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“Now it’s time to play”

March 1st, 2012

All things games site Digitally Downloaded.net reviewed Game Collector.

“Collectorz.com’s Game Collector solves one of the (few) downsides to digitally downloadable games; that you end up with a library of games that you don’t have sitting on a shelf. This can at times make it hard to keep track of everything that you own, especially if you’ve got multiple consoles and stuff stored on a range of devices.”

The reviewer sure had fun entering his own personal collection. After he entered his games, he started playing with the data instead of playing with his new PS Vita 🙂

“So what happens next? Now it’s time to play with the masses of data that you’ve accured. Games can be filtered in whatever way you like, so if you want to get an easy overview of the order in which you really do like your Final Fantasy games, you can filter out that information.”

Read the complete review here.