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Film Library Database Software - catalog your film collection

Automatically download film details and imagesLike plot, cast & crew, cover art, film trailers, etc...
Just search our huge online film database ... ... by entering titles or scanning DVD / Blu-ray barcodes.

Mobile app

App for phones and tablets:

  • Install on your phone or tablet.
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
one-time purchase - free app updates


Easy to use & easy to manage

  • Login with any web-browser.
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner.
  • All data stored in the cloud.
  • Automatic updates & backups.
subscription - all updates included


Fully customizable and configurable

  • Install on your own PC / Mac.
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your computer.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
one-time purchase / optional paid updates

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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your movie database between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends & family.
  • Always have an online backup of your movie database.

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Reviews from customers

August 24, 2018
This app is actually part of a suite of desktop, mobile apps and browser based solutions for managing your DVD and BD collection. I have over 600 discs and the desktop version provides a powerful database for managing the collection. The standard film info is downloaded from a dedicated central database, and users can tailor that data to their needs. The app version allows me to replicate my desktop database to my tablet, so I can browse my films from my armchair and use the library index data to quickly locate discs. You can use the app on its own to manage smaller collections and / or to meet simpler requirements. The app is an excellent tool for accessing and enjoying your disc collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
July 25, 2018
Bästa programmet jag hitintills använt för att katalogisera mina filmer! — SweTomSve on CLZ Movies
July 19, 2018
Spitzen app!!!!
Kenne keine bessere app für filme-sammler. Tut was es soll mit vielen nützlichen features. Tolles online sync feature (mit EIGENEN, editierbaren covers). Spitze. Must have!! — da STREETS on CLZ Movies
June 06, 2018
Great helper
Great helps me keep track of films so I don't buy duplicates. — Chris Fletcher on CLZ Movies
June 02, 2018
Gewoon geweldig
Eindelijk een app die aan mijn smaak voldoet waarin ik eindelijk mijn film collectie in kan bijhouden. — Ragnarokjes on CLZ Movies
May 31, 2018
Just a compliment
I was amazed to find that after I had uploaded (using the barcode) a 5 Movie Selection (Sci-Fi Collection) that all the films included in the selection were listed separately so I could update the audio languages and sub-titles for them (which of course varied) which is of major importance for me.
So many thanks for this feature which I didn't know existed. — Mike Walsh (Finland) on Movie Collector
May 09, 2018
Truly amazing
This app is Truly amazing, the ability to catalogue every film you worn into easy alphabetical order. The makers of this have done a great service and I was more than happy to pay for the extra slots to help fund the project 10/10 thanks. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
April 05, 2018
Just to say 4000 films later me wowed the easy use & professional result of collectorz is a wow thank you again. — Steve Brown (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
February 18, 2018
I’ve had Collectorz for years
I have a collection of 2500 films, I’ve had Collectorz for years..I love it — John Muuss (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
January 30, 2018
Very useful
I finally like to mention that I am generally very happy with the Movie Collector program, and find it very useful to keep track of my films and TV programs, whether they exist in separate physical form or in electronic form on a harddisk. Your customer service / support is also way above average. — Hasse Nyman (Spain) on Movie Collector
January 18, 2018
Knapp gehalten
Super leichte und schnelle Speicherung meiner Filmsammlung. — Didi Gores on CLZ Movies
January 16, 2018
Invaluable tool
I love the Collectors database and find it an invaluable tool for both cataloguing and collecting information on the movies and TV shows that I own and love.
Your team clearly put a ton of effort into this endeavour and it pays off. It allows me to both catalogue my collection but also to add other available information such as reviews, soundtrack info, collected trailers, posters and so much more that for a film fan such as myself is a great way of making my collection more of a historical record than simply a hobby. Thank you! — Bruce Wood (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
January 06, 2018
Outstanding App
I've been using it for over a year now. Extremely easy to use; makes the task of cataloging a large collection a snap & is handy when contemplating additional films. Thanks Devs for such a useful app & meaningful updates. — Cynthia Smith on CLZ Movies
December 29, 2017
Must Have
Wirklich gute App. Bietet sehr viele Möglichkeiten die Eintragungen zu ändern und zu spezifizieren. Für jeden Filmfreund mit großer Filmsammlung ein "Must have". — Knut N. on CLZ Movies
December 22, 2017
Das Beste, was ich bisher an Filmdatenbanken gesehen habe. Es gibt kaum einen Film, den ich hier nicht gefunden habe, selbst Filme zu Nischenthemen. Dazu die Möglichkeit, die Daten über die Cloud auf verschiedenen Geräten zu synchronisieren. TOP! — Michael Hillebrand on CLZ Movies
October 04, 2017
Datenbank-App ist der Oberhammer
Also diese Datenbank-App ist der Oberhammer. Findet per Barcode alles und sehr schnell. Das i-Tüpfelchen ist dann noch die Cloud-Synchronisation zwischen mehreren Geräten. Habe gestern in gefühlten 10 Minuten knapp 50 Filme eingescannt. Einziger Wermutstropfen ist der stolze Preis für die Vollversion. Aber auch die werde ich mir gönnen, wenn es soweit ist. — Stefan Braun on CLZ Movies
September 21, 2017
Excellent piece of software
Saw this yesterday via a suggested post on Facebook, I have been looking for something for a while now that will let me log my movie collection. Downloaded the trial, seeing how easy it was to use I bought the version for the PC. I have in a few hours logged all of my movies and TV Series. Found it so easy to use and love all the details you get about each film. Excellent piece of software well worth the money good work guys. — Karl Hall (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
August 28, 2017
Best of its kind!
Simply put, it keeps track of my 3500+ collection of DVDs and Blurays. Its browse features make it fun to search for exactly the film I want to watch. And it nimbly accommodates my numbered storage system. When used in conjunction with the full-featured desktop application, it cannot be beat. — RDSquires on CLZ Movies
August 23, 2017
Just what I needed
With over 3500 films this is just what I needed. — ronald allen on CLZ Movies
July 04, 2017
Look no further
If you are reading the site questioning whether or not to purchase COLLECTORZ for your media collection, let me say you need to look no further. This programs allows you to do everything you need to do and more.
When i need to research a film for my podcast, it is all at a touch of my finger. With 3000+ films in my collection covering various formats from numerous countries it can get every detail I need and quickly.
Organization is always a battle and COLLECTORZ is the allie that i want by my side!! — Shawn Griffin‎ (USA) on Movie Collector
June 30, 2017
The best app
This is absolutely the best app for cataloguing one's film collection! — Albert Muick on CLZ Movies
June 28, 2017
THE best
I have been using this program, Movie Collectorz for many, many years, and it is THE best. With a bar code scanner, you can ad a title, and it will download the front and back cover, the cast, film makers, synopsis, poster, trailer... it is the very best... I would very much recommend it for anyone who has more than a 100 home video titles. — Vincent Connor (USA) on Movie Collector
June 04, 2017
CLZ Movies
Anfänglich gewöhnungsbedürftig, 'hab einige Filmtitel nicht gefunden, nach Eingabe der Originaltitel gings dann prima, die paar Filme die ich nicht in der Bibliothek gefunden habe, waren schnell mittels der manuellen Eingabe archiviert. — in Google-Nutzer on CLZ Movies
May 13, 2017
Wouldn't be without it!!!
Had this AWESOME software for quite a few years now worth every penny in subscriptions to keep track of over 400 titles constantly growing in size would recommend this to anyone who has a large collection of DVD and Blu-Ray films wouldn't be without it!!! — Carl Hare (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
March 26, 2017
CLZ Movies
Great way to catalog your films. The barcode option really helps when you don't know which one to choose. — BBN456($7446 on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2017
Just Fantastic
Im going to start with the fact that I spend way too much money on movies. I love having physical media, whether it be movies, music, comic books, or video games.
I have had times in the past when I would see a movie on sale and think to myself, "Do I own this?" I would proceed to buy the movie not realizing I already own a copy(or two, thanks Spaceballs and beer.) Now I can just take a look at this app if I'm not sure and know what I have and don't need to buy.
I also completely support this app for the sake of buying actual movies and not just downloading. Support the artists and film makers. Buy the movies. Complete your collection. Enjoy the stories. — AwesomusxPrime on CLZ Movies
February 16, 2017
Best Ever
I've tried all the movie collection apps. This is hands down the best film collection app I've ever used. — Him Squared on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2017
Bonne mise à jour permettant enfin de faire correspondre un code barre absent de la base de donnée à un film directement via l'application ! C'était le seul point négatif auparavant (certes le prix est élevé...), mais maintenant je n'ai personnellement rien à redire. — Freddy Grob on CLZ Movies
February 07, 2017
Eignet sich für Filme genauso wie für Vinyl......Genial. da zahlt man gerne für die Vollversion. Ein Must have. — Thomas R on CLZ Movies
February 02, 2017
Geniale Filmsammlung erfassen per Barcodescan (nicht bei Sondereditionen oder Auslandsversionen). Aber damit kann man den Überblick behalten! — Markus Gerstl on CLZ Movies

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