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CLZ Movies reviews

December 26, 2011
Very convenient
Awesome piece of software that is totally worth it. Honestly glad I ponyed up the cash for this one! — Jzone_19 on CLZ Movies
December 19, 2011
Highly Recommended
I've been using Movie Collector since version 5. Never thought of getting the app... Until Now!!! — Side field on CLZ Movies
December 15, 2011
Movie Collector For Pc And IPhone
Great Apps Could Not Live Without Them Thanks Again — ronmurphy5 on CLZ Movies
December 11, 2011
Great application for movie collectors
I can't imagine browsing my collection of movies (800 and growing) without this app.
Just remember that you need the PC application too. — FransSr on CLZ Movies
December 11, 2011
A really good app
This is an app that really works and does what it is supposed to do. You can track your movies and view them in any manner you want. Search for any information you would like. When guests are over and want to watch a movie, just hand them your phone run the app and let them choose, much easier than standing in front of a wall full of movies and trying to pick one out.
When you go shopping and you have over a thousand titles your not going to buy a duplicate title with this app in your pocket. This is one part of a complete set of options you have with these guys. Check out all of their apps and you won't be sorry.

I just don't see any negatives with this app. — Nsafellow on CLZ Movies

December 07, 2011
If you are a serious film collector, this app is a must.
And the updates make it better every time! — Aarfh on CLZ Movies
December 06, 2011
Hate not knowing what you have already?
I absolutely hate going to buy new (old) movies and picking up something I already have.. Then going through the hassle of returning it. With this app connect to my collection online. I never have to worry about that again...

Provided I actually update my records :) — Whsperz on CLZ Movies

December 02, 2011
I have the program on my computer and have used it for quite awhile. The iPad app is great and it works great with the computer edition. I also have the iPod app.
I highly recommend it. — Jeff Garland on CLZ Movies
November 25, 2011
Great App!!!
When your movie collection contains 4.000+ movies this app is a bare necessity.
It's easy to use and it looks awesome. — Peter Den Besten on CLZ Movies
November 21, 2011
This app has saved me a fortune!
I and my wife are avid movie and TV collectors. We have over 1,700 original movies and TV shows in our collection. As you can imagine we have trouble keeping up with what we have already bought and have spent a ton of money on stuff we already have.
Since buying the main program and this app we haven't done that since. It has saved us so much money that I think that this is one of the best purchases we have made in a long time. The app is easy to use and easy to instal.

I highly recommend it to anyone that has a collection that they love. — theblackdragon02 (Daniel) on CLZ Movies

November 16, 2011
Awesome App!
I have been using this program on my PC for years. I wanted to be able to carry my collection on my iPad and found this app. available....it's awesome!
Thanks Alwin, Sytske and all the members of your team on making such a great app!
I hope to get your other apps. soon. — EdwardHerr on CLZ Movies
November 15, 2011
Awesome app!
I do collect movies and have about 1,400 and counting. I have searched for an app/program that can help me with cataloging my collection.
Well look further no more.
This is the best so far. Not just it catalog it into a nice database with all the picture and other information but it also makes my collection look awesome in a great app. — Ogscorpion on CLZ Movies
November 12, 2011
Best app ever, has saved me $$$
If you're an avid movie collector, like I am, it's hard to remember every movie you have. This is a wonderful way to quickly check my library.
It's saved me way more than the Windows and iPhone and iPad app cost all together, including the bar code scanner!

Highly recommended! — Flinxy on CLZ Movies

November 09, 2011
Excellent product
The instalation and the migration of my movies database was very easy. As it is mentioned in the specifications of this application, it is required that you have installed collectorz movie collector on a pc or mac.
The interface is very user friendly, there are a lot of sorting and viewing possibilities and all in all a worth buy product.
I am using it now for a week, and i really enjoy it. Very helpfull. — Chr_dk on CLZ Movies
November 04, 2011
Not for everyone but I love it!
If you have a LARGE video collection, it is very hard to manage and money was inevitably wasted on buying duplicate copies of movies you already own.
Being able to access my movie list has been most enjoyable; in fact my whole family has a renewed interest and enjoyment since everyone can be reacquainted with lost loves, or at the very least infatuations.
The PC program offers great information, including episode descriptions for TV shows, while the iPad/iPod/iPhone version gives limited but more than enough information to make selections and purchasing choices. — Altlyzr on CLZ Movies
November 02, 2011
The best way to catalogue your movies
Awesome program.
Took a while to catalogue all 3,000 of my films and TV shows but well worth it. Easy to use and easy to customise.
I have added it to my girlfriends phone so she knows what films I want. Instant Christmas list. — Djmike247 on CLZ Movies
September 18, 2011
Love this app
Now I can have my collection with me. No more having to worry about purchasing something I already have. — Chaune on CLZ Movies
August 31, 2011
I was, at first, hesitant to buy the Clz Mac app that is required for this to work, but I am so glad I did. I had tried many other apps, even pay for ones, and none work as well or are as stable as CLZ.
And with more dedicated staff recently added to the team I can only see this get better and better. — Justin Bishop on CLZ Movies
August 10, 2011
What a great tool!
I've been using Collectorz software for years now. It just keeps getting better and better. Being able to take your collection with you on the iPad (and the iPhone) is just perfect. The app itself is very responsive and the images for the covers flow very nicely.

You can't enter data directly into this app, that needs to be done using the desktop version and then you sync it. Entering movies into the desktop version is a walk in the park if you use a barcode reader.
I did 500+ movies in an afternoon. — MuddyDogs on CLZ Movies

March 27, 2011
Love This App
Before installing this app I used to manually export my database and mail it to myself. I'd frequently forget to look at my list when purchasing movies and occasionally would buy the same movie twice.
Being able to export directly to this app is a time saver and it's easy to interact with during movie-purchasing runs. — PowrHaus on CLZ Movies
March 18, 2011
More stars!
This is the app I have been looking for since the g1! !! Id give more stars but it only allows for 5.
Well worth the price. — Jason on CLZ Movies
February 01, 2011
Best app
The best movie catalog app I have ever used! Love that it syncs through computer app! — Candace on CLZ Movies
January 26, 2011
Great app
I've been using this for over 2 years now and cannot live without it.
They update and improve on a regular basis and customer care is exemplary! — Grobant on CLZ Movies
January 26, 2011
Great Companion App
Been using the Movie Collector software for some time now, but this app is wonderful as it allows me to carry my data around with me at all times.
Very useful when shopping to avoid duplicate purchases. Love the updated look also.
Well done guys! — John Kilcar on CLZ Movies
January 26, 2011
As with all the Collectorz apps & desktop programs, simply superb with the best support of any software anywhere! — Rodlane on CLZ Movies
January 23, 2011
Can't say enough good things about this. It's a fantastic companion app to the program on my pc. — Orlaith H on CLZ Movies
January 22, 2011
Just great for film fans
It fullfils al my needs as a true filmlover! — aa3_cb600 on CLZ Movies
January 22, 2011
Great application.
I've been using for years in its PC version to manage my 3,500 movies collection. Allows you everything you need, a lot of available fields, sorting and easy inputs. These iphone version, after its recent update, allows you now the same features than the PC version, in terms of sortings in particular.
100% excellent — PSouviron on CLZ Movies
January 21, 2011
Great Addition
This is a great extension to the desktop program. The new changes to CLZ Movies just make it that much better and more versatile.
Great work guys. — Byterat on CLZ Movies