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[CLZ News] Our new CLZ Scanner app is live!

February 27th, 2023

This is the Feb 2023 edition of the CLZ Newsletter, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.

This month, we were finally able to complete a project that a large part of the CLZ team had been working on for several months:
Our completely new, build from scratch, CLZ Scanner barcode scanner app!
The app itself is now available in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store and support for the CLZ Scanner app is already live in the Connect web-based software.

Sadly though, last week’s email to all Connect subscribers, happily announcing the CLZ Scanner, with instructions for “getting started”, has been the most misunderstood email I have written in many years…
That is, judging from the responses I have received. I have seen confusion, I have seen frustration, I have seen complaints, I have seen anger… one guy even threatened me of reporting my company to TrustPilot for being “harsh on seniors and people with medical issues”…
All that because we made a new and better barcode scanner app to replace CLZ Barry 🙁

I am still not entirely sure where I went wrong, but I will try to explain CLZ Scanner better in this newsletter and in future CLZ Scanner reminder emails. In any case, my apologies for all the confusion and frustration I caused!

In other news: CLZ is now on Instagram! I hired a 5-man full-time social media team to manage this new social channel, so here we go!
Just kidding of course, this is just a nice side-project for our comic content guys Taco and Justin 🙂 Let’s see where they takes us!

  • New in Feb 2023::
    • Our new “CLZ Scanner” app is live!
    • CLZ Comics is now on Instagram!
  • What’s cooking?
    • More slab-related fields for all comic products
    • Translations for the Connect web-based software
    • Multi-level folders for the CLZ mobile apps
    • Two-factor authentication on CLZ Accounts

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