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Sep 22, 2021 Sep 23, 2021

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

September 09, 2021
Really diggin this app. — Bayle Rhyme on CLZ Movies
September 09, 2021
Love this App
When purchasing new DVDs to check I don't already have the movie. — Lionel Rose on CLZ Movies
September 08, 2021
This is great!
Adding films with the barcode scanner using IMDB info is great. And I like how you can organise based on blu-ray, or 4K etc. You can even set custom tabs (like favourites), that you can choose if they automatically apply to your next film. There are tons of options for listing things, like films with a certain actor! — Chris Broad on CLZ Movies
September 07, 2021
Excellent app
Great app for keeping track of my collection. — James Haber on CLZ Movies
September 01, 2021
Helpful and easy to use
I have a big collection of blu rays and 4k discs and find this app both helpful and easy to use. For the tiny fee I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation. — Strident Atheist on CLZ Movies
August 31, 2021
Great App, Fantastic Support
I’ve had this app for years now. I had tried multiple other apps for my movies and found they were a Joke. I use this app all the time. I have over 2600 movies and can do so many things with the app so its set up to my liking. Anytime I have an issue (so far its always been my screwup) they are right there to fix it and help me out.
They are always following up to make sure everything is working as planned, and explaining IN DETAIL the exact way to do something the easy way. I paid for the lifetime on the movie app and will be upgrading my music to a lifetime also. Such an easy way to keep track of your collections.
Thank you again CLZ for your App and your Fantastic Support. — Flyboi 60 (USA) on CLZ Movies
August 29, 2021
Store your collection
Great way to store your collection and what type you have. — Daniel Edwards on CLZ Movies
August 28, 2021
Great app
Works as advertised. Rare in this world. — Amos Akerman on CLZ Movies
August 25, 2021
Good source for cataloging my movies
Its amazing its a good source for cataloging my movies. Thank You! — Gadgets and Things on CLZ Movies
August 24, 2021
Lots of options
I like using this app it gives a lot of options. — Jennifer Smith on CLZ Movies

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