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CLZ Movies reviews

October 08, 2018
Great app
So far so good. Reads isbn pretty good. If it can't you can type in the title and this app will find it quickly. I paid for the full version and am quite pleased with it. — Brian G on CLZ Movies
October 08, 2018
Could not manage without it
I have a growing collection of over 1,300 movies and could not manage without this app. — John Lane on CLZ Movies
October 07, 2018
Very helpful
This app is terrific for listing all your movies. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
October 07, 2018
Very useful
As a movie collector, this app is very useful and I will soon purchase the full version. Since it includes IMDB reviews, and there is a watchlist option, it would be nice to be able synchronize that will my idmb account so I don't have to review each movie twice or add things to another watch list. — Tyler Bishop on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2018
Very helpful app
A great way to keep your movie collection in order. A big movie buff that has a big collection can take advantage of this amazing that to keep a running list of movies in your collection. — Jimny Reeb on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2018
Couldn't live without it
Helps a lot movie and series collector like me. — Kari Salonen on CLZ Movies
October 02, 2018
Easy to use
After a great support from vendor, it's running using note5 and it's super easy to use. — Carlos Montaner on CLZ Movies
October 02, 2018
Thank you
Been waiting 10 + years for this! Thank you so so much. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2018
I love it
i love how you only pay once i was using a different app and had to pay everytime i updated my phone or if my daughter deleted it by accident this app has a lot of movie info you can change the background you can add manually the only flaw i experienced is when you scan some dvds it will come up as bluray and vice versa but it is easy fixed so not a major drama overall best movie app i've used i can't wait to have the time to scan my whole Collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2018
Great app!
I have a lot of movies I was looking for a way to organize them without making myself crazy. This app is quick, save some to the cloud so I can look at it on other devices, and organizes them just about any way I want to. — Pete Cole on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2018
Excelente programa
Excelente programa para lançar os filmes da nossa coleção, mantendo-os organizados, podendo ainda preencher vários campos para posterior consulta. — Fernando Alves on CLZ Movies
September 27, 2018
The best
The best cataloguing app ! — Jan Thys on CLZ Movies
September 26, 2018
Love the app!
Great app for all your movies. — njfawcett on CLZ Movies
September 25, 2018
Really happy
Great for organization I'm really happy with this app. — Jasmin C on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2018
Easy to use
The application is easy to use and the database is extensive. — Cory Jackson on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2018
Love to scan the movies
Love the fact that you can scan more then one movie at a time. — Heather Kilsheimer on CLZ Movies
September 22, 2018
Awesome app
Awesome catalog app for movie lovers. — Chris Johnson on CLZ Movies
September 22, 2018
Excellent app
I love this app! The best movie collection database that I have found. So easy to add movies. Collection is backed up to the cloud, so no more losing my data, when I get a new phone. App also connects to the web, for online viewing, and sharing with other users. — Ray Dobbins on CLZ Movies
September 22, 2018
Saves me money!
We have over 1,000 movies, and kept buying duplicates. Now I look on my phone to see if we have it or not. It backs up on the cloud, so my wife can do the same thing. Can't say enough nice things about the app! — A Google user on CLZ Movies
September 18, 2018
Worth every penny
Been using this software since serial barcode readers. It's worth every penny. — Paul Cowan on CLZ Movies
September 17, 2018
Love it!
Easy to use. — Cynthia Ceja on CLZ Movies
September 16, 2018
Extremely easy to use
Very comprehensive app, extremely easy to use. Great data base for your movie collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
September 15, 2018
This app is amazing! Best in my opinion and money well spent. — ozzman8 on CLZ Movies
September 14, 2018
Easy way to see what you have already. — sheryl webb on CLZ Movies
September 08, 2018
The best movie collection app ever
This is, in my opinion, the best movie collection app ever. I had searched for something comparable before, but couldn't find it...until now. With only a few exceptions, this app allows you to seamlessly import your movies and have them in a convenient place to refer to. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
September 07, 2018
Wonderful app
Super easy to figure out, love it. — Melanie Careen Wimpee on CLZ Movies
September 07, 2018
So easy
Love using the barcode scanner so easy. — Brad Neufeld on CLZ Movies
September 05, 2018
Perfect and useful
Great way of keeping track of your collection and finding what you want to watch. — James Littlejohn on CLZ Movies
September 04, 2018
Great way for organizing
Works very well. Scan in collection for organizing. — Bradley Williams on CLZ Movies
September 01, 2018
Love this app!
Only on my first day but already scanned almost 350 movies with a couple thousands left to go but so far working terrifically. Well done and worth every penny of it holds out this way. — Cameron Conkle on CLZ Movies
August 29, 2018
Fantastic app
A fantastic app, something I'd been looking for for a while. $20 for unlimited plan is definitely worth it, considering it's something I'll use all the time :) great way of keeping track of what I own. — Michael Lancaster on CLZ Movies
August 28, 2018
Absolutely brilliant
I have had this app for a long time now and it does everything I want it to do. — Karl Eastwood on CLZ Movies
August 28, 2018
Great app making my life easier. — Jacob Nightingale on CLZ Movies
August 24, 2018
This app is actually part of a suite of desktop, mobile apps and browser based solutions for managing your DVD and BD collection. I have over 600 discs and the desktop version provides a powerful database for managing the collection. The standard film info is downloaded from a dedicated central database, and users can tailor that data to their needs. The app version allows me to replicate my desktop database to my tablet, so I can browse my films from my armchair and use the library index data to quickly locate discs. You can use the app on its own to manage smaller collections and / or to meet simpler requirements. The app is an excellent tool for accessing and enjoying your disc collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
August 23, 2018
Love it
I use this to keep track of my extensive movie collection, and use another on of their apps for my even MORE extensive comic book collection, and they both work great. They are easy to use, can sync to the cloud, and have lots of information on each item. A great piece of work all around! — Valorous Darke on CLZ Movies
August 19, 2018
Love this app
Helps me keep track of my collection so I can stop buying doubles. — Craig Malson on CLZ Movies
August 18, 2018
Great app
Easy to use and syncs across devices. — Craig Boyd on CLZ Movies
August 17, 2018
Outstanding app
Easy to use and quick reference to the DVD collection. — Jeffrey Underwood on CLZ Movies
August 16, 2018
No more duplicates
Very glad to have a way to know what movies we have before digging through a discount bin! — Lana Vazquez on CLZ Movies
August 14, 2018
Great tracking tool
GREAT tool for keeping track of a giant movie collection. Seems like it's actually updated and supported too. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
August 11, 2018
One of the best apps out there
Personally I think it's one of the best Apps I have come across and it has never ever let me down yet. — Gary Parker on CLZ Movies
August 10, 2018
Great cataloging tool
I really enjoy how easy it is to use. I have a very large collection and this is a great way to catalogue and sort through them all. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
August 09, 2018
Happily scanning away
Only took 1 hour to scan 100 movies. — Kathy Harris on CLZ Movies
August 08, 2018
Great products
Great app, collectorz has great products! — Timothy McDowell on CLZ Movies
August 08, 2018
I am organized
I have a lot of movies, and this helped me get organized. I was always buying duplicates because I couldn't remember if I already had it. Now it's always with me, so I don't have to worry. — joan obermiller on CLZ Movies
August 07, 2018
No more duplicates
The app has made organization of all my movies and TV shows very easy. No more duplicates! — Keoki Cheetah on CLZ Movies
August 07, 2018
Top marks
Been using the app for a few years now top marks. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
August 06, 2018
Great app
Please send this email to the people who do the updates and make changes.
I want to thank them for keeping up on the app. It is such a great app and I can tell the company cares about customers cause the two biggest problems ive had with the app have been taking care of. With the new update to allow individual movies to be counted even though they are in a box set is amazing. It's the last thing that I ever had a problem with.
It is now for me the perfect movie collection app. Thank you for your time and effort that is put into the app. Cheers! — William Nara on CLZ Movies
August 05, 2018
Great app
Great app, totally worth the price for the full version! — Eleya Frields on CLZ Movies
August 04, 2018
Outstanding movie data base. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
August 04, 2018
Just what I was looking for
Easy to enter movies by bar code or manually. Can add personalization in genres. Updates easily. It's just what we were looking for. — Gayle Kohler on CLZ Movies
August 03, 2018
Helpful and easy to use
I had been looking for a simple database app which I could use to keep track of my movies (600+). I came across this one, which was a free download for only a few movies. If you had a larger library, you had to pay for the full version. Money well spent, in my opinion! — A Google User on CLZ Movies
August 02, 2018
Great app
The programmers keep up with the app. They fix bugs or just make things better for customers. — William Nara on CLZ Movies
July 31, 2018
No more duplicates
Wish I had it sooner, I have over 1000 DVDs and now I wont be getting duplicates ever again. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
July 29, 2018
Manage my movie database
Have been using this app for years. It allows me to manage my movie database with ease. — tom Clarke on CLZ Movies
July 28, 2018
Worth the price
Cataloging as easy as point and click. — Cynthia Johnson on CLZ Movies
July 28, 2018
Movie database
Does everything and more than I want in a movie database. — livingancestor on CLZ Movies
July 25, 2018
Bästa programmet jag hitintills använt för att katalogisera mina filmer! — SweTomSve on CLZ Movies
July 24, 2018
Perfect app
This app is perfect for cataloging my movies. I can also create a wish list of movies. One thing this app needs is a "movie picker ". I have so many movies; it is hard to decide on a movie from my collection. — Jeanette Munsey on CLZ Movies
July 22, 2018
Great program to inventory your movies!
I’ve been using the PC version for 10 years, and the app for my iPad is just as great as it. Constant updates and improvements keep it fresh and updated. Has a “loan” function so you can keep track of who you’ve loaned a movie to. Highly recommended if you have a large collection. — Tampatexan on CLZ Movies
July 21, 2018
App is awesome!
No more wondering if you have that movie when you are at the store. — Randall Nordby on CLZ Movies
July 19, 2018
Highly recommended
I have a large collection of dvd's and this app is a great companion to the program I use on my laptop. The app is well worth it and I highly recommend it! — Moviebuff18 on CLZ Movies
July 19, 2018
The best out there
Best cataloging app/program out there! — DJ Usagi on CLZ Movies
July 19, 2018
Spitzen app!!!!
Kenne keine bessere app für filme-sammler. Tut was es soll mit vielen nützlichen features. Tolles online sync feature (mit EIGENEN, editierbaren covers). Spitze. Must have!! — da STREETS on CLZ Movies
July 18, 2018
Worth the price
I can easily and quickly input my growing collection of DVDS and search my collection for the type of movie I feel like watching. If the DVD information is missing or not the version I own I can easily input myself. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
July 17, 2018
Great piece of software!
I just bought the full version of this app and i love it so far. it was so easy to add all my movies with the bar code method. You did a great job so far and im really impressed! — Nicolas Zuber on CLZ Movies
July 17, 2018
Great app
Great app to keep an inventory of your collection, both have and wants! — Jason Gonshor on CLZ Movies
July 14, 2018
Very good
This app is very good at cataloguing your DVD collection. — Eric Pulford on CLZ Movies
July 13, 2018
This is a really good app with lots of info about the movies and tv shows that are entered and a really nice user interface. — Sasha Littlefield on CLZ Movies
July 12, 2018
This app is excellent for large (or small) collections. Definitely get it and enjoy. — Wayne Fottrell on CLZ Movies
July 11, 2018
Easiest software ever
Easiest database software ever and always improving it. — Ken Wykoff on CLZ Movies
July 11, 2018
Easy app
Didn't even hesitate to buy the full app, make shopping for movies easier knowing what i already own now. — Robert Shepp on CLZ Movies
July 09, 2018
Muy útil
Muy útil para organizar tus películas y consultar tu colección en cualquier lugar. — Isabel Díaz Doutón on CLZ Movies
July 08, 2018
Super and must have
It works as intended, I research a lot for options, and this is the only app that can handle my collection. Since having this app I have enjoyed many titles in my collection which I neglected before . — Maurice Garlet on CLZ Movies
July 06, 2018
Useful app
A bit it a learning curve but once I figured out the folders and tags everything clicked for me. Really useful app and worth every penny. — Aaron Merrill on CLZ Movies
July 06, 2018
Keep track of my collection
This is great and a simple way to keep track of my collection. — Derek Dryden on CLZ Movies
July 02, 2018
Excellent app
Excellent app keeps all my movies on my phone so whilst I’m out I can check if I have the movie or not ( saved me doubling up ) LOL — luggy1967 on CLZ Movies
July 01, 2018
Great app
Great app for cataloging your movie collection. — Jeff Wilson on CLZ Movies
June 30, 2018
Simple, eficiente, brillante. — Mauricio Alvarez on CLZ Movies
June 26, 2018
Great cataloger
Great for cataloguing your DVD inventory. — 1papabear1 on CLZ Movies
June 23, 2018
Love it
Great app! Just what I was looking for. — Texas G on CLZ Movies
June 22, 2018
Easy to use
Easy to use, has wishlist function to track future purchases, clear interface. — Alexander Hottya on CLZ Movies
June 21, 2018
Great app
Love this, able to easily catalogue all my movies easily with barcode reader (didn't work on all but found those by easy search). Link with IMDB great. Can rate, Mark when watched and bought, price, where from. Great. — Colin Butcher on CLZ Movies
June 21, 2018
The best
I've tried several. I've been in computers since 1982 so I tend to be really picky. This is about the best movie cataloging program that I found. — Darrell Fichtl on CLZ Movies
June 17, 2018
Has it all
Has everything i was looking for in movie info. — Andre Woods on CLZ Movies
June 15, 2018
NONE better ...
If you’re looking for a comprehensive app that works on ALL of your devices, as well as your Mac, Windows, or Linux based computers — look NO further. This app would be a steal at twice the price, and there are no maintenance costs. The sync across ALL of my devices (and as a developer, I have them all) is flawless. You are certainly welcome to read all the reviews, but you’re losing time getting all of your media catalogued.
If you have a phone with a camera, you’re in business — just start scanning the bar codes on your movies, and accept adding them to your database — it’s that simple. If the code is unreadable, you can search by title and add them manually — they’ve thought of everything. I am a huge movie buff with a staggering number of movies on a variety of media types. To be able to review my library by type, by genre, edit some of the info as needed, and hit a link they provide to watch a trailer is out of this world! A big THANKS to these developers for a superb and professional app. — BobH-OKC on CLZ Movies
June 15, 2018
Fantastic app, very easy to use. Worth the money. Have it on both laptop and tablet. — Rob White on CLZ Movies
June 13, 2018
Easy and useful
Great app for keeping track of my movie collection. A must... — A Google user on CLZ Movies
June 11, 2018
Love this system
I have only entered in half my movies and only 2 have not been in the data base. I love this system. — Yvette Gardner on CLZ Movies
June 11, 2018
Easy to use
Love this app. Easy to use. Perfect for new and experienced movie collectors. — Teena Green on CLZ Movies
June 10, 2018
So easy to use
This app is the best out there for keeping your movie lists together and in order thank you so very much. — Wilburn Estep on CLZ Movies
June 06, 2018
Great helper
Great helps me keep track of films so I don't buy duplicates. — Chris Fletcher on CLZ Movies
June 05, 2018
Love it
I have been using Clz movies for a little over 5 years. I love it. I feel so organized. I can find what I am looking for. I always have my database with me on my phone. — Sharon Garinger on CLZ Movies
June 02, 2018
Gewoon geweldig
Eindelijk een app die aan mijn smaak voldoet waarin ik eindelijk mijn film collectie in kan bijhouden. — Ragnarokjes on CLZ Movies
June 02, 2018
It scans fast
Love how I can inventory all my movies and the information I can get on the movies. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
May 31, 2018
Exactly what I need
Exactly what I need to track my thousands of movies. It's amazing! — Jeremy Padilla on CLZ Movies
May 29, 2018
The app that does it all
So this app has got it all. It's all you need to organize your movie collection, this pretty much covers it all. Easy scanning, lots of details, and pretty easy to modify.
It pretty much does everything you need it to. Oh, and $15 makes it the most expensive app for this on here, but it at least works well and looks professional and clean, which the others don't have going for them. — Anthony Sass on CLZ Movies
May 27, 2018
Great program
Great program to track what you own. Well supported. — Ryan Opel on CLZ Movies
May 26, 2018
Love the app
So far love the app, like the two options for viewing the movie list. Like the easyness of scanning a list of movies and then loading it to my collection. Rememders if I scanned a movie already to add to the list. — David Williams on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2018
These guys are champs!
I've been using their Movie Database/Collection Software from almost the beginning and would just like to share with All-Y-All that these guys are Champs! I love this software and especially the Mobile App. — David A. Carey Sr on CLZ Movies
May 22, 2018
Great app
I tried another app but it wouldn't scan some movies. I got the trial version of this app and it was able to scan the same discs so I upgraded to the full app. I proceeded to scan some of my discs but a few didn't have complete information. I asked for a refund and was asked to give them a chance to fix the problem. I sent photos of the Barcode and front and received an email that the information was updated. I looked and it had been. I just had to delete them and rescan.
I look forward to continue scanning. I have a lot of movies and would like a comprehensive list so we don't get duplicates and can keep track when loaned out. I found two more discs to be updated and emailed them and have confidence they will be updated. Once I scan my movies I plan to get the cd version. — ImJustJaying on CLZ Movies
May 21, 2018
My collection cataloged
Thanks so much and thank you for helping keep my collection cataloged, the app is great! — Steven Landry on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2018
Works well
Works well and is worth the payment. — Cindy Labodi on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2018
Easy to use fast addition of movies with barcode reader. — David Peters on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2018
The best
I think it's one of the if not the best Movie Database software programs out there. — Scott McCrary on CLZ Movies
May 17, 2018
Great app
Easy to use. Good support. — Lee Grieves on CLZ Movies
May 14, 2018
Amazing app
Does an amazing job of quickly adding new movies to your collection. Is perfectly accurate when scanning barcodes and adds all movie info (directors, actors, etc...) along with the movie title. — Nicholas Estes on CLZ Movies
May 14, 2018
Seit Jahren Nutzer dieser app in Kombination mit dem desktop Programm und sehr zufrieden! — Malte Ahlert on CLZ Movies
May 11, 2018
For the serious collector
All CLZ PROGRAMS are excellent for the serious collector and neophytes alike. — Pittmann P. Percer on CLZ Movies
May 11, 2018
The best app
This is absolutely the best most amazing movie cataloging app there is! Complete cast and crew list, synopsis and even a trailer! Awesome graphics. The first 100 titles are free so give it a shot what do you have to lose? — Michael Hayko on CLZ Movies
May 09, 2018
Truly amazing
This app is Truly amazing, the ability to catalogue every film you worn into easy alphabetical order. The makers of this have done a great service and I was more than happy to pay for the extra slots to help fund the project 10/10 thanks. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2018
Perfect for cataloguing
This is perfect for cataloguing all the movies I need to catch up on. It's worth every penny. — JokermanJohnny on CLZ Movies
May 01, 2018
Great catalog app
Friggin' awesome app!!! Just like the comics one!!! — Enrique Hurtado on CLZ Movies
April 29, 2018
THE best tool
THE best tool for movie cataloging I have come across so far. Very user-friendly interface, a ton of options in the app and a great price. — Jon Helge Hesby on CLZ Movies
April 28, 2018
Great App
Easy to use! Does exactly what it says: great catalog app! — Kathy Douglas on CLZ Movies
April 26, 2018
Great to keep track
Great for keeping track of my massive collection. I tend to forget which movies I own when shopping. Not anymore! :) — bklounge20 on CLZ Movies
April 26, 2018
Very useful
Been using this app for years. Very useful. All but the most obscure movies show up with the barcode scanner in a snap. — Eric Sanchez on CLZ Movies
April 25, 2018
Love this app
Very helpful well worth the cost. Absolutely love this app. — Jeremy Agler on CLZ Movies
April 21, 2018
Works well
After reviewing a lot of similar movie-cataloging apps, I landed on this one. It works well. It has a built-in barcode scanner. It supports cloud saves. You can export your data. It links with their web-based product. It has a ton of optional data fields you can fill or you can just use their data. It's a great app. I'd definitely give it a try if you're in the market for something to help organize your collection. — Jonathan Lloyd on CLZ Movies
April 21, 2018
Very easy to use
Great for cataloging my dvd library. — Lare Watson-Haley on CLZ Movies
April 20, 2018
Very happy
I had a different appt. That I was using, but I needed to update it and they went out of business. So I looked around check out some reviews and found this one. Very Happy! It does a lot more than my other one did. — Michael Taylor on CLZ Movies
April 17, 2018
Great app
Love this app! — steven hosler on CLZ Movies
April 17, 2018
Best. Movie. Collection. App. EVER. — Anthony Castro on CLZ Movies
April 17, 2018
App to catalogue my DVDs and BRs
I needed an app to catalogue my DVDs and BRs and it does exactly that - brilliantly! The only reason why it doesn't get 5 stars is dilue to my short time using it. I am therefore unsure how it's gonna behave in a lot of situations. Ask me in 3 months and if I'm still as happy with it as I am now I'll be happy to give it the well deserved extra star. — Agata Zajda on CLZ Movies
April 12, 2018
Great app!!! Love it!!
Only thing I would add is a random button to pick a movie at random when having trouble deciding what to watch. — Robert Hyde on CLZ Movies
April 08, 2018
A great spot to maintain any amount of movies - particularly large collections. — Keith Krokyn on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2018
So convenient
I have used the computer program for years. The app makes it so much more convenient. — Anita Simpson on CLZ Movies
April 05, 2018
Great app
We are at almost 500 BRD and dvd's logged. — John Lingo on CLZ Movies
April 04, 2018
Great app
Good search abilities. My movies range from 1900 to 2018. Found them all. — Martin Wragg on CLZ Movies
April 02, 2018
Very easy to use. — SHHP72 on CLZ Movies
March 31, 2018
Movie collection made easy
Easiest way to track you movie collection. — Kunal Dey on CLZ Movies
March 30, 2018
Can not do without it
Can not do without it. Been using the desktop Apps for many years. — William Covey on CLZ Movies
March 29, 2018
Love this app
Love this app had everything I need for my 3000 strong DVD/bluray collection! — Alison Jones on CLZ Movies
March 29, 2018
Keeps track
Keeps track of what you have and what you want if you keep it up to date. — David Cote on CLZ Movies
March 27, 2018
Awesome app
Awesome app for cataloging your movies and TV shows. Keep up the great work. — Corvin Adkins on CLZ Movies
March 27, 2018
So easy
Great app gives you all details of the movies you have in an instant with full details and so easy to add to your collection. — David Mckendry on CLZ Movies
March 27, 2018
1500 movie collection
Been using for years.1500 movie collection. — Robert Cox on CLZ Movies
March 23, 2018
Love the cloud sync
Love the cloud synch and being able to add and edit from multiple sources. — Chris Yetman on CLZ Movies
March 20, 2018
Awesome app
Fantastic, not only does DVDs but also vhs tapes. — Pawrik on CLZ Movies
March 17, 2018
I love this app
I've only used it for a few hours. I bought the app and love it! I have a big dvd collection (still counting) and discovered I had a few duplicates! I love this app! — Amber Howard on CLZ Movies
March 17, 2018
Great app for movie collectors
Love the products this company makes. — Kevin Logan on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2018
Love it
Great for movie collectors. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2018
No more duplicate movies
Love it. This app is the only app I have spent money to unlock to get the full app. I had a large number of dvd and blue rays. This keeps me from buy 3 or 6 of the same movie !! — Laurie Boyken on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2018
Great app
Helps me avoid duplicate purchases of movies and tv shows. — Brad Gold on CLZ Movies
March 15, 2018
I love this app!
It works quickly. Picked up my bar code scan 99% of time and the ones put in myself were found right away. — Annette Doyle on CLZ Movies
March 15, 2018
In der Kombination mit dem Computer Programm Movie Collector unschlagbar. — Alex Hermanns on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2018
There is no better app
Great for cataloging my movies and having it with me so I don't accidentally buy duplicates. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 13, 2018
No more duplicate purchases
I just got this app so I don't end up buying the same DVD twice because I've bought and sold/traded in so many over the years, I can't always keep track. Took my a few hours to scan and dust off 477 DVDs! It's a great, handy little app to have. — Robert Harris on CLZ Movies
March 12, 2018
Best movie catag app there is
I tried a couple others first that were rated higher on a lot of sites,but this one is far better. It has a larger, more accurate database. It is far faster at finding and updating movies and importin/exporting databases. It has more search/sort options, and more personally customizable fields. Well worth $55 for the mobile app and desktop program. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 11, 2018
I don't know why I hadn't downloaded this before. This is great. The games and comics app is just as good. — Mario Saldana on CLZ Movies
March 11, 2018
Works well
Best collection software I've used! — Steve Linville on CLZ Movies
March 10, 2018
Keeping track of the movies
It's a faster way of adding DVD collection when using bar code and a great way of keeping track of the movies you have. — Luis Rosa on CLZ Movies
March 09, 2018
Fantastic way to have library of movies on you when you shop. — Michael Schafers on CLZ Movies
March 08, 2018
Don't know what I'd do without it
Excellent way to organize.
+ easy to use. — 1Driver2 on CLZ Movies
March 02, 2018
Great app!
I can keep track of all my TV shows & movies and what formats I have them in. It's linked to IMDb so the TV episodes show up. You can add you own tags to make sorting folders. All the movie/TV info shows on the movie page. We use it when shopping to avoid duplicates and at home to find something to watch if we're undecided. Also has a wishlist with on order icon which is very useful. I use the book app too. — Denise Wilkie on CLZ Movies
March 01, 2018
Love your app!
I just signed up for your android service and now that i set it up and added all my movies. Its just amazing i love the dvd cover view. I think its an awesome app. It looks super professional and its alot easier than having a printed list. Like your app is an understatement. Love your app is more accurate! It makes you want to watch your old movies because the cover view feels like your own personal video store. — S. McCulley on CLZ Movies
March 01, 2018
Highly recommend it
Love this for logging our movies so when we are shopping we won't get a duplicate. Easy to use! Highly recommend it. — Mary Karr on CLZ Movies
February 27, 2018
Most movies barcode scan in 2 seconds. Very happy. — Raymond Zelinsky on CLZ Movies
February 25, 2018
Super quick to scan
So convenient, definitely worth buying the full app! Keeps us from buying movies we already have. Plus it's super quick to scan everything into our collection! — Jessie Foss on CLZ Movies
February 25, 2018
Love the folder feature
So far so good - visually the best dvd catalogue app that I found. Easy to use, love the folder feature to sort with genres, directors, release year etc. — Tracey Singh on CLZ Movies
February 24, 2018
The best, ever!
Best movie cataloguing app, ever! Easy to use as well as complete and updated database. Highly recommended! Love love love it! Can I give you ten stars? — Han Han on CLZ Movies
February 21, 2018
Love it I use all the clz apps. — lost soul on CLZ Movies
February 19, 2018
Great app every title at my fingertips. — Jeff Lawson on CLZ Movies
February 18, 2018
I just use it to keep track of movies I've seen. Perfect for my use. Great app! I also have Collectorz for books. Best software available in my opinion. — Jonathan Nannery on CLZ Movies
February 14, 2018
Keeps getting better
Been with Collectorz for quite awhile and just keeps getting better. Excellent customer support if needed. — Eddie Weaver on CLZ Movies
February 14, 2018
Great product
I use both the PC-based app & the Android app, for over 2 years. Great product! It is easy to keep them in sync. WELL worth the price! — A Google user on CLZ Movies
February 13, 2018
Easy to use
This is everything I hoped for. Easy to use, has almost everything (even most of my Christian rock concert dvds) and what it doesn't have I can add in. I love it and bought the full version to do all of my 950 disks! — teiger25 on CLZ Movies
February 13, 2018
Works flawlessly
Great app, Have 4000+ items, works flawlessly. Thanks. — William Leake on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2018
Put my first 3 uk discs on. One old dvd, one brand new blu and one oldish dvd. All recognised. All with info and pics. Seems perfect. Once i get to 100, as long as no probs, i will pay for full version. Well worth it. — Steven Grace on CLZ Movies
February 11, 2018
No more duplicate purchases
Great app to catalog my extensive DVD collection, I have over 1800 DVDs listed, and this app has helped me prevent many duplicate purchases. — ron jorgenson on CLZ Movies
February 11, 2018
Great app
Great way to see what you have. — Trish Curtis on CLZ Movies
February 11, 2018
Very impressed
Very easy to use, works great...very impressed. — Andy Pandy on CLZ Movies
February 10, 2018
The best
Best movie app around at the moment. — Bryan Pankhurst on CLZ Movies
February 05, 2018
Hi There - I just discovered your app and dowloaded the trial version. I can’t believe how easy it is! I have kept my movie collection in an Excel spreadsheet for years and it’s a bit of a pain. This is wonderful! — Trish P on CLZ Movies
February 05, 2018
Best app
Best app for keeping track of all your movies and TV shows. — Ron Pighi on CLZ Movies
February 03, 2018
An app that dose it all for inventory
Stops me buying duplicates of stuff I already have .... again.... — Colin Knights on CLZ Movies
January 31, 2018
Truly brilliant
Truly brilliant for serious collectors. — grahame parker on CLZ Movies
January 30, 2018
Time saver
Time saver, great organizer. — Willliam Luch on CLZ Movies
January 29, 2018
Je recherchais depuis longtemps, une application comme celle-ci. Elle est parfaite. — Claphi77 on CLZ Movies
January 28, 2018
Ha tutto quello che cercavo: salvataggio su cloud, personalizzazione copertine, facile ricerca tramite barcode o titolo. Sincronizzazione veloce, consultazione catalogo da qualsiasi dispositivo, compreso il pc. Il prezzo vale l'aspettativa. — Luana Sacco on CLZ Movies
January 27, 2018
Great tool
I have almost 1900 discs cataloged, they are stored in nice disc containers which hold 80 each. It is imperative to be able to quickly locate the discs as needed. This program allows that to happen. I would not be able to do that without Movie Collector. — Danual Todd Sr on CLZ Movies
January 25, 2018
A breeze
Scanning in with barcodes works awsome and makes adding new moves a Breeze. — Kevin Larson on CLZ Movies
January 21, 2018
Happy we paid for the app! We absolutely love the features, it suits our needs perfectly! — A Google user on CLZ Movies
January 21, 2018
Great app. No issues whatsoever. — Roger Rowe on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2018
Worth every penny
I haven't tried other solutions but did spend a few days researching. Glad I picked this solution! The scanner makes this app golden and worth every penny. — Tim Lengert on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2018
Love it
Just purchased this app to catalogue all my DVDs and absolutely love It!!! Very simple to use too. — Gabriela Camilleri on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2018
Knapp gehalten
Super leichte und schnelle Speicherung meiner Filmsammlung. — Didi Gores on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2018
Amazing app
January 17, 2018
No more doubles
I used to buy doubles and movies all the time I bought this program now I can check to see if I have it by using the barcode scanner on the back of the movie works great tells me if I have it in my inventory already. — Clinton Mercer on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2018
Highly recommended
Have owned and used the program since the beginning. Now the App plus the cloud has improved the program and allows the family to view our collection from their phones. Highly recommended!! — Charles Kim on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2018
Awesome for me, I like that it's easy to use on all platforms. — Steve Smith on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2018
Worth it
Great program to catalog your collection. Worth every penny! — Steve Knaus on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2018
Great app
Love it. Does all the sorting for you. Worth every dime. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
January 15, 2018
Super useful
Works great when syncing with the desktop application. Super useful for tracking a large collection. — Federico Laclau on CLZ Movies
January 14, 2018
CLZ Movies
Great program very happy with the functionality and ease of use. — rbu07 on CLZ Movies
January 13, 2018
Easy to use
Easy to use and the 500 movies took about 1 and 1/2 hours to scan only 2 movies I had to add by hand. — Joseph Brown on CLZ Movies
January 10, 2018
Good app
Use this app to document shows I have watched and when. It has movies dating back to the 1930's. — Monks Pride on CLZ Movies
January 07, 2018
Great app
Worth every penny. — David Herrington on CLZ Movies
January 07, 2018
Track your collection
Great way to keep track of your collection. — Mary Clark on CLZ Movies
January 06, 2018
Outstanding App
I've been using it for over a year now. Extremely easy to use; makes the task of cataloging a large collection a snap & is handy when contemplating additional films. Thanks Devs for such a useful app & meaningful updates. — Cynthia Smith on CLZ Movies
January 05, 2018
Love this app
Absolutely love this app. — David Ottley on CLZ Movies
January 02, 2018
I love it
I love it. I can find my movies much easier now. — John Yindra on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2018
Great so far. Scanning and uploading is easy. — Paul Landolfi on CLZ Movies