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Sep 11, 2020 Sep 11, 2020

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

November 17, 2020
This is the best
Comprehensive, easy to use, superb Tech Support. Easy to add Items by scanning a barcode brings instant population of fields and edit function allows info such as purchase date and price to be added. Automatically syncs with laptop app. Accurate friendly tech support. There are many apps like this out there, but this is the best. — Robert Edwards on CLZ Movies
November 16, 2020
Love it!
Had for couple of years, very intuitive. — Mike LaFollette on CLZ Movies
November 15, 2020
Great app. Have been using for years. — Ian Schwaab on CLZ Movies
November 13, 2020
Awesome App
Completely Awesome way to catalog your Movie Collection. — Michael Leming on CLZ Movies
November 13, 2020
Love This App
I have a massive collection of movies and I love shopping for new movies this app keeps my movies in alphabetical order and I can search within seconds to find out my status before purchasing ones I already have. It is the perfect answer for my children and grandchildren to see quickly the movies they want to watch! I recommend this to everyone who takes pride in organization of their movies... Best App Ever! — RetiredB on CLZ Movies
November 11, 2020
Great app
Love having all of my movies at my fingertips. — Debra Spann on CLZ Movies
November 10, 2020
Great for organizing my home
It works great, just like the CLZ Books and Comics apps that I’ve owned for a few years. The bar code scanner is a bit unreliable using an older iPad camera, but it is incredibly effective and smooth on my iPhone 11 camera. — hsvscifiguy on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2020
Was using different apps. They sucked, used yours in the past. So, I'm back n HAPPY. — Jim Pruitt on CLZ Movies
November 08, 2020
An Absolutely Wonderful Movie Collection App
I am amazed and somewhat disappointed I haven't come across this CLZ Movie Collection App long before now. I've tried numerous others with dissatisfaction, and tried various apps to try and create my own, albeit, being a hard slog doing so. The CLZ Movie Collection App has taken away that massive burden of cataloguing my extensive DVD Collection, searching, documenting movie info, cutting and pasting covers, etc. Now it has been done within minutes and adding more titles is just a breeze. It's so complete with all information DVD covers and trailers, using the IMDB database, plus it's unbelievably solid and smooth in its operation entirety. It's neigh on impossible to find anything to dislike about it, I certainly can't. Only one thing I will say, something I personally would add, and that would be 'Coverflow'. I've always liked viewing my Movies or CD collections this way in the old iTunes and would love to do that again within this app. But that would be a bonus and not failure of the App. As I have said previously, the CLZ Movie Collection App is almost faultless. To the developers, I am so grateful and sincerely thank you. — CRonaldoMU2008 on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2020
This app is awesome!
It's very quick and easy to use. HIGHLY recommended for people who have a large collection. — Christopher Aguilar on CLZ Movies

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