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Movie Collector Downloadable desktop software for Windows

Catalog DVDs, Blu-rays & movie files on your Windows PC

Last updated:

Mar 4, 2021


Windows 7, 8, 10

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Browse, sort and search your movie collection in various layouts and views

Movie Collector's main screen is highly customizable, so that you can make it look the way you want. Choose between:

  • Multiple layouts for the main screen folder, list and details panels.
  • List, Images or Card View for your movie lists.
  • Different templates for the movie details panel.
  • Light, Dark and System skins for all screens.

Easily add DVDs and Blu-Rays to your database, by Title or by Barcode

Adding new movies to your personal movie database is quick and easy:

  1. Just search our online movie database by title or by barcode.
  2. Select the movie and/or DVD/Blu-Ray edition you own.
  3. Click the Add button.

Our Core online movie database will then automatically provide

  • Full movie details like Cast, Crew, Year, Studio, Genre, Plot, Duration, etc...
  • Cover art, movie posters, backdrop art and trailer videos.
  • For TV Series, full episode details (plot, first air dates, cast) and screen shot images.

Adding movies by title:
Adding movies by barcode:

Organize your movie files by scanning your folders

Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files. Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files, then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel.

Free CLZ Cloud storage for backups, syncing and sharing

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • always have an online backup of your movie database.
  • synchronize your data to other computers and mobile devices.
  • share your movie list online, for friends and family (example).

Other features and tools

  • Efficiently edit your data using field defaults, batch editing, direct editing in main screen list, etc..
  • Add missing cover images by searching the internet with the built-in Find Image Online tool.
  • Customize your database by renaming existing fields, or by creating your own User Defined Fields.
  • Manage your loans with the integrated Loan Manager system.
  • Export your movie database to Text or XML files.
  • Print movie lists in any order, with your configurable columns.

Latest Movie Collector updates

Movie Collector reviews from customers

February 16, 2021
The best!
Just finished running the Update from CLZ Core update!
I love the new ratings!
Your desktop app is the best! — Ryan Allen (USA) on Movie Collector
January 19, 2021
Kudos to you
Just a quick note to say that I used the Pre-fill popup in version 21.0 for the first time today. It's very handy and a big time saver! — Gerry Church (USA) on Movie Collector
January 14, 2021
Great program
By the way, this is a great program to use, ditched the old homemade data base years ago, keep up the great work you are all doing. — David Shinn (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
January 10, 2021
Marvelous piece of software
I am 81 years old and is using Movie Collector just about on a daily basis and I still find it a marvelous piece of software.
20 years ago my internet was to slow to continuously stream YouTube videos. So I got into a habit of downloading classical music from YouTube to be able to watch and listen continuously. And as you grow old you do not easily change your habits. So I am still downloading music. Over the years my YT music collection grew steadily. I find Movie Collector a marvelous tool to manage this collection. — Jakkals Reinecke (South Africa) on Movie Collector
January 06, 2021
Movie collector
Thanks for your years-end note.
You and your teammates do a good job. You add value to a person's collections. That is the secret of any good business: adding value. I would probably not be the somewhat serious movie collector that I am without your efforts.
I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. — Arnold Falk (Switzerland) on Movie Collector
December 31, 2020
Good job
Thanks for your years-end note.
You and your teammates do a good job. You add value to a person's collections. That is the secret of any good business: adding value. I would probably not be the somewhat serious movie collector that I am without your efforts.
I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. — Arnold Falk (Switzerland) on Movie Collector
December 30, 2020
Great software
Just to say happy new year to you all great software my films are now so easy to list. — Steven Brown (Ireland) on Movie Collector
December 18, 2020
Movie collector is a must have in my life
As usual you and your team are right on top of things with the best and most timely customer support. I would like to start off by saying the additions to Movie collector in the most recent version, ie: linking to movie files was a perfect update for real hard core collectors.
I will keep recommending your software to all of my friends and family. I wish you could see how impressed people are when I demo the programs for them. — Bob Andersen (USA) on Movie Collector
November 01, 2020
Thrilled with the movie collector program
The Movie Collector program is strictly for my own private use.
I currently have approximately 900 DVD/Blue Ray movies. The Movie Collector program creates an excellent library. Additionally, with so many movies in my library, many times I'm unable to remember the subject material of a particular movie I haven't watched for many months.
Also, the program allows me to construct a catalogue with the different things I want to select from my master movie list. Right now, one of the things in my catalogue are the synopsis of each movie. My guests can review my printed catalogue and the synopsis allows the to select a movie that is of interest to them.
I am thrilled with the movie collector program; the subscription cost is very reasonable: the owners of the software are incredibly responsive if I have a question; the information provided in the program about the movies is exceptional. I have recommended the movie collector program to my friends on many occasions. — Dennis Hamilton (USA) on Movie Collector
October 22, 2020
Thank you!
Folks are always quick to drop a dime when something upsets them, but I though it would be nice to recognize some good customer service as well.
A few years back I subscribed to movie collection program to help me see the covers of our movie collection. Last week I discovered that it would no longer allow me to connect via the Internet.
I had let the subscription expire but understood the basic program would still be there. When I emailed the company and asked if was now necessary to again subscribe, their customer service informed me that they had sent out an email asking customer to update their connection for security reasons.
They had allowed the original less secure connection (which I had) to continue for awhile and then discontinued it. Since I had missed the update window, their customer service extended my subscription (free of charge) to a period where I was able to update the connection.
Very nice of them and worthy or some positive advertisement. — Jack Sturdivant (USA) on Movie Collector

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