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Software and app updates related to 'reviews'

Great review of our Comic Collector software at the Comic Booked website!

A quote:

“The program kept getting better and better as the year progressed until it took a major leap forward with a newly designed “Colbolt” version in October 2013. This was a MASSIVE improvement over the previous version, and has made this program hands down the industry leader in my eyes. If the fees for use continue to be applied to product improvement like they have this year then it’s money well spent, and I’ll gladly pay for my renewal when it comes around soon.”

Read the entire review here.

Great Canadian Reviews, the source for independent evaluations of computer products, reviewed Movie Collector.
The conclusion: “Movie Collector’s ease of use, multiple application functions and faultless operation has earned it Great Canadian Reviews Highest Award, The Gold Leaf Award for Excellence.”

WOW! Thanks for the honor.
You can read the entire article here.


Review: “Runs like a dream”

August 6th, 2013

A very nice review of Book and Movie Collector on Sunilification. Here is a quote from it:

“Friends and readers would be aware of my woes of cataloguing books, DVDs and Blu Rays. I don’t own too many, roughly about 1200 books and 500 DVDs, but managing them can be a nightmare. Especially when items are regularly borrowed and returned. It took me a while to remember who hadn’t returned my copy of White Teeth or the original Festen.

For a long time now, I have been seeking a software to catalogue them or a barcode scanner that can scan and update the status of items when they are added or borrowed ( a la a public library). So far, I didn’t find anything that was complete or met all of my needs.

Last month, a friend suggested Collectorz. A visit on to their website and checking out the features of their products convinced me that they had what I was looking for. I have been using it over last couple of months and it runs like a dream. I think for people like me, who collect and manage books, I can’t recommend it enough.”

Read the complete review here.

GeekExchange.com reviewed Comic Connect, our online cataloging tool.

“The long and short of it, my fellow geeks, this is a MUST HAVE for big time collectors! It’s beautifully done and simple to use.”

Read the complete review here.


Game Collector review

January 11th, 2013

Torontothumbs.com already reviewed Movie Collector and now also Game Collector.

“I have been using Collectorz.com’s Movie Collector to keep track of my movie library for years. Versatile and quite user-friendly, Movie Collector takes a lot of guesswork out of tracking my Blu-rays and DVDs, and even has a Loan function to keep tabs on movies that people have borrowed. Collectorz.com recently sent us their Game Collector program to evaluate. While there are other applications available to keep your videogame library in order, none of them are as complete as Game Collector.”

Complete review can be found here.

Mika Malja from MoviesGamesGadgets.com reviewed Movie Collector for his own DVD collection.

“Some people may wonder why anybody should use a cataloging software because of course everybody knows the names and everything else of their 5 – 10 or in some cases even 20 movies that they own. And if that’s the amount of movies that you own then you definitely don’t need any cataloging software whatsoever.

But sometimes like in my case I have about 1000 movies it’s not that easy anymore to remember all the titles that you own. So when I’m shopping for more I can’t always be 100% sure if I got that bargain bin treasure find already or not. I believe also that this is the most common reason why people do catalogs of their collection. It also saves you money because you don’t accidentally buy any doubles.”

Read his complete review on MoviesGamesGadgets.com.

Avid gamer and video game collector Brittney of BlondeNerd.com has started her quest to catalog all the games in her woman cave. Her words, not mine 🙂
From her blog post.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I…I don’t even know how to begin. I just want to say I’ve appreciated all of your support and and and…okay. I’m being a bit dramatic. The point I’m trying – and failing – to make is that I’M FINALLY COMPILING A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF ALL OF MY VIDEOGAMES. That’s right – that tab labeled “My Collection”, which has just been sitting up there for over a year, will finally serve a purpose.

To undergo this task, I’m going to be utilizing Game Collector, a website/program I SWEAR was made for me. ”

You can follow her progress on her blog, she keeps a list online.

Quote from the article in the Columbia Daily Tribune:
“Hobbyist databases don’t get much better than the Collector Series from Collectorz.com. The brainchild of Alwin Hoogerdijk, this Amsterdam-based publisher has been fine-tuning and expanding his line of specialty PIMs for the past 12 years.”

Local computer consultant Scott A. May reviewed Movie Collector for his own movie collection and liked very much what he saw.
“Managing data doesn’t have to be a dreary chore. In fact, it can be a lot of fun, especially if the information you need to organize pertains to something you find fun.”

You can read the complete story here.


“Now it’s time to play”

March 1st, 2012

All things games site Digitally Downloaded.net reviewed Game Collector.

“Collectorz.com’s Game Collector solves one of the (few) downsides to digitally downloadable games; that you end up with a library of games that you don’t have sitting on a shelf. This can at times make it hard to keep track of everything that you own, especially if you’ve got multiple consoles and stuff stored on a range of devices.”

The reviewer sure had fun entering his own personal collection. After he entered his games, he started playing with the data instead of playing with his new PS Vita 🙂

“So what happens next? Now it’s time to play with the masses of data that you’ve accured. Games can be filtered in whatever way you like, so if you want to get an easy overview of the order in which you really do like your Final Fantasy games, you can filter out that information.”

Read the complete review here.

Our CLZ apps were apps of the day at ARN Australia.
The verdict: “For those who like keeping a personal catalogue of their collections, it really doesn’t get better than this.”
Read the complete review here.


Comic Collector review from the Goodguy

February 16th, 2012

Check out this cool review of Comic Collector and CLZ Comics HD for iPad over at the GVE-Podcast.com.

“Over the years I tried many times to properly catalog my ever-growing comic book collection. Once, when there were only a few hundred, I think I had them in a notebook – problem being that I’d run out of space on a page for additional issues if it wasn’t planned right, and keeping things in numeric order was tedious. Next was a smaller version of my collection on a single sheet of paper, in Word or some word processing program, just listing title and issue number. Convenient to keep in my pocket as a “want-it-got-it” list, but impossible to keep complete or neat, and got lost along the way somewhere. Much later, I developed a spreadsheet to enter in my collection, but the shortcomings were still huge. It was unwieldy, required lots of time to manually enter the numbers (right click, insert line, grrrr…) and was a work in progress as I discovered how tough it was to categorize and then find things again. It couldn’t be carried with me or easily converted into a want list suitable for carrying. With renumbering, new volumes and multiple special editions and deluxe editions, it became evident that just issue numbers weren’t enough – and when you’ve got a collection this size, issue numbers mean increasingly less as the old brain doesn’t connect with all of them anymore. It didn’t take long before I lost interest totally.

Problems solved thanks to Collectorz. Take a peek.”

Movie Collector 8 was reviewed by Harry Thomas of the San Antonio Express-News.

“I had bypassed upgrading my Movie Collector database software from version 6 to 7 because I didn’t see any point in it. The new features they were advertising weren’t necessary for my collection. But when they announced version 8 a few weeks ago, something caught my eye: the addition of trailers.

Read more

Movie Collector got reviewed by George Norman for FindMySoft.com:

“I know it sounds dumb now, but back in the day I would keep track of my movie collection by using a pen and paper. I had a paper notebook and I would write down in it. But now I know better; I know that there are software applications out there that can do a way better job than that.

After turning to software for help, I found a properly good application out there to help me keep track of my movie collection. The application I am talking about is Collectorz.com Movie Collector. Here are the things I liked the most about this application: … “

Read the full review here