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CLZ Movies reviews

December 30, 2021
Everything I hoped for
This is everything I hoped for. Easy to use, has almost everything (even most of my Christian rock concert dvds) and what it doesn't have I can add in. I love it and bought the full version to do all of my 950 disks! — teiger25 on CLZ Movies
December 29, 2021
This app is personally a life saver
Now I can show my friends trailers and info from movies and shows I own on DVD. I have a vast collection, and this helps me not accidentally duplicate purchase. Worth the 2 dollar a month subscription for sure and it has cloud sync to boot! — Shadowsfavcartoons Shadowdlr on CLZ Movies
December 28, 2021
The CLZ Movies app is a Godsend
With well over 1,000 DVD and Blu-Ray movies in my collection I was often purchasing the same movie twice! This app puts every title at my fingertips and solved the problem. Better yet, just by scanning a bar code you get a huge amount of information about the film, including access to the original movie trailer. Makes it much easier to decide what you want to watch. The app is a snap to use but if you need support they reply quickly with the answer you need. Once you get this app you will wonder how you ever lived without it! — RJTampa (USA) on CLZ Movies
December 25, 2021
Great app and easy to use!
It has saved us from buying duplicates several times and keeping track of what all we have. — Mags N on CLZ Movies
December 24, 2021
Definitely reccomend this
This is a great movie collection categorization app. It's easy and fast to use, works well and the developers continue to add new features to constantly improve it. Very fast response from their support team for my question. — Jim Quinlan on CLZ Movies
December 23, 2021
Best ever
Been using Collectorz from day one. Over 2000 movies, all in order. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
December 18, 2021
The best
Best on earth! — pauli dee on CLZ Movies
December 15, 2021
Great app
Great way to catalog your movie collection. — Cleatus Wallis on CLZ Movies
December 12, 2021
The best inventory program
Best movie inventory program I have found does almost everything I want. — Russell Sadowski on CLZ Movies
December 05, 2021
Cataloging made easy
Very easy and convient way to catalog movies. — Brianna Renaud on CLZ Movies
December 04, 2021
The app to have
If you collect movies this is the app to have ! I've tried others and they don't even compare to CLZ ! The support is the fastest I've ever delt with. Love this app absolutely love it !!!!! — steve loomis on CLZ Movies
December 02, 2021
Absolutely love this app
Been using the app for over 6 years now to catalogue my 3400+ (and growing) DVD collection. When I’m out shopping for DVDs, it is so easy check if I already have a DVD in my collection. The ease in which I can upload, find and catalogue my collection is first rate. The support form CLZ when there has been an issue (twice in 6 years) has been first rate and solved within a few minutes. Fantastic service thank you. — Mantistoe (Australia) on CLZ Movies
December 02, 2021
Fun app
This app is easy to use, versatile, and actually fun. The CLZ team responds quickly to feedback and keep adding features to make this an app with long life. I recommend it to the casual and the serious buyer/collector. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
December 02, 2021
Great app!
Handy when shopping for movies to know what you've already got. Syncs perfectly with Movie Connect or Movie Collector for Desktop. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
December 02, 2021
Great to organize my collection
Super easy to use, great to organize my collection and the random shuffle is a great way to choose when I get overwhelmed at all the movies I haven't seen in my collection lol. 10/10! — Dex on CLZ Movies
November 26, 2021
Awesome software to easily catalog and track my movie collection! — Bob Bretall (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 25, 2021
Still best cataloging app on the market!
I have been using this app now for many years and to this day it still is the best movie cataloging app on the market. Don’t bother even trying any others.
The developers are constantly updating and taking suggestions to heart from their users! Many developers could learn from this company!! — MikeZ7 (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 20, 2021
Cool app
Really easy to use. If you like collecting movies on blu ray/dvd then this is for you. — Gregory Barrett on CLZ Movies
November 20, 2021
A brilliant app
A great app that that lets me catalogue my BluRay collection and want-list (preventing me from re-buying films I already own). — Richie Caldicott on CLZ Movies
November 15, 2021
Great app
I've been using this app for a while now and it is great! Occasionally a movie or series or box set will populate with the wrong info but I've contacted support and they are quick and get it corrected!
App 4 1/2 stars There are still a couple of ways it could be better - but there are always improvements and this app is better than it was when I started using it!
Service/support 5 stars! They're kind, respectful and helpful. If you have a large collection to catalog this app is for you! — Jeffrey Levin on CLZ Movies
November 11, 2021
Great app
Love this app!!!
Never buy a movie you already own again. I have been using the CLZ software for years. Using both the game and movie programs I can keep track of what I have when I'm out and about buying physical media. — WhiteChocolate4 (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2021
I’ve been using IMBd for years to record my collection but it was terribly slow and made worse by its last update. Having tried CLZ l will not be going back! I have scanned all my movies in very quickly using the barcodes, or manually input them from their massive database. I’ve even changed some of the covers that I didn’t like for better ones and edited a couple of movie titles to suit myself! I’m going to be enjoying this for years for what I would regard as a small monthly outlay. Well worth it for any movie collector. — The Amazing Spider-rob on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2021
This is the best one
I've used several cataloging apps, but this one is by far the best one. Very easy to use, and has many features that the other apps lacked. If you're a physical media collector, this is the app you want. Well worth the subscription. — Nicholas Colameo on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2021
An A Class App
Great app for cataloging!! — Matt Medek on CLZ Movies
November 06, 2021
CLZ Movies
I’ve been using this app for years now. It’s one of the best databases I’ve seen. Being able to list movies a variety of ways, so very useful. — JeeMinie (USA) on CLZ Movies
November 03, 2021
I am LOVING this app!
I've had a spreadsheet logging movies in manually and now with CLZ Movies, I can scan them in and the movie info automatically inserts itself. Also I can look up a movie by title, director, actor, etc. LOVE IT!! — Kevin Goss on CLZ Movies
November 02, 2021
Excellent catalog app
Excellent catalog to keep track of my Movies. Easy and Complete software to use. — Julius R. on CLZ Movies
November 01, 2021
Good systems
Already using the CD version, I thought I give the movie version a try: same style, easy to use, and (nearly) all can be done with barcodes and the camera. Perfect for my collecton! — Fritzwgb on CLZ Movies
October 30, 2021
Great app
I scanned roughly 400 titles in about 1 hour. — Dave P on CLZ Movies
October 27, 2021
A truly marvellous App, in which you can organise your Movie collection with efficiency. I always needed a lot of help in that department, as I have a bad memory remembering which films that I have got. All the functions that I like so far, are the Seen and Running times features the most.
Excellent communication and support, if needed are available. Thank you, you are a lifesaver. — KIM WAH TO on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Easy app
Easy use, great way to keep account of your collection. — Jane Hamilton on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Excellent so far
Really helpful to document every movie I have in my collection. This is is a valuable resource, as I struggle remembering what I have got so far. Thank you very much. — KIM WAH TO on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2021
Absolut Top!
Wenn eine Software meine Zwecke erfüllt, bin ich gerne bereit, auch dafür zu zahlen. Ich habe die App für das Smartphone und den Web-Dienst abonniert und bin rundum zufrieden.Es sind alle Tools vorhanden, um die Sammlung komfortabel aufzubauen und zu pflegen. — je-handmade woodworks on CLZ Movies
October 25, 2021
Blown Away! FINALLY!
I have been thru a xouple of other apps for sorting and tracking my 2000+ film collection. Finally I have hit on a winner.
The big pluses for me A. When adding a boxset it gives you the option of adding as a single boxset entry or it will add each film. Which is awesome because it isn't how many cases do I have it's how many films!
B. And this was the deal sealer I can have automatically sorted DIRECTOR folders and can track the collection by DIRECTOR!! !! — Seth Gecko (USA) on CLZ Movies
October 24, 2021
Easy to scan barcodes
I just started entering movies into the software. It is easy enough to scan the bar codes. — Richard D. Goller, Jr. on CLZ Movies
October 22, 2021
This is a great app for storing movies. I have a great animation collection that I use it for and it's excellent. — Erskine Williams on CLZ Movies
October 19, 2021
I like this app
Great movie collection tool. — Jim Oler on CLZ Movies
October 17, 2021
Easy to use!
Great way to store what movies you have. You can also watch a trailer for movie titles you have and a spot to add a location where your movie is. This is just what I needed for my collection. — Manda Miller on CLZ Movies
October 06, 2021
Quick and easy. — Gerald Songy on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
Very easy to use
I love the add to wish list. I can check the movies online then check my Movie Collector to confirm I don't already have it. Then I have my shopping list. Too easy. Thank you. — Lionel Rose on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
Love this app!
It helps me keep track of my ever growing Movie collection and has saved me from doubling up a few times. I have only ever had one issue, which as soon as it was reported to the developer, they responded within the half hour with a fix that solved the issue!! — MrAdes009 on CLZ Movies
October 03, 2021
CLZ Movies
Worth every penny. — Duncan on CLZ Movies
October 01, 2021
Great App
Great App For Managing Your Movie Collection. — John Wilson on CLZ Movies
September 30, 2021
This software is the best I’ve used to catalog my over 3000 movie collection. Every feature you could ask for and they keep adding more features and improvements. I had a couple issues that were my fault, the response time was fast, professional and solved my problems quickly. I highly recommend this app and this company and their very professional staff. — ViperPilot1234568 on CLZ Movies
September 29, 2021
Everything you need to catalogue and access your discs easily...super! — Paul Prentice on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2021
Excellent data base
I find it very helpful when i am buying more dvds etc, so l don't buy one l already have. — Bruce Mcgregor on CLZ Movies
September 27, 2021
This app rocks
Really liking it so far. Easy to use. — mildomiller on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2021
Love this app
Been on this app for a year or so, love the ease of getting information on my dvd, bluray, vhs Collection. I have over 5000 movies tv shows etc. Great value too less than £2 a month. — Riky Sargent on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2021
Excellent App with great developers
I hesitated to purchase premium but a year later I’m glad I did. They are very responsive to feed back and make improvements. Also when they make improvements they send detailed email of the changes.
I love keeping my physical media dust free, and this app makes sure I can see what I have any time. Also can track digital media you have. During the pandemic it seems like we watched so much, then I look here and know I have tons to re watch.
Fantastic app. — Aburguy (Canada) on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2021
I would recommend for sure
I have an large collection of dvds and series , this app has made it easier in that department for sure. Great clear list once added and now I can see any duplicates and keep from ever buying another duplicate. Thanks. — Valerie Scott on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2021
Outstanding app
Outstanding app to organize your collections. I have used for over 3 years. Easy to use. Has a comprehensive movie library. You can add self- help / educational dvds that are not found br barcode or name. — Richard Farrell on CLZ Movies
September 23, 2021
Solid software
Solid little software for organizing your slightly too large movie collection. — Wyatt White on CLZ Movies
September 19, 2021
The best collection tracking software
The best collection tracking software, I've tried! I've used many different kinds and this is far above the rest! I use both the comic and movie tracking and have been for years!!! CLZ has been well supported by updates and programming staff. — Grant Delgado on CLZ Movies
September 19, 2021
Finally sort our many, many movies
I was looking for an app for both desktop and iPhone to sort my movie collection, and this one had everything I needed. And when I ran into difficulty (the phone app wasn’t updating the covers I’d put in the desktop app), they were quick to help! I got a response the next morning. Their solution was quick and easy. So far, loving this app! — Jenjpar (USA) on CLZ Movies
September 17, 2021
Super App
Super App bin sehr zufrieden damit. — Robert Woisetschläger on CLZ Movies
September 15, 2021
Fantastic app!
With over 1000 movies and TV shows in my collection it's a great way to catalog them. The app has everything I need and it's so easy to add a DVD or Blu-ray with correct info too. I'm happy I get to finally catalog my ever expanding collection — Damian Wilson on CLZ Movies
September 11, 2021
Love it
Easy to inventory movie collection! — Elle Carnes on CLZ Movies
September 09, 2021
Really diggin this app. — Bayle Rhyme on CLZ Movies
September 09, 2021
Love this App
When purchasing new DVDs to check I don't already have the movie. — Lionel Rose on CLZ Movies
September 08, 2021
This is great!
Adding films with the barcode scanner using IMDB info is great. And I like how you can organise based on blu-ray, or 4K etc. You can even set custom tabs (like favourites), that you can choose if they automatically apply to your next film. There are tons of options for listing things, like films with a certain actor! — Chris Broad on CLZ Movies
September 07, 2021
Excellent app
Great app for keeping track of my collection. — James Haber on CLZ Movies
September 01, 2021
Helpful and easy to use
I have a big collection of blu rays and 4k discs and find this app both helpful and easy to use. For the tiny fee I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation. — Strident Atheist on CLZ Movies
August 31, 2021
Great App, Fantastic Support
I’ve had this app for years now. I had tried multiple other apps for my movies and found they were a Joke. I use this app all the time. I have over 2600 movies and can do so many things with the app so its set up to my liking. Anytime I have an issue (so far its always been my screwup) they are right there to fix it and help me out.
They are always following up to make sure everything is working as planned, and explaining IN DETAIL the exact way to do something the easy way. I paid for the lifetime on the movie app and will be upgrading my music to a lifetime also. Such an easy way to keep track of your collections.
Thank you again CLZ for your App and your Fantastic Support. — Flyboi 60 (USA) on CLZ Movies
August 29, 2021
Store your collection
Great way to store your collection and what type you have. — Daniel Edwards on CLZ Movies
August 28, 2021
Great app
Works as advertised. Rare in this world. — Amos Akerman on CLZ Movies
August 25, 2021
Good source for cataloging my movies
Its amazing its a good source for cataloging my movies. Thank You! — Gadgets and Things on CLZ Movies
August 24, 2021
Lots of options
I like using this app it gives a lot of options. — Jennifer Smith on CLZ Movies
August 24, 2021
Multiple features that are so helpful! — C. Stanley Morton on CLZ Movies
August 14, 2021
Fast as hell
Very easy to use and fast as hell scanning the barcodes — Greg Masterson on CLZ Movies
August 10, 2021
Perfect App for my movie collection. — Tm Schwld on CLZ Movies
August 02, 2021
My movies sorted
Great product helps with keeping movies sorted. — John La on CLZ Movies
July 31, 2021
Great app
Great app easy to add titles and gives detailed info on titles. — Thomas Sandridge on CLZ Movies
July 31, 2021
Works very well
Does everything I need in a movie collection program. — Ron Cheverie on CLZ Movies
July 28, 2021
Enkel å bruke. Verdt pengene
Denne appen er verdt pengene for deg som ønsker å organisere filmsamlingen. Jeg brukte veldig kort tid på å scanne filmsamlingen min (ca 700 titler) og nå har jeg endelig full oversikt. Listen kan også synces til en pc.
Anbefales på det sterkeste! — noodlu on CLZ Movies
July 26, 2021
Love it
Have had it for about 3 years now. Love it. I think it just gets better every update. — Tony L on CLZ Movies
July 21, 2021
My film list
Great I purchased it, keeps my list secure I sync it when I purchase new films wand when I have watched them. — Keith James on CLZ Movies
July 13, 2021
Essential app
Essential software for collectors. — Alan Petschack on CLZ Movies
July 12, 2021
The best
Best way to keep a record of movies in my collection. — Johnny Matney on CLZ Movies
July 10, 2021
Awesome app! Been waiting for this current update! — Pablo Sreih on CLZ Movies
July 08, 2021
Almost perfect
Have to say so far this app has proven to be near perfect, would like the list view to have a larger picture option but that’s just me being picky. — Deryl47 on CLZ Movies
July 06, 2021
Very good
The best software for movie cataloguing bar none! — MARK FISHER on CLZ Movies
July 03, 2021
Great product with outstanding support
We have been using CLZ to catalog our videos for well over 10 years. Their product is outstanding and has continued to evolve over the years. Being older, my wife and I have occasionally needed technical assistance and it’s so refreshing to get GREAT SUPPORT from real human beings. Hadn’t used my movie database in quite awhile and realized in a panic this week that I had removed the app. In responding to my frantic plea for assistance, the CLZ employee replied, “First breathe in, breathe out. Your movie database is securely backed up inside your CLZ cloud.” I appreciated the understanding and slightly humorous response. Love your product; love your support! — YgorMick (USA) on CLZ Movies
July 03, 2021
Awesome program and app
Best way to keep track of your collection. Super easy to add movies to your collection or wishlist. Worth the buy. Still the hands down killer app for your video collection! — Anthony Castro on CLZ Movies
June 29, 2021
Movie cataloging software
I'm very particular about movie cataloging software, and CLZ is the app I've been looking for for years. — Andreas Petersen on CLZ Movies
June 28, 2021
Very helpful and easy to use
This app was exactly what I needed to manage my collection and the scanning part of the software has worked amazingly well. Only a few new rare releases haven't worked, but the option to manually enter in the information required worked so well. Absolutely love this app and couldn't imagine not having it. — Jason Rich on CLZ Movies
June 28, 2021
Awesome app
The app is amazing! You are able to enter/scan in your movies with ease. The support team responds very quick if you have any issues or trouble navigating/using the app. I highly recommend this app for you movie catalogue! — Wayne's Reviews on CLZ Movies
June 24, 2021
I love the comics app so much I am buying this one too. Invaluable tool for managing large collections! — Chad Silverstein on CLZ Movies
June 23, 2021
Useful tool
Very useful tool something I could have done with years ago. — Dougal Chestnutt on CLZ Movies
June 22, 2021
This app is fantastic. I'll pay $1.50/month to keep track of the 400+ movies I have. — John White on CLZ Movies
June 20, 2021
Love It!
I am really enjoying this app. It is very easy to use. The ability to scan barcodes works great with my iPad camera. Adding by title works quite well also. A great feature is The Box collection which adds all of the individual tiles in a set automatically and the record indicates in which set the title is found. The folder search is incredibly detailed and easy to use.
The ability to add Personal information such as location, price, and tags was the deciding factor for me. A previous product I tried didn’t have that ability and even though a title was in the database, I still had to search for it! Syncing to the cloud is fast and allows me to use the app on my phone also. The personal online webpage was a pleasant surprise.
The support staff reached out by email within a day of me signing up to welcome me to the service and then responded quickly and efficiently to several questions. The answers to my questions were direct and specific not canned automatic replies. Very polite and respectful to me, the customer.
I have had this app less than a week and have already added 592 titles! The embedded movie clips and plot summaries are a fun way to revisit titles not watched in a while and in some cases I even forgot I had. Great app and service which exceeded my expectations! — JP 1066 on CLZ Movies
June 19, 2021
So easy to use!
Just what we needed to get our dvd collection organized! — Amanda Stansill on CLZ Movies
June 17, 2021
Excellent Movie Collection
Great app for cataloging your movie collection! — Rafael Morales on CLZ Movies
June 17, 2021
Very nice app and wonderful support
Had a question and the team answered right away. — davidlefebvre on CLZ Movies
June 14, 2021
So versatile!
This app and the other CLZ apps are so great! And the support staff is always so helpful when you have a question! A+++++++ — UNSTBLmolecules on CLZ Movies
June 13, 2021
It's as lifesaver
Really excellent App. Easy to maintain and the lookup databases are pretty generally up to date. I'm sure it can do more than I'm using it for, but it fits my purposes perfectly. Early on I had a problem with classifications, and one of the developers replied to me super quickly. More than worth the price. I have an extensive collection and am constantly getting new films. — Reinaldo Lugo on CLZ Movies
June 09, 2021
I love this app
It makes keeping track of what movie I have so much easier, and my wife loves to use it to pick what to watch. — Jeremy Burke on CLZ Movies
June 06, 2021
Great App
Awesome program! Will scan Region B titles flawlessly! — Isaac None on CLZ Movies
June 03, 2021
Must have app
Highly recommend, beyond easy to use, great layout. They are also super helpful should you have any questions. Get this app, guarantee you won’t regret it! — samira movie buff on CLZ Movies
June 03, 2021
For fellow seekers of order
After downloading and enjoying the comic version. I took on the movies, hesitantly because my collection is substantial. Suffice to say Iv spent a fun few hours zapping in barcodes, ordering my collection (helps with doubles) I can’t wait to finish off scanning the other half of films when I get back.
Superb, intuitive, easy to navigate and it works. Scratch the itch that all collectors have and download today! — Treboria on CLZ Movies
May 28, 2021
Works perfectly! Well worth the subscription fee! — Lord Pengwyn Of Blah on CLZ Movies
May 27, 2021
Blown away
Man you guys out did yourself with cover viewing with the slide bar…. Just don’t know how you’re going to top it! — Thomas Hancock (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 27, 2021
This great. I can check to see if I have a certain movie or TV show when I am in a store. — Mac McCuaig on CLZ Movies
May 25, 2021
The 5 Star Movie App is here. I’ve been waiting years for this feature and now it is here, to be able to make your thumbnails smaller or larger by a slider. I’ve been begging the CLZ team for many years for this feature. It was the only thing left from keeping this app from being a 5 star app in my opinion. IT’S A * * * * * APP NOW and still the best movie app on the App Store. Thanks you to the CLZ team for making this happen. — lilmikeinfiniti on CLZ Movies
May 25, 2021
Highly recommended
Have been with CLZ for some time and love to use this service. It is easy to use and good to look at and the recent changes have been excellent. When I have had a problem the service have replied within 24 hours with a solution. — Stephen Ross on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
Excellent App
This app and the music app have been great. Done exactly as they should for many years. I recently had a problem with transferring the apps to a new device and sought the help of CLZ. They were very helpful and sorted the problem for me without delay.
Well done CLZ. — agfty112233 on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
Nice update
New update looks great. Keep it up. — CoryDewald on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
I have a big collection and was wondering how to log the titles I had this app is perfect for that and very easy to use highly recommended. — Marcus Garlick on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
My Go To App to Manage My Collection
This app is fantastic and so is your app support. I could not imagine how I would manage and inventory my vast movie collection without CLZ Movies. In the past I have requested tweaks here and there and I feel as if I have my personal support dept.. very quick response. Great job CLZ movies!!! — Ralbert95 on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
The best available
I've been a loyal CLZ customer for years. I've owned the pc versions, iPhone app, and now android app. Absolutely the best cataloging apps and programs available. Saved me lots of money by not buying repeats for my collection. Alwin and team have the greatest customer service as well. Try this app. You won't be disappointed. — Dennis Smith on CLZ Movies
May 24, 2021
My movie collection organized
I have used the Movie app for several years now and it keeps getting better. Thank you for making an app that is easy to use and helps me keep my Movie collection organized. I also use the Desk Top App. The Customer Service Is Excellent. — David Stephens on CLZ Movies
May 22, 2021
Keep track of your movies
By far the best way to keep track of your movies, especially when you have thousands and forget easily. — Jackalasnake on CLZ Movies
May 20, 2021
Per me utilissimo
Utilizzo questa versione insieme a quella Connect. Si sincronizzano tra loro senza alcun problema e questo mi permette di avere con me sempre l'elenco aggiornato dei miei DVD (mi è capitato in passato di comprare un titolo convinto di non averlo, per poi scoprire, una volta a casa di esserne già in possesso). — Angelo Iezzi on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2021
Perfect and easy to use
This is by far the best app I could find to catalogue my movie collection. It’s super easy to use: just scan the EAN barcode or enter the movie title. It uses multiple databases to find your dvd or blu-ray (or VHS!) and displays a wealth of information. Highly recommended! Btw the other CLZ apps are great too, I also use CLZ Music and CLZ Books. — Jos van den Berg on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2021
The customer support is exceptional
Not only is CLZ Movies (ColectorZ) a great program for your movies, but the customer support is exceptional. Alwin Hoogerdijk from CollectorZ answered my emailed questions prior to purchase and then after purchase helped me clean up a mess left by my previous app MyHomeLibrary. I had more than 700 movies that I needed to import and it wasn't a simple 1:1 import (they never are.. LOL and *sigh*) Alwin Hoogerdijk went out of his way to make my import successful and clean. My resulting Collection is very pretty and easy to work with, update and share with my family so I'll never get duplicate movies again! I highly recommend this app for all your personal library database needs. — Kris Bethea on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2021
Very easy to use
Very easy to use and makes my collection so much easier to catalogue and handle. I collect series so this apps worth its weight in gold stopping me doubling up on the seasons I'm missing . — Kerryn Kane on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
Hele fijne app voor m’n verzameling
Het scannen werkt fantastisch en snel, en de data is zeer compleet. De app voelt snel en fijn aan om mee te werken en je kunt allerlei statistieken bekijken! Aanrader!!! — AJMouse on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
Invaluable app
This app has been invaluable to help keep my movie collection in order. I use the desktop version as well and link both. This lets me see whats in my collection anytime, anywhere. I always check before i buy new movies to make sure to avoid wasting money on duplicates... also love the loan management sections to help me keep track. — Keegan Baggan on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
Handige tool
Handige tool om je film collectie bij te houden. Heel wat data in database en simpel eigen gegevens bij te werken. — Patrick Debruyne on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
I have over 2400 DVD’s and Blu Ray’s
I have over 2400 movies in my collection and I would totally be lost without this app, helps to arrange by genre, wish list and I lots of other categories. I’ve tired the rest and I’m sticking with the best. — Nothing like Spotify on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
Awesome apps
Before I started using your software, I often bought duplicates. Such an awesome app! Thanks. — glozwurld on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
The best
I've been using CLZ Books and CLZ Movies since... ages, I don't know when. probably since Version 0... And I can tell you that for me these are the best APP's for someone that likes to collect books and films! — Alberto Barbosa on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
Fantastic app
Fantastic app, helps to organise your collection so you don't buy the same movie twice. Support always gets back to you whenever you send anything through. Helps to keep records for insurance purposes, who would remember what you have if you had to replace it. I recommend this app to anyone who will listen. — Trish Curtis on CLZ Movies
May 18, 2021
The best cataloging site ever
I really enjoy this app. Works well to inventory my DVDs. — Jerleen Schlesser on CLZ Movies
May 11, 2021
Ridiculously easy
Very easy and straightforward to use and has a fair price. Anyone that has large collections of movies would benefit from this app. It really helps me to keep track of what I have, easily find it by assigning locations to each title and sync it on all my devices. Adding something to the movie inventory is ridiculously easily and helps me sort out duplicate copies when I get a large shipment in. — Christopher G on CLZ Movies
May 10, 2021
I needed help with file tools in that I was having problems with the program dropping information and support was able to help me solve the problem quickly and now everything is working great. — Jum200 on CLZ Movies
May 08, 2021
Fantastic movie cataloging service
Exactly what I needed! I have like 2k movies/blu-rays/tv shows and I wanted to make some space by putting them in dvd binders, but I wanted to organize them by genre/alphabet and going through and typing them up one by one on an excel document was an overwhelming thought.. but with this, all I gotta do is scan the barcode on the back and the app does the rest. I can then sort them by name, genre, platform, even by runtime or actors! This is a must have for anybody with even a moderate collection. — Kendrick Hummer on CLZ Movies
May 07, 2021
The best app for movie collections
I've had a couple off apps like this in the past and still use another because its already paid for but this one is the best app for movie collections by far.. super easy to use and super easy to add your own and if you have any problems what so ever they are dealt with fast with great service, i have 1574 dvds and i think i only had to enter about 10 by name which come up on the system anyway.. absolutely worth every penny... massive thumbs up from me. — Mark Simons on CLZ Movies
May 03, 2021
Worth the money
Used this app on various platforms and can get to my data on IOS, Android and Windows platforms with no issues at anytime. Worth the money to keep track on the collections. — William Mc Donald on CLZ Movies
May 03, 2021
Fun app
I have been using CLZ apps for years. They keep my Books, Movies, and Music organized. These apps are fun to use and very accurate. — Les Phillips on CLZ Movies
May 02, 2021
I am already hooked
Easy to use, nice pictures, even some values!!!!! I started using an hour ago and I am already hooked! — John A. Gallagher on CLZ Movies
April 24, 2021
Works great
Just what I wanted. — Mark Heady on CLZ Movies
April 16, 2021
Great app
One of the best apps I use weekly! — Rob Conley on CLZ Movies
April 16, 2021
Catalog of movies
Keeps a catalog of your movies by scanning barcode. Easy to use and maintain, separates by format and alphabetical order. — chuito6619 on CLZ Movies
April 14, 2021
I have had the computer version for several years. The app is perfect to have handy when buying more movies so I don't duplicate. — Diana Goldie on CLZ Movies
April 04, 2021
Really great app
I have other catalog apps I use for my movies but I use this one for my VHS collection. Yes I collect VHS; it is a really great and easy to navigate. I have zero complaints. — Donald Garner on CLZ Movies
April 03, 2021
Really handy app
Subscribed yesterday and had a field time sorting my collections out. This is going to be really handy when purchasing new titles especially when able to check there and then. Been able to edit to suit is really useful. — Barry Dent on CLZ Movies
April 01, 2021
A breeze
Absolutely loving the app so far! The barcode scanner is a breeze; and with its “stats” feature I’m learning all this new info about my collection I’ve never known before! Cant recommend this more! — SnizzPants on CLZ Movies
April 01, 2021
Simply the best!!!
Great way to keep track of all my movies. — Sam Shepherd on CLZ Movies
March 31, 2021
Highly recommend it
Long time user of CLZ comics and recently the movie software. Great for tracking my collection. The app makes it so easy to review and add. — Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein on CLZ Movies
March 27, 2021
Super application
Handy way to keep track of my movie and tv collection. — Victor Smith on CLZ Movies
March 24, 2021
Easy app
Very easy to learn and use. — DnB Day on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2021
This is the ultimate
Superb, it has everything about pretty much every movie ever made including lots that IMDB doesn"t cover. — Salvor Hardin on CLZ Movies
March 21, 2021
Wish I could give it more STARS!!!
Just keeps getting better and better ! ! I've had the PC version and I loved it now I love it on my android. much easier to keep up with your movies now. I scan them in line at the stores now. Update: The last update broke the app. Send trouble ticket, 6 hours later it was fixed.iI Received an personal email from the developer about the app and the fix, That's how you do customer service!!! — Daniel Boyd on CLZ Movies
March 21, 2021
Easy simple
I can keep track and know if I'm multi buying DVDs CDs GAMES etc. Its easy to use and worth it. — Hayleigh Lake on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2021
Great suite of apps
For physical collectors it is perfect. I have a ton of older media too, and these apps have them all. — Robert Vick on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2021
Inventory of my movies
Love being able to inventory all my movies :) — Joey Evans on CLZ Movies
March 13, 2021
Good overall movie app
Like the ability to change cover art. Liked this app well enough to purchase the vinyl app version. — Lisa Wilson on CLZ Movies
March 12, 2021
Just what I was looking for
This app was just what I was looking for to catalogue my growing DvD and Blu-Ray collection. Its Great. — Richard Hart on CLZ Movies
March 10, 2021
Easy to use
Love how if you back out of scanning in movies, it still has them in queue to add, unlike other products. — Will Kidwell on CLZ Movies
March 09, 2021
The best
Best organization of movies! — Lisa r Lowder on CLZ Movies
March 09, 2021
Full features program
Been using CLZ Movie for over 5years, runs well, is updated often and has many features. If you want to organize all your video titles and be able to access from desktop, web or mobile, you won't find anything as full featured as this program. Software team provides excellent support. — Joseph Ferreira on CLZ Movies
March 05, 2021
Best app for cataloging movies
Are you the type of person who likes to have everything organized, especially your movie collection? If so, you’re in for a treat. You don’t have to write down the names of all of your movies and put countless hours into finding the one you’d like to watch. Instead, you can have your entire collection safely stored in your pocket.

If you love movies and cataloging your collection, Collectorz.com has everything you need. Yes, they do have a movie cataloging software but not just that. CLZ has book, music, and game cataloging apps. We’ll focus on the CLZ Movies now, and if you consider yourself a collector, you probably want to start using this app right away. Should you? Let’s see.

Read the full review here — ApkMonk.com (USA) on CLZ Movies
March 05, 2021
Very easy to scan barcode and add movie to collection. — Uli Stoll on CLZ Movies
March 05, 2021
It has everything
Perhaps a little too comprehensive for some, it has everything about pretty much every movie ever made including lots that IMDB doesn"t cover. — Salvor Hardin on CLZ Movies
March 04, 2021
Highly recommended
I own so many movies, I kept finding myself double purchasing. This let's me know what I own. I also feel like a personal Blockbuster and can show people this app to see a list of my movies to pick from and borrow. If you're a movie collector, I highly recommend this app. — Alaina McNulty on CLZ Movies
February 27, 2021
I love it!
Amazing App! Can not recommend enough!!! — Bingk Martain on CLZ Movies
February 26, 2021
Excellent app, very easy to use, just scan the barcode using iPad or phone camera & the item is added, been using both movies & music apps for years now, regular updates keeping everything up to date, recently had a slight problem which was fixed by support the same day, highly recommended. — Ade333333 on CLZ Movies
February 24, 2021
Simply the best app out there
I have both music and movies, and have tried others but clz is the best. App does everything you want it to and the support if there is a problem is excellent. — Richard Lisle on CLZ Movies
February 24, 2021
Just keeps getting better and better!
I've had the PC version and I loved it now I love it on my android. much easier to keep up with your movies now. I scan them in line at the stores now. Update: The last update broke the app. Send trouble ticket, 6 hours later it was fixed.iI Received an personal email from the developer about the app and the fix, That's how you do customer service!!! — Daniel Boyd on CLZ Movies
February 23, 2021
The best app
If your looking for the best movie collection app on the App Store this is the best they have available. — ilmikeinfiniti on CLZ Movies
February 22, 2021
All I can say is , wow-wee-wow-wow!!!! The new Statistics info is perfect and informative at a glance. Great update overall. — Teenag on CLZ Movies
February 22, 2021
WOW perfect!
Have been looking for ever for app like this. Had it for 1 hr. But WOW perfect so far. Just what I was looking for. — Mike Robbins on CLZ Movies
February 21, 2021
Exactly what I needed
Scrapped my own project in favor of this. Worth every penny to save myself the headache. Does what I need and more. Developer is very responsive. My husband and I can both use the app and edit our collection on our own devices while I can share a link to a website for the rest of the family for viewing only. -update: I also love how well it takes advantage of the second screen on my LG V60 in wide mode - I can see 12 across and 7 down in the grid. — Ed DeQuasie on CLZ Movies
February 19, 2021
Excellent program for doing inventory on your movie collection!
Great App To Organize Movie Collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
February 17, 2021
Great app, great support
I'm new to CLZ Movies and subscribed to catalog my 504 plus DVD movies. The app is great and easy to use, I had all my DVD cataloged in no time. I then accidently erased all my movies and reached out to support and in no time all my movies were back. The app is great and it helps me by genre and even alphabetical order. It's so good I'm shortly going to purchase the CLZ for music for my 1600 plus cd's.
If you don't have CLZ products, you are doing it wrong. — Carlos Fraticelli on CLZ Movies
February 15, 2021
Cataloging all my movies
I am very excited to have this app to catalog all my movies. I have already seen where I have duplicates. Now I'll know what I have and don't have when I go to the store or shop online. — Sheri on CLZ Movies
January 31, 2021
Excellent app
Excellent app to keep track of movies, I was convinced as soon as I scanned my first bar code on the movie itself. App is even better cause its on my phone which means I can take my list when I shop for more movies to make sure I am not buying duplicates. Tossed handwritten spread sheets of movies I owned within a matter of minutes. — JJBurks1983 on CLZ Movies
January 31, 2021
Muy bien
Muy útil para cualquiera que tenga una colección amplia de películas. — Fernando Martínez de Arellano Coll on CLZ Movies
January 24, 2021
Keep track of my collection
Loving how easy it is to use and will help keep track of my media collection. — Craig Caron on CLZ Movies
January 22, 2021
This program has saved me an enormous amount of time. It's great. — T. Tillman on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2021
Now I know what I have
Great app I have a big collection of movies like to know what I have so I don"t buy extra ones looking for movies. — Donnie Edwards on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2021
Super Appli
Super Appli pour référencer ses collections ! — Yunii on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2021
The best one
Used this product for many years. Best of all I tried. — Paul Arrowsmith on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2021
A must for collectors
Best movie cataloging software available! — Thomas Walton on CLZ Movies
January 14, 2021
Fun to scan DVDs
Easy to use. Does exactly what I need to. So fun to scan the DVDs. — antwenet on CLZ Movies
January 14, 2021
I've just hit the jackpot!!!!
After many years searching for an app that would actually work & help me catalog, keep track of inventory, and update my extensive movie collection, I can honestly say this is by far the best app. It is very user friendly & easy to use. I tried the free trial was was convinced after scanning just a few movies. I DO NOT regret paying for the annual subscription and I WILL continue to do so. NO MORE SPREADSHEETS!!! Many thanks & Kudos to the developer! — Nicky Ramos on CLZ Movies
January 13, 2021
Customer for life!
I had a question the first day of the trial period and I posted a question to CLZ's Facebook page and overnight I got an email explaining how to do what I was asking. It worked, I replied as such to them and they responded in mere minutes. I was only on day one of the free trial and they went out of their way to help me. The software is awesome using a barcode scanner and movie info from IMDB makes it so easy! Awesome software and superior customer service! I'm now a customer for life! — Ted Cantrell on CLZ Movies
January 12, 2021
Definitely recommend CLZ Movies
Are you a real cinema connoisseur? Do you know what an IMDB is? Then you will be delighted with CLZ Movies app! This application enables you to create your own movie collections with full official IMDB data. Sounds impressive, is not it?

The main feature of CLZ Movies is the unique way to add movies to your collection by SCANNING BARCODES on the disks, for instance, from your home DVD / Blu-ray collection.

To use this way, tap the menu icon top left, choose “Add Movies from Core” and go to “Add by barcode”. CLZ Movies opens its camera immediately. Point the camera at the barcode, and that is it! You can send a new movie to the list you need.

Read Daria's full review here — Daria (USA) on Movie Collector
January 11, 2021
Very nice app
This app is good if you have steel books, limited editions, mediabooks etc. As you can replace cover art with pictures from the internet so you select the cover art you actually have. Similarly you can customise all entries easily as well. Cloud facility is also great for storage and syncing to other devices. So far working very well for me. — nick gillies on CLZ Movies
January 10, 2021
Useful app
Useful app for anyone with large collections. The user interface is easy to use and reliable. — E M S on CLZ Movies
January 10, 2021
No more duplicate movies
I like the ability to have all my movie digitally listed on my phone. Helps me when I'm in the process of buying more movies to not buy a movie that I already own. — SRT1212 CouchGuy on CLZ Movies
January 09, 2021
Excellent and easy to use. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
January 08, 2021
Best Movie Collection App Available
Been using this app for years and nothing comes close to it’s versatility and comprehensiveness. Furthermore the support staff is amazing. Every issue I reported was responded to in specific detail. Well worth the investment. Thank you Athan and the Collectorz support team! — Moe-EZ on CLZ Movies
January 06, 2021
So easy to use
I have been using this app since 2017 and love it! So easy to use and customize. Very useful. The upgrades just keep getting better and better! — Randy Patterson on CLZ Movies
January 04, 2021
Love it
Very much into it. If i could give it 8.5 stars I would. — Mojamoja Mujaden on CLZ Movies
January 03, 2021
Exactly what I was looking for
So far it's exactly what I was looking for. — Tracy Woods on Movie Collector
January 01, 2021
Quick cataloger
Quick way to catalog movies. — Gary Moon on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2021
Une superbe application
Le scan de ma collection entière de 500 DVD s'est effectué rapidement et sans pépins. Comme ma collection ne comporte seulement quelques DVD récents, je n'ai eu que 2 insertions manuelles. L'interface est conviviale et facile d'utilisation. J'ai facilement produit un catalogue PDF de ma collection à partir de l'app web du Cloud CLZ. Les infos incluses dans le catalogue est configurable. — Pierre Desjardins on CLZ Movies
January 01, 2021
The best movie catalog
This is the best movie catalog app you can get. After this last update it is even better. I would give it 10 stars if I could. — Roger Turley on CLZ Movies