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Software and app updates related to 'news'

There we go, with a loooonnnnggg CLZ Newsletter for July 2023.
Three subjects this months: one big project finished (cast/crew editing for movies), one similar project almost done (creator/character editing for comics) and one ready for launch tomorrow (2FA for CLZ Accounts!).

At the CLZ HQ, we’re still planning around the well-deserved vacations of CLZ team members. But we are still managing to get updates out the door, albeit a bit slower than usual.

These are the big projects for this and next month:

  • For Movie Connect and CLZ Movies:
    Modify the Cast and Crew lists of your movie entries and Sync them to/from the CLZ Cloud
  • For Movie Collector:
    Cloud-sync your customized cast and crew lists + an easier way to add actors, directors, producers, etc…
  • Coming up: Creators / Characters Editing and Syncing for Comic Connect, CLZ Comics and Comic Collector
  • Coming up tomorrow: Two Factor Authentication for your CLZ Account

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Here’s CLZ Alwin, with your CLZ News for January 2021.
I hope you are all staying safe. In the Netherlands, we just went into a stricter lockdown, including a curfew, meaning we can’t go outside between 9PM and 5AM. So it looks like we will have to remain in our work-from-home situation for quite a while 🙁

Still, we are now fully set up to work like this, so there’s absolutely no delays here, not in customer support, not in development, not in content management. Here’s what’s new and what’s cooking:

  • Windows: New “Pre-fill” screens for Movie, Book, Music and Game Collector
  • CLZ Comics: Missing Comics tool
  • Connect: Currency selector and Currency Display settings
  • Coming up: Audience Ratings from IMDb, for all movie tools
  • Coming up: mobile-friendly Submit to Core site

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