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The Collectorz.com promo babes

May 24th, 2011

Comic Collector users know her for quite some time: CeCe. She is our action heroine and features in the comic cataloguing software, on banners, ads and on the website. She brings our software to life and that is why we asked the creator of CeCe, LoopyDave, to give her four siblings for the DVD, CD, book and game collection software.

We have posted the making of Mickie, Kacey, Gemma and Becky in several separate posts but here is the Collectorz.com sisterhood.

Keep an eye out for these babes to appear in our software templates, on the website, in ads and: merchandise! Of course we want to create goodies with them. Mugs, shirts, hoodies, bags, you name it. Wouldn’t that be awesome?