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Jun 24, 2022 Jun 24, 2022

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

June 24, 2022
Easy to use
Keeps you organized. — Kirk Roberts on CLZ Movies
June 18, 2022
THE BEST DATABASE available on earth
This app is THE BEST DATABASE available on earth. I have used CLZ products for many years and have learned and enjoyed them very much! — Les Phillips on CLZ Movies
June 11, 2022
Customizable Database
I love this software. It is so easy to use. This program is as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Being able to add my own tags to sort as well as the canned tags is a great feature.
Sorting my collection is my fixation. Seeing how many Godzilla or John Wayne movies is a fun. Uploading new movies using the titles or codes is useful.
I will not go back to using Excel or Access again. Lol. — Madmex Macias (USA) on CLZ Movies
June 09, 2022
Easy to use
Best app for keeping track of my collection. — A Greg on CLZ Movies
June 08, 2022
Keeping my collection organised
Really hand app, I love the ability to add movies via bar code and being able to sync my library on multiple devices. I have a HTPC and this software been great on keeping my collection organised. The subscription service makes all this affordable. — Evil Tigz on CLZ Movies
June 07, 2022
Highly recommended!
The app has improved greatly over the years. It is today a polished, well thought out, and intuitive program. — Rick Hendrix on CLZ Movies
June 05, 2022
Muy contento, muy buena
Hay gente quejándose de que es de pago, vale 1€ al mes tampoco es para tanto y así se ayuda a pagar los servidores que no son gratis. Parece que todo el mundo lo quiere todo gratis y si no lo es no les gusta. Por mi parte la mejor aplicación para gestionar mi colección. — Hugo Castro on CLZ Movies
June 04, 2022
Perfect for cataloging my film collection! — Stevo Flo on CLZ Movies
June 04, 2022
Keeping on top of what I have
Does a fantastic job of keeping me on top of what I have plus the stats and stuff are pretty cool. Tons of search and list options too. — rougepaw on CLZ Movies
June 04, 2022
I own thousands of movies on blu-ray and DVD. CLZ Movies makes managing my database easy and fun. I could not do without it. The customer support is brilliant. Highly recommended. — stephen3448490 (USA) on CLZ Movies

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