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CLZ Movies reviews

May 21, 2023
So far the best movie collection app
Great app. I use the comic book version all the time. The one thing I wish I had is a section that will allow you to classify it depending on the collection. For example, I am a big steel book collector. I also have others that are not steel book. I wish it allowed me to classify them under just steel book. Other than that highly recommended. — RobertMota (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2023
No more buying doubles
Had this app in the past and it is even better now that I have it on my phone. Now I can put a stop to buying doubles LOL. — William Mitchell on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2023
You can add many movies and sort them out. — Jennifer John on CLZ Movies
May 13, 2023
Great app with good customer service! — Alex Nordstrom on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2023
More than happy
Does exactly what you want it to do with lots of optional extras. Just what I needed. I generally don't pay for apps but I'm more than happy that I subscribed to this. If you find that you need support then these guys have you covered with quick helpful responses. — Peter Treleaven on CLZ Movies
May 06, 2023
Catalog movies
The best app I've found to catalog movies! — chad garish on CLZ Movies
May 02, 2023
No more spreadsheets!
Have been looking for something like this for years and this one works great! — TheCoolscooby on CLZ Movies
April 29, 2023
Superb app, superb customer service, and regular updates! — raykal (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
April 14, 2023
Love this app!!
Easy to scan or manually enter information. Love the resolution of the covers. I'm transitioning from DVD profiler and this is best replacement I've found. — Byron Balfour on CLZ Movies
April 10, 2023
God send
Great app for cataloguing my huge movie collection. My collection is so big, I was buying a movie I already had, and at the time, I didn't have a movie collection app on my phone. All previous apps I used were rubbish, so this CLZ Movies was a god send. Worth the subscription, usually I don't do subscriptions, but this app is worth it. I highly recommend that everyone stop wasting time on these rubbish apps and start using CLZ Movies. — DARREN KING on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2023
Far superior
I use 3 apps in both Android & Windows, CLZ Books, Movies, and Music for many years. They are greatly versatile and user friends. Tried other applications and previously used an Excel Spreadsheet to manage my collection. This application is far superior to anything I used in the past. My Movie Titles are close to 2800 and I can't imagine using anything else to manage this collection. Great Apps from a great company. — Kevin Schubert (USA) on CLZ Movies
March 26, 2023
Support is excellent
Come across a bug with the app. Got in touch with support and they were already aware of it and next update would get it fixed. In the meantime they told me a great workaround. Support is excellent got back to me within a day. I do like using the app glad this was sorted!! — Philip N on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2023
Excellent app and suite of applications
This app has surely saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in duplicate purchases. It is also highly customizable and the phone app is the perfect compliment to their desktop app for those of us that want our collections recorded "just so." If you have a budding collection of a few hundred titles, or if you're like me have a well-established and budding collection of over 10,000 titles, this app will fully support your movie nerdness. — Nikita Skribner on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2023
Just getting started, but love it so far! — Mark Chase on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2023
I love it
Terrific software. Nothing like it! — Tom Keister on CLZ Movies
March 18, 2023
Must have
Amazing app, a must have for movie collectors. — Daniel Powell on CLZ Movies
March 18, 2023
Nice shuffle feature!
Exactly what I was looking for, needed a library for my movie/tv collection. The "shuffle" feature is handy when you can't decide what to watch. — Ethan Cruickshank on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2023
Works well, Nice to use overall excellent. — Clifford Braham on CLZ Movies
March 15, 2023
I love this app!
I keep track of my movies and when I watched them. If an actor is missing I just tell them and they add it right to the core. Highly recommend. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2023
Worth the price! — Nick Lucas on CLZ Movies
March 11, 2023
I scanned my 500+ titles in no time
I needed a system of cataloging my Blu Ray and 4K UHD movies and CLZ was the app for me. So easy to use and navigate, I scanned my 500+ titles in no time. Would recommend to anyone! — Gary Peach on CLZ Movies
March 08, 2023
10 stars out of 5
I can't live without this. I have so many TV shows and Movies it's hard to keep track of them all. All I do is purchase a new DVD or blu ray and scan the barcode and it's added to my collection. It has saved me from buying something I already had. On the flip side, several times I thought I had season 5 but I didn't. Then I can just scroll my collection on my phone. They are great with updates or adding titles that are not already there. — gerald on CLZ Movies
March 07, 2023
The best of its kind
This is the best app of its kind. Pay the $15, seriously. Support this. — Tyler Nethers on CLZ Movies
February 28, 2023
CLZ app
Just started using it but so far so good! — Terry Bland on CLZ Movies
February 26, 2023
Excellent tool to keep track of your film collection. — Andy Holloway on CLZ Movies
February 23, 2023
Great app for cataloging my movie collection, I also use their other apps for books and games. Excellent features, reliability, and affordability. 10/10 for my usage. — Ahren Rhoden on CLZ Movies
February 23, 2023
Excellent value
Great tool. Fast input, excellent value. — Ron Pereira on CLZ Movies
February 22, 2023
Fantastic Movie Database
Managed to catalog all my movies, over 1000 including DVD, Blu-ray , 3D , UHD and my Laserdiscs! Very easy to use finds 95% of the stuff from the barcode. What would have taken days/weeks took only couple days.
Support is great had old database which team converted and also very quick answering Q&A.
Will be keeping my subscription! — Teddy-59UK (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
February 19, 2023
Best way to keep track of what you own and still want
Love this product. Scanning bar codes with 100% accuracy and all IMDB data automatically added. This is well worth the price! — Abazaba (USA) on CLZ Movies
February 18, 2023
Great to use and easy
Best program on market 10/10 Been with these guys from beginning great. — kenneth driver on CLZ Movies
February 16, 2023
The best
Best app for cataloging our movie collection. — Henry Smith on CLZ Movies
February 13, 2023
Parfait pour gérer facilement et avec classe sa vidéothèque. — Fabian Lebrun on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
Very reliable
We have used this for years and LOVE IT! — Jessica Baamonde on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
Vital app
As a movie collector this app is vital my collection. — Lord of Chikins on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
Great app
Great app to keep track of all movies & series watched. — George Quartell on CLZ Movies
February 08, 2023
The best app around for collecting
The best app around for collecting and remembering what movies, series, etc I have watched. It has something for everyone loving television and then set a rating. I also like the features of which actors and producers and so on I have mostly watched. It's a very reasonable cost per year because I use it almost daily and the support is top-notch. I have it installed on both my tablet and mobile and it syncs auto. I highly recommend this app to everyone that loves cinema and film or television. — Jarek Tylenda on CLZ Movies
February 05, 2023
Works well
Easy to scan everything in Works well and the cloud is great for sharing lists of movies for ppl to borrow. — Justin White on CLZ Movies
February 03, 2023
Overall, great app
Love this App works every time. Never had an issue. I use it for movies and Comics. — Martin Arnaud on CLZ Movies
January 31, 2023
Love the scanning feature
Great way to keep your movies in order. Love the scanning feature. Easy as 1,2,3. Great app so far. Love keeping track of what I have so I don't buy extras. — Mateusz Damian on CLZ Movies
January 29, 2023
No more duplicates
Very useful for checking whether I already have a movie before I'm tempted to buy one in a charity store. — Steve Kulka on CLZ Movies
January 27, 2023
Keep track of your collection
So easy to use and keep track of your collection. Plenty of extras to use too. — 3PM GOD on CLZ Movies
January 22, 2023
It is a very easy and useful app. — K. Logan Spangler on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2023
Exceptionally easy to use
Definitely worth the small amount you pay to use this app. — Barbara Clement on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2023
De betere verzamelaars app voor je films!
Je kan snel je hele film collectie catalogeren (barcode scanner) en opvragen wanneer je info nodig hebt. Het is een ordelijke en overzichtelijke app en bij mogelijke vragen is de support ook niet slecht. Een aanrader en ik gebruik deze ook voor mijn games (andere app zelfde maker). — StrikerXL (Belgium) on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2023
Honestly best app to catalogue movies! — Brad Sales on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2023
Keeps getting better and better
Have to say that CLX just keeps getting better and better. Love this database. — Celtic Peasant on CLZ Movies
January 13, 2023
Great way to organize movie collection!
I just started getting back into collecting physical media and was looking for an app to help and found this one. Works great, love that you can just scan the barcode and all the metadata auto populates. Saves a ton of time of typing/writing a list to keep track of my movies. I also like that it differentiates between the types of media: DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K; big help it knowing what needs upgrading. — Jtzielinski (USA) on CLZ Movies
January 12, 2023
Very Helpful!
This is great if you collect movies and want a way to organize and see what you want to watch in a moment. — shelley newcomb on CLZ Movies
January 04, 2023
Extreme fast & friendly Support
I had some issue´s with the Data of a series! So I requested for some help to solve this issue, the support send quick an answer and solve the issue. Fast & Friendly. — IceAgeVillage Gamer (Germany) on CLZ Movies
January 03, 2023
Great program
The program is great and the customer service responds quickly to solve a problem. I especially like the option to view cards instead of covers! — Douwe Drijfhout on CLZ Movies