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May 11, 2022 May 11, 2022

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

May 12, 2022
Large collection
I have a rather large collection and this help out so much. Thank you. — derek etitus on CLZ Movies
May 10, 2022
My movies catalogued
I've used this cataloging program since it was only computer download. Now it's a cloud system with a very simple app design which allows me to continue to keep my movies catalogued which helps me stay organized now that i own movies on Vudu, DVD, Amazon, etc. I can use this to see all of my movies at once, in one place. — GirlyTodd on CLZ Movies
May 09, 2022
Your movies all organized
There is no better feeling than knowing that your movies are all organized and at your fingertips. — Charles Rodriguez on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2022
Best Collector App Available
These developers from the Netherlands are top notch. I have been using their Apps since they began development. If you have music, movies, books, comics or games, they have an App to catalog your collection that syncs between your devices. Support is terrific and fast. Updates are made at ongoing intervals.
Now that the Apps are subscription based it's easier than ever to use. Their mobile Apps are so convenient to use on the go to show your family and friends your collections.
If you need a data base for your collections look no further, very easy, fun, and entertaining to use. — rockn-rolla (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 06, 2022
Quick and beautiful
This app just works. I just scanned in only 10 min about 160 dvds of my collection. Very impressive will all the details from the movie (cover, cast, description, duration, languages and specs).
This app does it all for you, edit, batch edit, sort, sync to multiple device thru cloud instantly). So happy I found this app and money well spend. — Olito (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 04, 2022
Have used other apps will not be using any other apps this is the best. Somebody has put a lot of thought into this one. — R A HB (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
April 22, 2022
Adding titles is a breeze
Adding titles is a breeze. Easier than I could have imagined. — Perry Mize on CLZ Movies
April 16, 2022
Love this app. — Dave Daly on CLZ Movies
April 13, 2022
Must have voor filmverzamelaars
Zeer intuïtief: voegt snel en efficiënt via barcode of manuele opzoektocht films toe. 90% van mijn 800 films gingen via barcode, 8% via manuele zoektocht en 2% via imdb optie. De meest obscure films kon ik toevoegen.
Makers staan ook spontaan open voor feedback. Alle extra info die automatisch erbij komt ( trailer, cast en crew, …) maken het geheel heel mooi. Zowel films als series. Vlot mogelijk om te filteren of te schikken.
10/10! — koenieman (Belgium) on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2022
I've tried numerous movie database apps AND THIS IS The Only One That KEEPS TRACK OF My 1200 APPS PERFECTLY. — keith R on CLZ Movies

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