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Software and app updates related to '2fa'

Now available: Protect your CLZ Account by activating Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

You can enable 2FA for your account in your my.clz.com account page. From then on, when you log in to My.CLZ.com, Cloud or Connect, you will be asked for a personal security code, created with your favorite Authenticator app (Google, Microsoft, etc…).
Enabling 2FA is optional, but highly recommended.

How to enable Two Factor Authentication

  • Go to my.clz.com
  • and log in.

  • At the top, to the right of your username, click the “my account” link.
  • On the Account page, under Two-Factor Authentication, click the “enable” link.
  • Start your Authenticator app and click the “+” icon to add a new profile.
  • Then either:
    • Scan the QR code on your computer screen.
    • OR: Copy the “Manual Entry” key and paste it into your Authenticator app.
  • Find the code that shows in your Authenticator app, and enter it into the Security Code box on your computer.
  • Click Enable

Don’t forget, as soon as 2FA is enabled:

  • You will need to enter an Authenticator code EVERY time you log in to my.clz.com
  • You will need to enter an Authenticator code when you log in to Cloud or Connect on a new browser/computer (but only ONCE).

There we go, with a loooonnnnggg CLZ Newsletter for July 2023.
Three subjects this months: one big project finished (cast/crew editing for movies), one similar project almost done (creator/character editing for comics) and one ready for launch tomorrow (2FA for CLZ Accounts!).

At the CLZ HQ, we’re still planning around the well-deserved vacations of CLZ team members. But we are still managing to get updates out the door, albeit a bit slower than usual.

These are the big projects for this and next month:

  • For Movie Connect and CLZ Movies:
    Modify the Cast and Crew lists of your movie entries and Sync them to/from the CLZ Cloud
  • For Movie Collector:
    Cloud-sync your customized cast and crew lists + an easier way to add actors, directors, producers, etc…
  • Coming up: Creators / Characters Editing and Syncing for Comic Connect, CLZ Comics and Comic Collector
  • Coming up tomorrow: Two Factor Authentication for your CLZ Account

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the first 2023 CLZ Newsletter.
Remember that in last month’s newsletter I had no releases to report on, because of the quiet December month? Well, we’re back on track, with 6 big releases in January. Two for the Collector desktop software, 2 for the Connect web-based software and 2 for the CLZ mobile apps!

And we have some interesting projects going on that will result in even bigger releases soon (check under What’s cooking below):

  • Released in Jan 2023:
    • Book Collector 23.0 / CLZ Books 8.0 / Book Connect: 7 new data fields!
    • Comic Collector 23.3: Improved Pull List and new “Discover” mode!
    • CLZ Comics 8.2 / Comic Connnect: New report after Updating Key Info
  • What’s cooking?
    • More slab-related fields for all comic products
    • New “CLZ Scanner” app, to replace CLZ Barry
    • Translations for the Connect web-based software
    • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
    • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts

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[CLZ News] What’s coming up in 2023?

December 30th, 2022

It’s Dec 30, so this is CLZ Alwin with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2022. But first: A happy 2023 from the entire CLZ Team: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Justin, Taco, Sytske and me, Alwin!

December has been a quiet month, with no releases at all! Most of the CLZ team has been taking vacation days this month (just 5 of us working today 🙂 ). On top of that, our focus has been on several BIG projects that should result in releases early 2023.

So this is the perfect opportunity to make this newsletter into a “What’s coming in 2023” overview:

  • New “CLZ Scanner” app, to replace CLZ Barry
  • Translations for the Connect web-based software
  • Big updates for all book products with new fields
  • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
  • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts
  • More slab fields for comic products

And much more of course, the above is just what’s at the top of our list now.

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