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CLZ Movies reviews

May 12, 2022
Large collection
I have a rather large collection and this help out so much. Thank you. — derek etitus on CLZ Movies
May 10, 2022
My movies catalogued
I've used this cataloging program since it was only computer download. Now it's a cloud system with a very simple app design which allows me to continue to keep my movies catalogued which helps me stay organized now that i own movies on Vudu, DVD, Amazon, etc. I can use this to see all of my movies at once, in one place. — GirlyTodd on CLZ Movies
May 09, 2022
Your movies all organized
There is no better feeling than knowing that your movies are all organized and at your fingertips. — Charles Rodriguez on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2022
Best Collector App Available
These developers from the Netherlands are top notch. I have been using their Apps since they began development. If you have music, movies, books, comics or games, they have an App to catalog your collection that syncs between your devices. Support is terrific and fast. Updates are made at ongoing intervals.
Now that the Apps are subscription based it's easier than ever to use. Their mobile Apps are so convenient to use on the go to show your family and friends your collections.
If you need a data base for your collections look no further, very easy, fun, and entertaining to use. — rockn-rolla (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 06, 2022
Quick and beautiful
This app just works. I just scanned in only 10 min about 160 dvds of my collection. Very impressive will all the details from the movie (cover, cast, description, duration, languages and specs).
This app does it all for you, edit, batch edit, sort, sync to multiple device thru cloud instantly). So happy I found this app and money well spend. — Olito (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 04, 2022
Have used other apps will not be using any other apps this is the best. Somebody has put a lot of thought into this one. — R A HB (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
April 22, 2022
Adding titles is a breeze
Adding titles is a breeze. Easier than I could have imagined. — Perry Mize on CLZ Movies
April 16, 2022
Love this app. — Dave Daly on CLZ Movies
April 13, 2022
Must have voor filmverzamelaars
Zeer intuïtief: voegt snel en efficiënt via barcode of manuele opzoektocht films toe. 90% van mijn 800 films gingen via barcode, 8% via manuele zoektocht en 2% via imdb optie. De meest obscure films kon ik toevoegen.
Makers staan ook spontaan open voor feedback. Alle extra info die automatisch erbij komt ( trailer, cast en crew, …) maken het geheel heel mooi. Zowel films als series. Vlot mogelijk om te filteren of te schikken.
10/10! — koenieman (Belgium) on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2022
I've tried numerous movie database apps AND THIS IS The Only One That KEEPS TRACK OF My 1200 APPS PERFECTLY. — keith R on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2022
Great app and movie collection management system. Use it. You'll love it. Adding movies over cornies is just to easy. — Tam Dobie on CLZ Movies
April 05, 2022
Useful app
Very useful when my main computer database is not to hand. — Joe Frizze on CLZ Movies
April 04, 2022
No more buying duplicates
I've been using various Collectorz products for more than 18 years. First the Desktop software, then the web version and now the android app. I have more than 8,000 movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-ray. The apps and software have MORE than paid for themselves at this point by allowing me to check my collection on the go so I don't unwittingly buy duplicates. The sync from app to cloud and vice versa is so much quicker than it used to be. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! — DVD Junky on CLZ Movies
April 03, 2022
The app is super easy to use
I've just migrated from using my pc to my Anroid phone for this app. The transition was almost seamless and the support provided by CLZ was way above the call of duty! All questions were answered extremely fast and all issues resolved almost immediately. The app is super easy to use and is the ultimate in convenient. I used the pc version for years and loved it; the Android version is even better! — Dennis Dansby on CLZ Movies
March 31, 2022
Excellent app
Tried using other similar apps but selected CLZ because it was the most stable and really flexible. Interface is lovely, cross platform support is excellent and it's easy to customise. Best of all, loading your movies is so easy. So much info for so little data entry. Love it. — Thomas Dobie on CLZ Movies
March 31, 2022
Easy to Use
Works well, and is easy to use. And customer support is quick to respond. — pdiben79 on CLZ Movies
March 28, 2022
Control your movie library
Great way to keep control of movie library. Is good having on hand when going to buy movies at the store. — Martin Bailey on CLZ Movies
March 23, 2022
2 Thumbs up
A quality app the makes keeping a track of your films very easy. I also use the CLZ apps for games and comics. The three apps I use do just what I need them to do. Keep a record of my collections so I can avoid doubles and always know what I've got. — Fortysixter UK on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2022
Very well organized
Useful, with great options and always up to date. — Veljko Radosavljevic on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2022
Great movie cataloging app
Tired of physically searching through my blu-ray and DVD collection for a movie to watch, I thought it was time to properly catalog them all. I had sort of done an excel spreadsheet, but that gave limited information (unless I spent hours - more like weeks inputting info). So I searched the App Store and came across CLZ.
Well what a find! It is perfect and very easy to use. Having a mixture of 400+ blu-ray/DVD’s in my collection, all I had to do was scan the covers barcode using the phone’s camera and the app automatically adds and catalogs the movie along with a stack of information (sourced from IMDb). I would say 99% of the time all info is correct, but if something is slightly wrong it is very easy to edit either immediately or afterwards.
After adding your movies, you can then search using various filters etc. I like searching for a particular favourite actor then have the app give me a selection of movies to choose from.
I had a few small questions at the start, but Alwin was great and responded very quickly. Highly recommend this app! — Pete1061 (Australia) on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2022
An absolutely fantastic app!
Yes, it's a bit on the pricey side, but 100% worth it. You can also have other services for this app (shown on the creator's website). It's easy to browse through the movies. You can browse through genre, format, series, boxset, IMDB ratings, language, country, director, etc., to state a few. It's a very well organized and made app, with alot of features.
I recommend this app to everyone! The customer service is also excellent. They're very courteous and helpful! — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
Easy to add my movies! — Cyndi on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
I love it
I love it very easy to use and figure out how to use it. — Caleb Lorenzen on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
The best
Best movie database there is. — Kevin Lamont on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
Catalog all my DVDs
I love this app! It allows me to catalog all my DVDs! It's AWESOME. — Tony D on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2022
Keeping track of things
I have used this for many years, primarily for keeping track of everything I buy, which has been a lot. I number each one and record the location in CLZ Movies which makes it easy to find any film after having searched. There are a host of features but I use just a few for my own purposes. As everyone will surely know, when having a large collection, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to watch.
Too much choice syndrome! Not any longer, a shake of the phone whilst in the software and it chooses a random film from your collection. Don’t like the suggestion? Shake again and another choice is offered.
Finally, support has always been great. Go get say I. — Filmsaplenty (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
March 13, 2022
Love all of your products. — Cesar Salomon on CLZ Movies
March 11, 2022
So far it's been foolproof. Exactly what I wanted. — Robert Nowack on CLZ Movies
March 10, 2022
Nice layout
Easy to use interface, nice layout and fun to use with extensive ongoing updates and improvements. — Alan Martin on CLZ Movies
March 08, 2022
Love this app
As a big collection that i have. His make it so easy then the book i have written all the movies in. Alphabetical order and what kind of format i have it on. — JDawg Bek on CLZ Movies
March 07, 2022
Great app!
Such an awesome simple app. Pays for itself in helping you not buy the same movie twice. — Junkyard on CLZ Movies
March 04, 2022
What’s Not To Like!
There’s not much not to like about CLZ. It does what it’s meant to do and it does it well. For those with a large movie collection using the barcode scanner from your phone makes light work , accurate, super fast and you’ll be blown away that even your most dusty film gets an easy grab.
Backed by an excellent support team, right on it if you need them. * Alwin & Sytske Rockstars *
A colourful easy to scroll search GUI with detailed features linked to IMBD, customisable data entry , did I mention there’s not much not to like .
Oh yeah , you get more than you pay for , it works ! — Cameron Rushworth (Australia) on CLZ Movies
February 18, 2022
Awesome app! — Ray Jones on CLZ Movies
February 15, 2022
So easy to use
Sure, it costs money to use if you need to catalog lots of movies. But, it's saved me hundreds of dollars by NOT buying movies I already have! — Roni Kattnig on CLZ Movies
February 10, 2022
Love it
Great for easily cataloging your movies for collectors! Intuitive interface and layout. — Dabucstar on CLZ Movies
February 09, 2022
Love this APP
I like how easy it is to add movies and the ability to put personal notes re:location, etc. It wasn't too difficult to switch it to my new phone. — My Lady Rose on CLZ Movies
February 08, 2022
Nice app
Nice features, helps to organize your videos. — Tom Dalton on CLZ Movies
February 04, 2022
Incredible inventory tool
Just started and i absolutely love it. — Tyler Slater on CLZ Movies
February 03, 2022
DVD Collector
I absolutely LOVE this app! I have so many movies I can’t remember all them in my head. So when I found this OUTSTANDING app, I know can just pull my phone out if I’m in a store shopping for DVD’s or any other place shopping for them and make certain I don’t buy something else I already have. I love this app, and would HIGHLY recommend it for any DVD collectors! They also have apps for your CD collection and your book collection! Thanks so much CLZ Movies!!! — Rodzillah1976 (USA) on CLZ Movies
February 03, 2022
Greatest collection app
Best pgm to keep duplicates out of my shopping cart. — Rick Davis on CLZ Movies
January 27, 2022
10/10. 5-Stars
A must have if ur a big movie collector!! So organized!! — Kevin KBird on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2022
Collector products
I've used collector products for years. — Judith Nicholls on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2022
Excellent app
I've used the CLZ app on my phone and CLZ Movies on my PC for a long time now. I even used Movie Connect for a short period. Not only have those products served me well, but they have also included excellent online app, cloud, and PC support. I've asked support questions and described issues over the years, and they have always satisfied m my concerns quickly, often within 24 hours. Most of the time, I just needed guidance, and they gave it personally, patiently,and politely and, again, quickly. — Alan Dombrow on CLZ Movies
January 19, 2022
Quick easy way to organise my movie collection
This app is easy to use and helps me locate movies in my library quickly and helps me look up what movies I need to add. — Bronwen Okeefe on CLZ Movies
January 19, 2022
Great collector's app
If you’ve been collecting movies and decided it was time to get organized, this app was made for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with all this app does for you, including syncing your account in the cloud. Well worth the price. — Rbstclair (USA) on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2022
DVD Collection
It is a very good program to catalog my DVD collection. — skippy weet niet on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2022
The Best
I love it keep track of all my movies and shows so make sure I don't buy the same movie. — Tommy Larry on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2022
I really enjoy this program
User-friendly interface allows for a seemless experience between all three versions of this software (computer, phone and cloud+based). The support offered is always very helpful and quick to respond. — Christopher Noe on CLZ Movies
January 12, 2022
An app called CLZ Movies
There is a room in my house filled with: DVDs and Blu-rays. When I go into the room that has them displayed all along the shelves, by osmosis, I’m absorbing all of these movies. It’s tangible. It’s right there. I don’t know how many times I’ve just stared at them all.
To organize my DVDs and Blu-rays, I use an app called CLZ Movies so I can see [the titles in] my library wherever I am. If it made my collection, I consider the movie a masterpiece. I often review movies to friends by saying, “I liked it, but it didn’t make the shelf.”

Source: Interview The Wall Street Journal — M. Night Shyamalan (USA) on CLZ Movies

January 09, 2022
I love this app
I love this app because it keeps all of my movies that I have in the app. It shows me what movies I own so I don't have to buy them again. — Laura Buckner on CLZ Movies
January 09, 2022
Excellent app
Very easy to use and very comprehensive database of disks. Super clear and fast tech support. Highly recommended. — Pascal Tran on CLZ Movies
January 05, 2022
Must Have
Must have for movie collectors or people who like to keep a digital inventory. — JackRABBITslim27 on CLZ Movies
January 04, 2022
Has found almost everything in my collection! — Mike Zeggelaar on CLZ Movies
January 02, 2022
The barcode reader is a really fast way to enter your collection. — Patches-Pal on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2022
Great support
Great software for tracking ones addiction ... I mean collection and has great support. — Robert Wood on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2022
This is the best movie catalog app in the play store
Yes you do have to pay monthly or yearly but with imdb as its partner you cannot go wrong. If you have a large collection like me then you won't be disappointed, so go on download it now. — Richard Criddle on CLZ Movies