Our Movie Connect web-based software is a great companion to the CLZ Movies mobile app, as it lets you work on your collection on your computer. That is, on a big screen, with a real keyboard and mouse.

Of course, you can easily sync your collection data between them through our CLZ Cloud.

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

July 08, 2024
Working great
I have recently brought a new phone so have been installing all my previous apps on my new phone including CLZ Movies of course, it is working great as ever I have been using the app for a few years now and really enjoy using it and very valuable to know what films i have in my collection, keep up the great work you and your team do, all the best. — JP (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
July 01, 2024
Excellent work
Thanks for this app, it's the very best and I've tried so many. Sort by title is what others missed and is the reason I'm happy to pay for this app. — Robert J. on CLZ Movies
June 24, 2024
Fantastic app
Fantastic app. with a very efficient and fast support available. — Rémi Chartier on CLZ Movies
June 21, 2024
It gets better and better
I've used this app for a long time now and it gets better and better. I don't think there is a better app for cataloguing your movies, long may it exist. — Richard on CLZ Movies
June 20, 2024
Helps me stay organized!
Great service great app! — kezeff on CLZ Movies
June 14, 2024
This App overflows with features and support
Hands down this is the best movie database on the market. It’s not just a database that catalogues thousands of movies. You can use the barcode to enter the movie or manually if you don’t have a barcode. It links each one to IMDB, setting out a synopsis and rating of the movie, provides a cast list, director and crew, you can search by genre, actor ,director etc., has a random shake function that can pick a movie for you if you can’t decide.
Apart from all the features what I like most about this app is the support that is provided with it. It is regularly updated, with new features added and the help desk is extremely helpful with prompt replies if there is an issue. There is a small subscription fee but the support and the updates are worth it. Also, what I have paid in subscriptions, I have saved many times over by referring to the app and avoiding duplicate purchases.
I cannot recommend this app highly enough. Thanks CLZ team. — P01s0nCh3rry (Australia) on CLZ Movies
June 13, 2024
Great service!
Me and my wife have been using DVD Profiler, for almost 14 years, we have accumulated 9200 discs, But recently DVD profiler has seemed to not be working correctly and mostly unsupported. So I looked at a couple of options, asked questions about importing, & collector z's support Dept gave me instructions how to export from profiler and import to CLZ (great service) within an hr or so I had my collection switched to the CLZ web version and also synced to this app THANKS and keep up the good work. — Chad Waters (USA) on CLZ Movies
June 07, 2024
No more buying duplicates
I needed an app that could track what Dvds I owned, as I kept buying duplicates without realizing till too late. This has worked perfectly for me and I love how even tho I've changed phones twice, I can transfer the information easily to the new one. I own over 5000 dvds so I definitely recommend it! — jess249 on CLZ Movies
June 01, 2024
I'm halfway through cataloguing my collection - loving the app
So far the App is fantastic , I've built up a large physical media collection over the year and I needed a method of cataloguing them - I'm a member of several dvd / blu ray groups of FB - someone on the group recommended CLZ movies to me , I got the app last night and was immediately amazed by the ease of use. — James Pearce (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
May 30, 2024
Perfect for organising any collection. — peter Sherwood on CLZ Movies

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