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Jun 24, 2022 Jun 24, 2022

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CLZ Movies reviews from customers

August 11, 2022
Love the data display and tools. — Gary Moss on CLZ Movies
August 08, 2022
Easy to use
Very good app easy to use with good updates. — Ken Anderson on CLZ Movies
August 05, 2022
Awesome App
Finally got all my movies cataloged! What an awesome App. — Troy Riles (Canada) on CLZ Movies
August 04, 2022
Keeping track of your movie collection
Great software for keeping track of your movie collection on your computer or on your smart phone. — Thomas Smith on CLZ Movies
August 03, 2022
Great app
Super easy to use app for movie collectors, I love seeing my collection all in one place and being able to share with friends. — LustinJ (USA) on CLZ Movies
July 31, 2022
Works perfectly for listing all your movies. — James Blankenship on CLZ Movies
July 28, 2022
Makes cataloging a whiz!
Both bar code scan and voice recognition makes cataloging a whiz! If it's in IMdb, it's in my catalog now. — Edward Hurley on CLZ Movies
July 26, 2022
Wise Purchase
I'm so glad I have the CZL move and book databases. As collections grow it's necessary to track them, to know what you have to avoid duplicates and know which you've seen or read. I use both Android and desktop versions of each, which easily sync over the cloud. The custom fields are among the best features, you can add pretty much anything you want as text fields, check marks, etc. Their tech support is superb - not instant but definitely responsive and helpful. — Tom Wolfram on CLZ Movies
July 12, 2022
Movie database
Great to put all the movie on here. — Jennifer John on CLZ Movies
July 11, 2022
Love the app!
Five stars is easy for CLZ Movies! I have used several of the Collectorz.com programs and apps for years now and they are all great! It’s so nice to be able to double check while at the store so I don’t buy a movie we already own. Their customer service is great, even if it’s just a dumb question. They are always polite and friendly and are able to point me in the right direction to fix my problem. (But there haven’t been a lot of problems and the ones I’ve had were my fault.) — jlvking (USA) on CLZ Movies

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