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CeCe: from initial roughs to final art

May 5th, 2011

The development of CeCe

We wanted to create a character for Comic Collector, a comic style superhero we could use in the software for details view templates, commercial banners and just overall on our website.

Development on this character started and she became “CeCe”. Check out how she changed from initial sketches, to the final art showing CeCe in several different poses and of course, the Spiderman spoof cover art.

The CeCe character is being used in various Comic Collector advertising campaigns. You may have seen banner ads featuring CeCe on your favorite comic-related websites.

Roughs and drafts

Initial rough sketches

Initial rough sketches for the character design. Note how CC has a blue cape here.

Costume roughs

Costume variations: cape and sleeve colors.

Costume variations

More costume variations : tights, skirts in various colors. Note how version 1 is closest to the final design.

More costume variations

And even more, now with hot pants: hair colors, cape colors.

CC Presents draft

Rough draft of the "CC presents" pose.

Flying pose draft

Rough draft of the "flying" pose.

Ideas for poses

Some ideas for poses, pointing and flying. See the 3rd flying pose, where the Comic Collector logo serves as some kind of disc weapon / frisbee thingie?

2 more pose drafts

Roughs of the "Close up" and "Pointing" poses.

Power up pose draft

Rough draft of the "Ready for action" pose (which we always call the "Power Up" pose nowadays).

Cover draft

Rough sketch of the Spiderman spoof cover.

Final art

CeCe Presents

Final art: CC Presents
Close up final

Final art: Close Up

Power up final

Final art: Power Up (on dark background, white border logo)

Power up final 2

Final art: Power Up (on white background, black border logo)

Flying CeCe final

Final art: CC flying

Final cover

Final art: Spiderman spoof cover