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Dec 2, 2021 Dec 2, 2021

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

January 09, 2022
I love this app
I love this app because it keeps all of my movies that I have in the app. It shows me what movies I own so I don't have to buy them again. — Laura Buckner on CLZ Movies
January 09, 2022
Excellent app
Very easy to use and very comprehensive database of disks. Super clear and fast tech support. Highly recommended. — Pascal Tran on CLZ Movies
January 05, 2022
Must Have
Must have for movie collectors or people who like to keep a digital inventory. — JackRABBITslim27 on CLZ Movies
January 04, 2022
Has found almost everything in my collection! — Mike Zeggelaar on CLZ Movies
January 02, 2022
The barcode reader is a really fast way to enter your collection. — Patches-Pal on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2022
Great support
Great software for tracking ones addiction ... I mean collection and has great support. — Robert Wood on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2022
This is the best movie catalog app in the play store
Yes you do have to pay monthly or yearly but with imdb as its partner you cannot go wrong. If you have a large collection like me then you won't be disappointed, so go on download it now. — Richard Criddle on CLZ Movies
December 30, 2021
Everything I hoped for
This is everything I hoped for. Easy to use, has almost everything (even most of my Christian rock concert dvds) and what it doesn't have I can add in. I love it and bought the full version to do all of my 950 disks! — teiger25 on CLZ Movies
December 29, 2021
This app is personally a life saver
Now I can show my friends trailers and info from movies and shows I own on DVD. I have a vast collection, and this helps me not accidentally duplicate purchase. Worth the 2 dollar a month subscription for sure and it has cloud sync to boot! — Shadowsfavcartoons Shadowdlr on CLZ Movies
December 28, 2021
The CLZ Movies app is a Godsend
With well over 1,000 DVD and Blu-Ray movies in my collection I was often purchasing the same movie twice! This app puts every title at my fingertips and solved the problem. Better yet, just by scanning a bar code you get a huge amount of information about the film, including access to the original movie trailer. Makes it much easier to decide what you want to watch. The app is a snap to use but if you need support they reply quickly with the answer you need. Once you get this app you will wonder how you ever lived without it! — RJTampa (USA) on CLZ Movies

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