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Software and app updates related to 'cece'

GeekExchange.com reviewed Comic Connect, our online cataloging tool.

“The long and short of it, my fellow geeks, this is a MUST HAVE for big time collectors! It’s beautifully done and simple to use.”

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On May 13 we welcomed our 30,000 fan on the Collectorz.com Facebook page.

Thirty thousand!
Thank you all for connecting with us on Facebook.

To celebrate, we were giving away cool Collectorz.com goodies: 5 super-rare Collectorz.com bags featuring CC, plus 25 Collectorz.com mousepads (see pic).

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What’s Mickie pointing at?

June 3rd, 2011

We’ve started implementing the Collectorz.com characters on our website and banners. AJ has created several new ads and Alwin has added Mickie and CeCe to the Movie Collection Software and Comic Collection Software homepages.

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The Collectorz.com promo babes

May 24th, 2011

Comic Collector users know her for quite some time: CeCe. She is our action heroine and features in the comic cataloguing software, on banners, ads and on the website. She brings our software to life and that is why we asked the creator of CeCe, LoopyDave, to give her four siblings for the DVD, CD, book and game collection software.

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Out Now! Comic Collector 5 for Mac OS X

Yes, after many months of programming and testing, and several delays,
it has finally arrived: Comic Collector for Mac OS X!

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CeCe is powering up for Comic Collector 5 for Mac OS X release

Yes, tomorrow is the day. We are finally going to release the Mac edition of Comic Collector.

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The development of CeCe

We wanted to create a character for Comic Collector, a comic style superhero we could use in the software for details view templates, commercial banners and just overall on our website.

Development on this character started and she became “CeCe”. Check out how she changed from initial sketches, to the final art showing CeCe in several different poses and of course, the Spiderman spoof cover art.

The CeCe character is being used in various Comic Collector advertising campaigns. You may have seen banner ads featuring CeCe on your favorite comic-related websites.

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